Minecraft Horse Breeding Chart Mo Creatures

Have you seen a horse breeding chart Mo Creatures mod? If you have seen it, what does it mean? If you just heard it now, or you may have seen it but you do not understand about the chart, then you come to the right site because here we will give you explanation about it.

Horse Breeding Chart Mo Creatures

If you want to breed ‘normal’ horses, you have to follow the breeding chart below.

Horse Breeding Chart Mo Creatures

The breeding chart is the same as a multiplication table. After you find the horse that you want, then you have to look to the top horse of that column and the far left horse of the row will display the required horse to breed. If you breed those two horses, there is a chance to give birth to the desired horse.

It is important for you to know that to breed horses will not always create the horse that you want. Sometimes, it produces a horse which is similar type as one of the parents. If it happens, then there is no option that you can do except trying again, unless the option of easy breeding has been set to true.

Let’s take an example. Let say that you want to breed the grey and white spotted horse where in the chart is in the 2nd row down, 6th column. If so, a Minecraft white horse and Mo Creatures black horse are needed. For your information, the tiny subscripted number which is available in the top left of every horse picture is the ‘tier’ of the horse. Four tiers are available. Usually, the goal is to breed at least one or two tier 4 horses to start breeding special horses. If it has been worked, then the breeding chart will be easy and simple to use.

Do you want to breed a Minecraft horse with a horse from the Mo Creatures mod?  You have to feed the Mo Creatures horse pumpkin, cake or mushroom stew. Then, you will see that the breeding process will begin. How about Minecraft horse? Do we have to give something to it? No, you don’t because both horses will breed automatically.

Horse Breeding

Horse Breeding in Minecraft

If you have tamed a horse in Minecraft, then you are able to breed it to get rarer horses. A lot of different breeds are able to be made and all of them have unique coat colors. Also, there are rare and special horses which are able only be generated from breeding or essences.

If you breed in Minecraft Mo Creatures mod, you have to note that there are rules that you have to follow for the whole process so that you can breed a pair of horses successfully.

    • Note that the pair of horses need not to be more than 4 blocks away from each other. It is better for you to put the two horses in an enclosure.
    • Within 8 blocks of the breeding pair, make sure that there must not be any other horse. If there are any other horses near the breeding pair, you can move them away or even kill them.
    • You have to feed one or both of the horses with the suitable food items to start the process of breeding such as mushroom stew, pumpkins, or cake. If this process is successful, you will see that there are love hearts which appear around the horses. If then you find that these particles fade away, you may have to find a different horse.
    • You have to leave the horses for a half a Minecraft day after they are fed with the suitable items. It is about 10 minutes. If the horses that you breed are pegasus or unicorns, they need a whole Minecraft day.
    • You do not need to keep them in sight to make them to breed because you just have to make the Minecraft chunk that the breeding pair of horses on stays loaded.

If the breeding is successful, then the result is a foal or a baby horse. You can get it after about 5 minutes. If you want to speed up the growth of the foal until they become an adult, you can give the foal bread. Soon after the foal is born, it will be tamed to the player and the naming screen will come up. As a player, if you are far away from the breeding pair after the foal has been born, the foal will be wild and you have to tame it. So, make sure that you are not far away from the parent.

If you want, you are able to breed the two parent horses soon after the foal has been born. However, if you want to do this, you have to move it to another location first. After you give the parent of horses the food items that they need to breed, next you have to stay in the Overworld. What will happen if you go into another dimension? It will make the baby of horse wild so that you will have to tame it like other horses.

The Differences Between Minecraft Horses and Mo Creatures Horses

Horses were added to the game in Minecraft 1.6. The models of the horses are the same as horses from the Mo Creatures Mod. The spawning properties of Mo Creatures horses are changed and it made some breeds are more difficult to get if we compare to others. Even though Minecraft horses and Mo Creatures horses may be hard to differentiate, however there are some key differences which make them easier to differentiate. Those keys are listed below.

    • Looking at their eyes is the easiest way to differentiate them. Note that horses features detailed eyes which is completed with irises.
    • If a horse is equipped with a saddle, there is no sound made.
    • When you ride a horse, there is no galloping heard.
    • If they are tame, there is a health and name bar above the horse’s head.
    • Horses have different neighs and whinnies.
    • If horses are equipped with horse armor, they have different textures.
    • Baby horses from Minecraft are more spindly versions of their adult versions.
    • Horses posses the similar speed whatever their variation is.
    • The speed of Minecraft horse varies depending on the horse.
    • Horses will not take damage from the fists of player or suffocation even though they will turn red.
    • Horses are fireproof, however they will take damage in lava.

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