Minecraft Classic Survival Test Unblocked

In the Minecraft world, Minecraft Classic Survival Test refers to the Java Edition Survival Test. This one was the test for the survival game mode that was supposed to be released to premium members during the Classic phase of development.

Java Edition Survival Test consists of a total of nine versions that was released between September 1 and October 24, 2009. Here is the list of these nine:

    1. 0.24_01 SURVIVAL TEST
    2. 0.24_02 SURVIVAL TEST
    3. 0.24_03 SURVIVAL TEST
    4. 0.25_01 SURVIVAL TEST
    5. 0.25_02 SURVIVAL TEST
    6. 0.25_03 SURVIVAL TEST
    7. 0.25_05 SURVIVAL TEST
    8. 0.26 SURVIVAL TEST
    9. 0.27 SURVIVAL TEST

Minecraft Classic Survival Test Unblocked

During the Classic phase of development, Java Edition Survival Test was able to be accessed at Minecraft.net/survivaltest for the premium members. On October 24, 2009, it was opened to be played by any premium memberships. Unfortunately, it was removed from the website on December 16, 2010 because the site got a major overhaul. It happened during the Alpha phase.

Can you still play the Minecraft Classic Survival Test? Is there an unblocked version of it? Apparently, the Minecraft Classic Survival Test is not able to be found in the launcher. However, it is able to be played by those who are able to give the .jar file. For those who are looking for the unblocked version of it, you can go to the website called Indie DB. Here is the link that will take you to the page where you are able to download the Minecraft Survival Test tap here. Before downloading the file, keep in mind that it is the one for Minecraft Survival Test 0.30 (2018 edition).

Talking about the Minecraft Classic Survival Test, there are some additions that you have to know. The first one is mobs. Zombies, skeletons, creepers, pigs, and spiders are added to this version. In this version, creepers had a melee attack where they jumped into the player and would only explode after death. As for the skeleton, the arrows were purple and when killed, they blew up in the explosion of between 66 to 8 arrows owned by the player. Aside from that, all of them also shot arrows from the bare hands as there were no bows in this test. In fact, skeletons shot their arrows at a much faster rate compared to the one in the current versions, which is why they are one of the most dangerous mobs in the Minecraft Classic Survival Test.

In Minecraft Classic Survival Test, each player has a health bar, consisting of a total of 10 hearts. The heart bar will start to shake every time there are two hearts or less left on the health bar. Both the players and mobs are able to take damage from a lot of different sources, including falling, drowning, lava, hostile mobs, and the player’s arrows. If the player wants to eat the brown mushrooms, they can just right click while holding it. Doing so heals 2.5 hearts.  For your information, brown mushrooms are the kinds of mushrooms that are dropped by pigs and sheep. Aside from the brown mushrooms, there are also the red ones. Unlike the brown ones, the red ones are poisonous and damage the player by 1.5 hearts. The world is no longer playable when a player dies. It is similar to the Hardcore mode before spectator mode was introduced to the public.

Apart from the mobs and the hearts, there are also some general additions. If one wants to fire arrows, they can do it by pressing tab. However, it is worth noting that a player is able to only spawn with 20 arrows after generating a new world. After the release of the 0.26 SURVIVAL TEST, those begins with 10 TNT in the ninth hotbar slot. This thing is able to be placed with right click and detonated with left click. Keep in mind that exploding TNT deals up to 6 hearts of damage and has a blast of about 4 blocks. Actually, the heart damage depends on how close the player is to it.

The second one that should be noted after the additions is the points. According to Minecraft Wiki, pigs awarded 10 points, sheep awarded 10 points, zombies awarded 80 points (it used to be 100), spiders awarded 105 points, skeletons awarded 120 points (it used to be 100), and creepers awarded 200 points (it used to be 250). Remember that points would not be given for indirect kills such as the explosion of creeper killing a zombie did not get the same points as killing the zombie.

The last thing that should be remember is the blocks. Minecraft Classic Survival Test has a lot of blocks that and there are some different ways to obtain them. The gold ones were able to be obtained by mining the gold ore. The iron ones were able to be obtained by mining the iron ore. The stone slabs were able to be obtained by mining the coal ore. The oak wood plants were able to be obtained by chopping up the oak logs. Everything mentioned could apparently stack up to 99.

In addition, each other block found naturally in the world could be collected normally. However, there were some exceptions, including the ores and logs, the ones that drop their resources; stone, the one that drops cobblestone as normal; leaves, the one that also drop saplings as normal; grass blocks, the one that drop dirt, and liquids and bedrock, the ones that are unbreakable.

Talking about Minecraft Classic Survival Test is always interesting. At first, this one was going to be the original beta phase of the game. However, everything was changed by Indev after Notch realized that the game would have a much longer development process. In this version, both zombies and skeletons had the same opportunities of wearing decorative armor. Unfortunately, it was removed by the Notch in Indev. After that, the feature was re-added in Java Edition 1.4.2 in the similar fashion.