Mario Kart: Double Dash Unlock Everything Cheat Dolphin

In Mario Kart: Double Dash, you can unlock everything including in-game items, arena, creatures, stuff and many others. To  unlock everything in Mario Kart: Double Dash, you may need the valid codes. Sure, each unlockable  item in Mario Kart will have a different code, so make sure to enter the code correctly to unlock an in-game item.

In order to unlock everything in Mario Kart: Double Dash easily, you may need an emulator, as it will process the codes as quickly as possible. Today, a lot of Mario Kart players are trying to use the Dolphin Emulator. You may wonder how the Dolphin Emulator works to unlock everything in Mario Kart. Let’s find out more information about it below!

Mario Kart Double Dash Unlock Everything Cheat Dolphin

How to Use the Dolphin Emulator to Unlock Everything in Mario Kart: Double Dash?

It is said that Dolphin Emulator is a re-made version of the original GameCube and Wii consoles. Sure, this emulator is not illegal, as they use their own code, their licensing and their own knowledge.

Using the Dolphin Emulator to unlock everything in Mario Kart: Double Dash is pretty easy. However, the beginners may get hard on using this emulator, as it takes some steps to do. Aside from that, to unlock everything in Mario Kart: Double Dash through Dolphin Emulator, you may need to enter the correct codes.

Here’s how to use the Dolphin Emulator!

To start using the Dolphin Emulator, all you have to do is to go to the emulator to the folder that you store all of your game ISOs in. If you have not performed this, you may see the message that says ‘Dolphin could not find any GameCube/ Wii ISOs or WADs. Then, you need to double click here to set a game directory, as you launch the Dolphin Emulator.

To fix your game directory, you need to put all your ROM ISOs into the same folder. Then, you have to point the Dolphin Emulator to it. After you have performed this, you will see the same sort of layout in which each game will be listed with its banner, maker, region and others.

Before you add the codes, you may have to choose the ‘Options’ button at the top of the GameCube Emulator. Then, select ‘Configure’ in the drop down. After clicking it, it will bring up the Dolphin Configuration window.

In the General tab, you have to ensure that the ‘Enable Cheats’ option is selected. Here’s how to enable Dolphin Cheats!

    • First, head toward your ROM ISO directory.
    • Then, go to ‘Options’ and choose ‘Configure’ and then click ‘Enable Cheats’.
    • After that, you need to right click the game that you want to add ‘Cheats’ to in the list of games. Then, you must click the ‘Properties’.
    • Here, you need to click ‘AR codes’ or ‘Gecko codes’ depending on which you want to add.

Steps to enter AR codes:

    • To add an ‘AR’ code, you can click the ‘Add’ button located at the bottom of the window. Then, type the code or copy and paste the code in the available box.

Steps to add gecko codes:

    • To add a Gecko code, you may have to copy and paste your gecko code into a text file.
    • To find the proper text file, you can go to Mario Kart: Double Dash to add a gecko code to. Then, you need to right click it.
    • Choose the ‘Properties’ button and choose the ‘Gecko Codes’ tab.
    • At the bottom of the pop up window, you have to click on the ‘Edit Config’ button. By clicking this, it will bring up a notepad file with empty content within.
    • To enter a gecko code, you have to add the symbol ‘$’ in front of the code name. For example: $Name of code ($Infinite Health)

After you enter the codes, you can click the ‘Ok’ button and ensure your code is checked and login to see if the code is working to unlock any in-game items in Mario Kart: Double Dash.

Here’s A List of Mario Kart: Double Dash Code on Dolphin Emulator!

This post will also show you a list of codes that you can use to unlock everything in Mario Kart: Double Dash through Dolphin Emulator. We obtained the codes from Here are they:

