Minecraft Horse Breeding for Jumping

Do you want to have a horse which can jump high? If so, then you are able to breed horses to get the one that can jump well. But, how to breed it? Also, are there any certain horses that we can use to produce a horse which can jump well?

Breeding Normal Horses for Jumping

If you want to breed horses for jumping by using normal horse mobs, it means that you have to choose the horses which have the best stats, especially the best jump strength. It is because the stats of the baby horse that will be produced by the horses that you breed is the average of the parents.

Normal horses can be found in the small herds of 2 to 6 and they spawn in the plains and savannas. Normal horses have a lot of variants and also colors.

Breeding Normal Horses for Jumping

Here are the stats of a normal horse.

    • Health: 15 to 30 or 7.5 to 15 hearts
    • Speed: 4.8 blocks/ seconds (minimum) – 14.5 blocks/ seconds (maximum)
    • Jump strength: 2 to 5 block high

How to get normal horses and breed them? First, you have to find a wild horse. After you find it, then you have to tame it. Do you know how to tame this horse? You are able to do it by approaching the horse and right clicking it with your empty hand to mount it. You may find that you will be thrown off for several times. It is okay, the thing that you just have to do is to keep petting and mounting the horse. Finally, you will see that there are some hearts which means that you have successfully tamed the horse. If you want to tame it faster, you are able to feed the horse by using apples, sugar or wheat.

Now, you have to open its inventory by hit shift and right click. Then, you are able to put a saddle to ride it and armour.

Getting Zombie Horses for Jumping

If you are able to tame and saddle zombie horses, they can be one of the fastest means of transportation. You are also able to use these horses to climb hills and jump fences. Even you are able to ride them in the water at any depth.

Zombie Horses for Jumping

Here are the stats of the zombie horse.

    • Health: 15 or 7.5 hearts
    • Speed: 8.6 blocks per seconds
    • Jump Strength: 1.9 to 5.2 blocks high

How to get and breed zombie horses? In the game, zombie horses will not spawn naturally. You may only create it by the /summon command or with their spawn egg. If a spawn egg is used, 20% will spawn as foals. Besides, when spawned using a spawn egg, the zombie horse will not be able to be tamed, ridden or bred.

Minecraft Horse Breeding for Jumping

Minecraft Horse’s Jump Strength

Minecraft Horses has the internal value for jump strength which ranges from 0.4 to 1.0. It turns out to be almost 1.08 to 5.29 blocks. You are able to make a device to measure it. How to make the device? You are able to build walls of increasing heights parallel to each other, 3 blocks apart. Then, you have to test horse jump strength by simply jumping over the shortest wall to arrive at the next wall. Then, you have to go on jumping until you are not able to jump anymore. The last wall you can jump over is your horse’s maximum jump strength. To create non-full block increments, you are able to use slabs and snow layers.

In the table below which is quoted from Minecraft Wiki, you are able to see the internal max jump conversion.

Internal units 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1.0 Player
blocks 1.086 1.620 2.222 2.892 3.627 4.428 5.293 1.250

The Difficulty of Horse Breeding

When you breed two horses, it will create a new horse by averaging the two parent horses with a randomly generated horse. As explained in Minecraft Wiki that an average or arithmetic mean will be less than the highest number being averaged, except all numbers are the same.

With this logic, you are only able to breed a perfect horse, if the randomly chosen horse is perfect and both parent horses are perfect. In this case, the average of the three perfect horses will be a perfect horse. In addition, without two perfect horses, you are not able to breed a perfect horse.

You can check the breeding difficulty table below.

Both parents’ Attribute Opportunity of getting better horse Maximum child
Jump Health Speed Jump Health Speed
0.40 (1.09m) 15 (7.5) 0.1125 (4.8m/s) 100% 0.55 (2.22m) 20 (10)


(8.1 m/s)

0.55 (1.91m) 18 (9) 0.1686 (7.3m/s) 75% 0.70 (2.89m) 22 (11) 0.2250 (9.7m/s)
0.70 (2.89m) 22 (11) 0.2250 (9.7m/s) 50% 0.80 (3.63m) 24 (12) 0.2625 (11.3m/s)
0.85 (4.02m) 26 (13) 0.2813 (12.1m/s) 25% 0.90 (4.43m) 27 (13.5) 0.3000 (12.9m/s)
1.00 (5.29m) 30 (15) 0.3375 (14.5m/s) 0% 1.00 (5.29m) 30 (15) 0.3375 (14.5m/s)

After 3.13 blocks jump, 11 hearts, or 9.7 blocks/ second speed, any breeding in the future will possess a chance which is higher to produce a worse child than a better one. Since the better horses than a given horse is narrower when the horse gets better, the possibility of breeding a horse in that range of better horses also will get narrower when the horse gets better and as a consequence, the real number of breed efforts which is needed to likely get a better horse increases exponentially, until a completely perfect horse cannot be obtained as you are able to see in the table above.

The other thing that you need to know about breeding horses in Minecraft is that if you breed two horses, they will produce a baby horse. If you breed two donkeys, they will produce a baby donkey. If you breed a horse with a donkey, they will produce a baby mule. It is important for you to know that mules are sterile and they are not able to breed. So, now are you ready to breed horses in Minecraft?

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