Minecraft Horse Breeding Mechanics

Are you looking for some information about Minecraft horse breeding mechanics? If you are looking for this information, here we have found some information related to it that may be helpful for you. Now, you are able to read what we found about it.

Horse Breeding Mechanics

When we were looking for some information about Minecraft breeding mechanics, in Minecraft Forum, we found a post with username hackeradam17 entitled Horse Breeding Mechanics [1.6.2]. In the post, he wrote that during the day he is a software developer, a skill which he decided to put to use today in figuring out the horse breeding mechanics in Minecraft 1.6.2.

Horse Breeding Mechanics

He initially did some research on the subject. However, it seemed that no one really agreed 100% on how the breeding system works. So, he decided to dig into the code.

TIDr: The health, jump height, and speed attributes are randomly determined. There is no way to be able to predict accurately these attributes for offspring. The only thing that we are able to predict for certain is the type of horse that you will get.

He gave an example. Breeding a horse with a horse will give you a horse, a donkey with a donkey will give you a donkey and a horse with a donkey will give you a mule. This he thinks most everyone has figured out by now.

He represents a random number in a range using {x-y}. For example, {0-9} denotes a randomly produced number between 0 and 9.

    • Health

The max health of an offspring horse is determined like this:
Health of the mother + Health of the father + (15 + {0-7} + {0-9}) * (1/3)

    • Jump Height

The max jump height of the offspring is determined by these things:
Jump height of mother + jump height of father + (0.000000059604645 + {0.0-0.1}*0.2 + {0.0-0.1}*0.2 + {0.0-0.1}*0.2) * (1/3)

    • Max Speed

How about the max speed of the offspring? It is determined by the things like these:
Speed of mother + speed of father + ((0.44999998807907104 + {0.0-0.1}*0.3 + {0.0-0.1}*0.3 + {0.0-0.1}*0.3) * 0.25) * (1/3)

He explained that the bad news is that the value of the above attributes in any given offspring is determined randomly. What does it mean? It means that there is a possibility that any given value will be similar or worse than that of the parents. So, if your breed your horses enough, there is a possibility to end up with an offspring which is incrementally better than the parents.

He posted this thing on May 27th, 2013 in Minecraft Forum.

The Difficulty of Horse Breeding

When two horses are bred, it will create a new horse by averaging the two parent horses with a randomly generated horse. In Minecraft Wiki, you are able to read the explanation that an average or arithmetic mean will be less than the highest number being averaged, except all numbers are the same.

With this logic, you are only able to breed a perfect horse, if the randomly chosen horse is perfect and both parent horses are perfect. In this case, the average of the three perfect horses will be a perfect horse. In addition, without two perfect horses, you are not able to breed a perfect horse.

You can check the breeding difficulty table below.

Both parents’ Attribute Opportunity of getting better horse Maximum child
Jump Health Speed Jump Health Speed
0.40 (1.09m) 15 (7.5) 0.1125 (4.8m/s) 100% 0.55 (2.22m) 20 (10)


(8.1 m/s)

0.55 (1.91m) 18 (9) 0.1686 (7.3m/s) 75% 0.70 (2.89m) 22 (11) 0.2250 (9.7m/s)
0.70 (2.89m) 22 (11) 0.2250 (9.7m/s) 50% 0.80 (3.63m) 24 (12) 0.2625 (11.3m/s)
0.85 (4.02m) 26 (13) 0.2813 (12.1m/s) 25% 0.90 (4.43m) 27 (13.5) 0.3000 (12.9m/s)
1.00 (5.29m) 30 (15) 0.3375 (14.5m/s) 0% 1.00 (5.29m) 30 (15) 0.3375 (14.5m/s)

After 3.13 blocks jump, 11 hearts, or 9.7 blocks/ second speed, any breeding in the future will possess a chance which is higher to produce a worse child than a better one. Since the better horses than a given horse is narrower when the horse gets better, the possibility of breeding a horse in that range of better horses also will get narrower when the horse gets better and as a consequence, the real number of breed efforts which is needed to likely get a better horse increases exponentially, until a completely perfect horse cannot be obtained as you are able to see in the table above.

The other thing that you need to know about breeding horses in Minecraft is that if you breed two horses, they will produce a baby horse. If you breed two donkeys, they will produce a baby donkey. If you breed a horse with a donkey, they will produce a baby mule. It is important for you to know that mules are sterile and they are not able to breed.

The Steps to Breed Horses in Minecraft

The things that you need for breeding horses are 2 Golden Apples, 2 Enchanted Golden Apples, 2 Golden Carrots, and 2 Horses. How to breed the horses?

    • The first thing that you have to do is to have the required materials as we mentioned above. Then, you have to find two horses to breed. Where can we find horses in Minecraft? Usually, you can find them in the Plains biome. If it is hard to find horses, then summoning a horse can be done by you or you can use a spawn egg. When you breed them, they must be close together so that you are able to create a fence to keep them.
    • Before you breed the horses, you have to tame them first because wild horses cannot be bred.
    • After you tame the horses, then you are able to breed them. Do you want to breed faster? Then, you are able to use enchanted golden apples, golden apples or golden carrots. Choose one of these food items to feed the horses.
    • After you have fed the horses, then you will see that they turn to each other. Also, you will see there are red hearts which appear over their heads.
    • Then, the red hearts will vanish and then there will be a cute baby horse which stands there.