Item Always 3 Mushrooms

    • FJQX-5VB6-PZG1D

Item Always Banana

    • CXAE-3FFM-4QR5M

Item Always Bomb

    • 176D-2TFX-Q5V75

Item Always Bros Special

    • Y0NJ-X9WQ-JCP45
    • 9UUG-3X5T-ZZU3B

Item Always Fake Prezzie

    • RQUC-5B45-W09Q5

Item Always Golden Mushroom

    • 2QQB-BN73-BK6N0
    • WEJA-W3QV-68AU8

Item Always Green Shell

    • BM0Z-R31W-P1BMG

Item Always Heart

    • 9U1Q-P1V6-4ZCZE
    • 1Z1H-1MXJ-UM5MT

Item Always Homing Shell

    • 4B6E-KZ1U-KTT81
    • 489Q-WYJD-YHU01

Item Always Lightning

    • 0V3U-H21F-QXGH5

Item Always Mushroom

    • 4FU3-PQWV-E1CJ9
    • R8R5-KQYH-767NE

Item Always Red Shell

    • 9239-4AC6-NX926
    • R630-Q52U-J8CVZ

Item Always Special Banana

    • YMXF-U3FA-49NDY
    • J3PV-GA9U-9EK2V

Item Always Special Green Shell

    • N4M1-2NJY-AZC5F
    • P4T9-A03T-2V4X9

Item Always Special Shells

    • BCMV-FPBT-82CB2
    • HZB8-HUA2-1Y2B9

Item Always Star

    • DC60-W61G-5MXYA
    • XPV6-DPT5-M1CQ1

Item Always Wan Wan

    • 10M1-C0JM-0MNCU
    • R9QQ-MDR2-RY1E9

Item Always Yoshi Egg

    • 0HME-41J0-V32KZ
    • DYNX-D81M-UV9XQ

Item Switch Set 1

D-pad Up: Egg

D-pad Down: Triple Shell

D-pad Left: Bomb

D-pad Right: Big Banana

Here’s a list of the codes!

    • 3PNU-ZM8G-49VQ2
    • DYNX-D81M-UV9XQ
    • HZB8-HUA2-1Y2B9
    • 951U-0UFD-GDYFJ
    • 176D-2TFX-Q5V75
    • PBJK-K1N6-Z2B5N
    • J3PV-GA9U-9EK2V

Item Switch Set 2

Y + D-pad Up: Fake Item

Y + D-pad Down: Fire Ball

Y + D-pad Left: Banana

Y + D-pad Right: Nothing

Here’s a list of the codes!

    • 0GT4-M68X-9YQQ5
    • 99VZ-B34C-VREWK
    • QVWX-62YH-G2WM1
    • 04U1-WZQ5-3E83E
    • 8BAT-7YYK-HVR9T
    • RYPZ-2XWB-6RX5U
    • M305-QTDD-N9CV9

Item Switch Set 3

X + D-pad Up: Super Mushroom

X + D-pad Down: Mushroom

X + D-pad Left: Triple Mushroom

X + D-pad Right: Star

Here’s the code!

    • 2FCH-F2UE-23XV8
    • KZRZ-D8GQ-HU4Z1
    • WEJA-W3QV-68AU8
    • H4NP-7MX5-NN1BX
    • R8R5-KQYH-767NE
    • CJNW-9UMU-H290P
    • FU4T-G0FM-9871N
    • XPV6-DPT5-M1CQ1

Item Switch Set 4

L + D-pad Up: Lightning

L + D-pad Down: Blue Spiked Shell

L + D-pad Left: Chain Chomp

L + D-pad Right: Heart

Here’s a list of the codes!

    • NBW7-YYR7-Y1C9V
    • T7F8-MMAA-RMY75
    • 0V3U-H21F-QXGH5
    • 0RXN-RD4D-18ZM4
    • 489Q-WYJD-YHU01
    • PVNH-26FN-NV3U5
    • R9QQ-MDR2-RY1E9
    • 1Z1H-1MXJ-UM5MT

Item Switch Set 5

Y + D-pad Up: Green Shell

Y + D-pad Down: Red Shell

Y + D-pad Left: Bowser Shell

Y + D-pad Right: Triple Red Shell

Here’s a list of the codes!

    • 4YNE-U011-ANZVH
    • 5C7R-C9N2-4ZRUM
    • BM0Z-R31W-P1BMG
    • 2AJE-V814-XW0ZG
    • R630-Q52U-J8CVZ
    • U1M5-J6UF-BKWEP
    • P4T9-A03T-2V4X9
    • JZF7-4X5G-K7D0P
    • 2G0M-PE9C-WQZJY

Items Reverted to Normal

Press X + Y + Z

Here’s a list of the codes!

    • R725-C9DU-ADMMN
    • TD1G-BV7F-DDT64
    • C9TY-N6FY-6GWZ7

Okay, those are the codes that you can use to unlock a certain item in Mario Kart: Double Dash through Dolphin Emulator.