Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 Results

Every year during the Minecraft Live events, the developers of the game offer the Minecraft community an opportunity to choose a mob to implement into the game. It is called the Minecraft Mob Vote, a highly anticipated feature of Minecraft Live. This year, the 2021 mobs options during the Minecraft Mob Vote were the Glare, and Copper Golem and Allay.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 Results

We are sure that you are very curious to know who the winner of Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 is. Do not worry, now you are going to get that information.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 Results

Apparently, the vote was held in two stages. The first stage consists of all three mobs against each other, which were Glare, Copper Golem and Allay. Unfortunately for the Glare, they were dispatched easily from the race and lost to the other two mobs.

First Vote Result

    • The Allay – 51% of the Vote
    • The Copper Golem – 37.8% of the Vote
    • The Glare – 11.2% of the Vote

Next, it was time for the Copper Golem and Allay to go head to head. But, again the Allay has the ability to reach on top in dominant fashion, and then send the Copper Golem packing.

Final Vote Result

    • The Allay – 54.3% of the Vote
    • The Copper Golem – 45.7% of the Vote

Eventually, Allay claimed victory. We get information that Allay will be added to Minecraft in the Wild Update that will be released in 2022. Of course, you will need to wait quite a while to see it in the game.

For note: You will be able to see the official results of the first poll via the Tweet on Twitter.

All the mobs in Minecraft Mob Vote 2021

As we know, Minecraft Live’s 2021 Mob Vote featured three mob candidates. Those three mob candidates are Glare, Allay, and Copper Golem. Well, in this section, we are going to share some information about all three mob candidates.

Here is a bit of information about the Glare, Allay, and Copper Golem:


Glare in Minecraft

The glare is an adorable grumpy mob which can be of great use to the players. Those leafy creatures are not dangerous to the players. They are able to give a warning when there is a danger of hostile mobs spawning in the area. Now, Minecraft changes mob spawning work, so the hostile mobs just spawn in complete darkness. The Glares are going to allow the players to know if a place is too dark.

You have to know that Glares do not spawn hostile mobs. Actually, the players are able to take glares with them when they travel. Glares get unsatisfied whenever it is too dark in the immediate area, which is a sign there is danger of mobs spawning there. We do not know much else regarding the glare’s other abilities or behaviors, but they certainly look the part.


Allay in minecraft

Allay is the second mob to be added to the annual mob vote in Minecraft Live 2021. It looks to be an exciting and unique addition. This alternative to the glare is friendly to the players. Alloy absolutely loves music and dancing. Also, Alloy has a useful behavior. If you give an item to Alloy, it will go off to collect similar items which have been dropped on the ground and return them to you. The Allay creates a good thing for itself ahead of the Minecraft Mob Vote in Minecraft Live 2021.

Allay will be able to pick up non stackable items like tools and more. Also, Allay will be able to collect items indefinitely, and returns collected items to a point near a note block that it likes. The players are already strategizing on how to use allay to create automation of certain tasks easier, even if the allay is able to stay within the same chunk that you are in. In fact, Allay appears to be the fan favorite on social media.

Copper golem

Copper golem

The Copper golem is another mob in Minecraft Live 2021’s Mob Vote. Like the other two options, it gives the players a lot of reasons to vote for it. Actually, Copper golem is crafted by players out of pure copper. The Copper golems are full of energy, and also absolutely like to push copper buttons. Also, the copper buttons would be added to Minecraft if the copper golem was voted in.

Copper golems will not destroy any other buttons besides copper ones, meaning existing redstone contraptions are safe. They also have a lightning rod on their head which can attract lightning, and disperses any oxidation. Aside from that, the players are able to use an axe to quell the progress of oxidation, similar to other copper blocks. Need to know that Copper golems are friendly. They will not really interact with other players or mobs. Lots of players are theorizing how copper golems may be used to automate several redstone contraptions.

About Minecraft Live 2021

About Minecraft Live 2021

In this paragraph, we are going to inform you a bit information about what Minecraft Live 2021 is. For your information, Minecraft Live 2021 was a live event that was held on October 16, 2021 at 16:00 UTC. The event announced The Wild Update, the next update after Caves & Cliffs: Part II, and contained a mob vote [2] in which the Allay got victory.

The Minecraft Live 2021 announced the additions and changes to Minecraft in the form of The Wild Update which includes the voted in allay, the Deep Dark and swamp features promised in Minecon Live 2019. Also, the seasonal trials in Minecraft Dungeons were announced. On November 2, 2021, both Minecraft: Java and Bedrock editions are going to be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC as part of the Minecraft PC Bundle. Minecraft: Java and Bedrock editions will be playable from the Minecraft Launcher.

Well, the text above is an explanation about Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 results, and a bit of information related to All the mobs in Minecraft Mob Vote 2021. If you want to ask any question, just comment here.