Mario Kart: Double Dash How to Unlock Special Cup

Special Cup is the name of the final cup in Mario Kart: Double Dash. As the final course, this one is known as the cup for experts. There are a total of four tracks in this competition. The first one is Wario Colosseum, the second one is Dino Dino Jungle, the third one is Bowser’s Castle, and the fourth one is called Rainbow Road. Four of them are different and unique in their own way. The obstacles and difficulties offered by each of them vary.

As a racer or a player, you cannot just race in the Special Cup. It means it has to be unlocked. The question is how do you unlock the Special Cup in Mario Kart: Double Dash? Feel free to find the answer to the question below.

Mario Kart Double Dash star cup 100cc

In order to unlock the Super Cup in Mario Kart: Double Dash, you will need to get in first place on 100cc of Star Cup. For those who are not familiar with 100cc, it is a stronger and faster engine class than 50cc. Compared to 50cc, it is a bit more difficult. According to Nintendo, 100cc takes some skill and techniques. In the class called 100cc, Karts have a maximum speed limit of around 80-90 km per hour.

What about the Star Cup? Star Cup refers to the third cup of Mario Kart: Double Dash. This one has more gimmicks, obstacles, and challenges compared to the previous two (Mushroom Cup and Flower Cup). It is really known to be hard as there is a course with an ice or snow theme in this cup called Sherbet Land that can cause the drivers to lose control. Not only that, there is also DK Mountain that has big rocks that roll down mountain slides. Below are the details about the tracks in Star cup.

Star cup has four tracks in total, including:

    1. Sherbet Land

Sherbet Land is named as the first track of the Star Cup. This one has a cold climate. The track starts at a frozen pond. In this one, you will need to avoid the ice skating Shy Guy. Do not forget to also avoid falling into the freezing water. In case it is not your lucky time and you fall off the track and into the lake, you will be rescued by the Lakitu.

The next location of the Sherbet Land is located in a cramped icy cave. There are also some snowy banks that are lined with the dangerous snow men. The last part of the track is another frozen lake that is lined with Freezies. Every racer will be frozen and they will be sent sliding onward without control. The Freezie will smash into tiny pieces if it gets hit with a strong item or when it hits a wall.

    1. Mushroom City

Mushroom City has some similarities as the Mushroom Bridge. Just like the Mushroom Bridge, it has the same cars that share the road. The difference is that this time they are driving both ways rather than with you. Mushroom City takes place in a busy city at night. There are a lot of routes to get into the finish line that can be taken by the racers. These routes include a few hidden shortcuts and dangerous dead ends.

Talking about the shortcuts, the largest one is a small purple passageway. This one cuts from one road to the other. By taking this route, the racers will be able to save a few seconds. As a player, you should pay more attention to the end of the track as you will have to ride over an overpass that has a large gaping hole. Lakitu will come to rescue in case you fall down to the streets below.

    1. Yoshi Circuit

Yoshi Circuit is known as the island track that has ships traveling nearby. Turning is not easy due to the winding turns. It is even harder for the heavier karts. While the water on the edges of the track can be avoided easily, it is still possible for the racers to fall and when it happens, they will be rescued by Lakitu. Keep in mind that the racers will be sent flying in a manner that is not that friendly when they get too close to a Piranha plant.

Yoshi Circuit has two shortcuts. If you want to know, the first shortcut is after the first left hand turn on the track underneath an arch. For this, a mushroom is needed. If there is no one, then please get a powerslide to make it over the jump. Not using anything will cause the racers to fall into the water and when it happens Lakitu will come to rescue.

What about the second one? As for the second shortcut, it is right after the guard rail ends after the tunnel of the track. Just like the first one, this one also requires a mushroom or else the racers will fall into the water. This second one is known as a tunnel that will drop the racers out underneath Yoshi’s shell.

    1. DK Mountain

As you can guess from its name, the track called DK Mountain takes place high up in the mountains. One of the things that makes the journey of the racers hard is the falling boulders. They will be spun out by these. The second obstacle is the sharp turns. Navigating through the course will not be easy with them. In addition, there is also a swaying log bridge that is able to send the racers off the cliffs. The crucial thing about this one is the Donkey Cannon. Along the way, you will get shot out of it and there is no way for the items to touch anyone that is flying out of it. For those who are wondering about the shortcuts, apparently, there are none here, which are different compared to the others. Once again, it should be noted that there is no Chain Chomp that will carry the racers over.