The Best Mario Kart Tour Upgrade Strategy

If you are playing Mario Kart Tour now, you may need the best strategy to be able to upgrade. Is there any best strategy for upgrading in the game? Let’s find out what I found about this information here according to some online sources.

Upgrading Drivers in Mario Kart Tour

According to the Game8 website, you are able to upgrade drivers by following the steps below.

    • The first thing that you have to do is to tap the menu button. It can be found from the bottom of the screen.
      tap the menu button
    • After that, you need to go to the Driver page. You have to view your drivers by tapping on the Head of Mario icon in the menu screen.
      Go to the Driver page
    • Now, you have to pick the driver that you want to upgrade. You have to tap it to see upgrades.
      Pick the Driver you want to upgrade
    • In this step, you need to choose the upgrade that you want for your Driver. If you want to upgrade base points, you can do that by clicking left. If you want to upgrade your skill level, you can do that by clicking right. You will need to use the right ticket for them to be able to upgrade them.
       Select the upgrade you want for your Driver

About Base Point Upgrade

As explained on the Game8 site, you are able to get more points at the beginning of the race when you use a driver with an upgraded base point. Point-Boost Tickets can be used by you to upgrade them. And Points-Cap Tickets can be used to break through the limit to further increase the base points.

How to increase base points? It can be increased by these ways.

    • Using Point-Boost Tickets
      Point-Boost Tickets can be used to upgrade your karts, gliders and drivers quickly so that you can increase their base points. Often, they are gained as bonuses throughout the Tour.
    • Using Points-Cap Tickets
      Point-Cap Ticket is able to be used by you to escalate the max base point of your drivers, karts and gliders. They can be obtained by getting a high place on This Week’s Ranked Cup or buying them in the Event Shop and Tier Shop.
    • Finishing Races
      If you can finish races, it can give points to the karts, gliders and drivers that you used. You have to make sure that you use the equipment that you want to upgrade a lot so that you can get points easily.

The Best Mario Kart Tour Upgrade Strategy

About Skill Level Upgrade

If you upgrade the skill level of the drivers, it means that you increase the chance of entering Frenzy mode in a race. Also, it will be able to boost the bonus-points you are able to get, the higher the level of the driver. It can also be increased by using Driver Level-Boost Tickets.

Some Advantages of Upgrading Drivers

Are there any advantages if we upgrade the drivers in Mario Kart Tour? Of course, there are some advantages if you upgrade drivers. Those are listed below according to Game8.

    • If you have upgraded drivers, they have higher base points. So, it will add to your final score every race.
    • Skills will be able to be boosted depending on the level of the driver.
    • If you upgrade the skill level, it will upgrade the chance of your driver to trigger a Frenzy.

Some Tips and Tricks to Play Mario Kart Tour

According to the IGN site, here are some tips and tricks to Play Mario Kart Tour.

    • You have to login every single day, even if you do not actually play. Daily login bonuses are used in Mario Kart Tour to incentivize players to come back each day. The thing that you have to do is to take advantage of these bonuses.
    • You need to go to the shop every day. Mario Kart Tour Shop is good to try for the Daily Selects alone. In the store, you are able to find sets with higher price tags to buy and there are Daily Selects. For your information, the Daily Selects change daily and often it displays new characters and other items at prices which are relatively cheap. If you want to buy things like sets and  Gold Pass, they are only able to be bought using real money. However, in the Daily Selects, there are items which are able to be bought with gold coins which you are able to earn during each race.
    • You have to save your rubies. In Mario Kart Tour, rubies are one of currencies and you are able to earn them by completing cups and challenges. Even though getting rubies is not as easy as getting gold coins, but they are useful. You are able to use Gold coins to buy things from the store like Daily Selects. Meanwhile, you are able to use rubies to fire off the game’s signature green pipes.
    • If you fall off a track, don’t be worried. I do not know why racers cannot fall off of courses. So, you have to try hard, but there may be an invisible wall which will stop you from falling off the course. Well, while you will not fall off, your driver will be slowed down. So, it is better for you to avoid the walls of the level.
    • You have to swipe up when you get any amount of air. When your racer launches off a ramp, a boost jump or maybe just into the sky courtesy of a hot geyser, you have to be able to swipe up quickly on the screen to make your character do a trick of sorts. Even though this trick is funny, but you need to know that it is the small speed boost you get when you land that is important here.
    • If you want to save your battery, you have to turn the power saving on. In Mario Kart Tour, you will use a lot of the battery of your phone. Let’s say that you do not have a battery to spare. If so, you have to go to the main menu of the game by choosing the menu button which can be found on the bottom of the screen. Then, you have to choose the settings button in the bottom right corner and then there is a System Setting dubbed Power Saving. You have to choose this and you will see that the game goes into power-saving mode. In this mode, it will conserve your battery when you are playing the game.

If you want to see more tips and tricks to play Mario Kart Tour, you are able to access IGN.