Console for a 2008 Mario Kart Game Crossword Clue

‘Console for a 2008 Mario Kart’ is a clue that is available in a number of crossword games. Reportedly, this crossword clue was last seen on New York Time Crossword and Universal Crossword on December 23, 2021. Sure, there are also a number of sites that provide the correct answer of this clue.

If you also get hard to answer this crossword clue, no worries we’ll show you the answer of the ‘Console for a 2008 Mario Kart’ crossword clue. Let’s see what the correct answer of the crossword clue in our post below!

Console for a 2008 Mario Kart Game Crossword Clue

Here’s the Answer for ‘Console for a 2008 Mario Kart’ Crossword Clue!

According to the LA Times Crossword and Answers site, the answer for ‘Console for a 2008 Mario Kart’ crossword clue is NINTENDOWII. Many people stated that this is the correct answer for this crossword clue, as we also found almost all sites that provide the crossword answers show the correct answer of ‘Console for a 2008 Mario Kart’ crossword clue is Nintendowii.

We emphasize that Nintendowii is the correct answer, as Mario Kart is a game published by Nintendo, so it’s very clear that Nintendowii is a console to play Mario Kart 2008.

In addition to LA Times Crossword and Answers site, you can also find the possible crossword clues and answers related to ‘Nintendo console’ and ‘Mario Kart’ at Hopefully, the list of crossword answers will help you to answer the crossword clue associated with Nintendo and Mario Kart. Here are they:

*Console for a 2008 “Mario Kart” game NINTENDO WII
P.R. firm for a 2008 Sean Penn movie? MILK PITCHER
Gold-lined cabinet for a naval officer (9) COMMODORE
Solace for a sad BFF T L C
Comfort for a little chap by an expert SOLACE
Comfort for a losing fan CRYING TOWEL
Comfort for a nyctophobe NIGHT LIGHT
Super Mario Bros. video game console, for short N E S
A comfort for the gardener going on a bender? (7) KEELING
No solace for wine-drinker here, we hear a   just a drag on the slopes (1-3) T BAR
American thug pinches Nintendo console for child (6) GODSON
Console for playing “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” WII
‘Best console for the purpose, no longer useful (11)’ OBSOLESCENT
Super Mario World console, for short S N E S
Collateral for what’s left in financial institution in Paris – and it’s a comfort for the very young (8,7) SECURITY BLANKET
A spot of comfort for the local visitor (8) SNUGGERY
Battery is a source of comfort for the prisoner (3,4) DRY CELL
Pitcher who was a 2008 post-season standout for the Phillies COLE HAM ELS
Editor of a 2008 film that features a dog with superpowers? BOLT CUTTER
 Handheld console, for short P S P

Universal Crossword Answers December 24, 2021

We also show you a list of Universal Crossword Answers on December 24,  2021. We got the list of answers from the Daily Themed Crossword Answers site that you can access HERE.

Here’s a list of Universal Crossword Answers on December 24, 2021:


Clue Answer
Rail on road? crossword clue TRAM
D-Day carriers: Abbr. crossword clue LSTS
One more thing..: Abbr. crossword clue BTW
Itty-bitty bit crossword clue IOTA
Smart speakers from Amazon crossword clue ECHO
Seething rage crossword clue IRE
The Little ___ children’s Christmas-themed book by Hans Christian Andersen: 2 wds. crossword clue MATCH GIRL
High tennis shot crossword clue LOB
Medium ___ (steak) crossword clue RARE
The ___ bird gets the worm crossword clue EARLY
Clip-___ like some earrings crossword clue ONS
Victorian for one crossword clue ERA
What can ___ for you?: 2 wds. crossword clue IDO
Sis or bro for short crossword clue SIB
Little Gretchen and the Wooden ___ children’s Christmas-themed book by Elizabeth Harrison crossword clue SHOE
Rapper Wayne of 6 Foot 7 Foot crossword clue LIL
Dog’s little one crossword clue PUP
___ over (read carefully) crossword clue PORE
Photosynthesis site crossword clue LEAF
Use a chair say crossword clue SIT
Biblical boat crossword clue ARK
Curved letter crossword clue ESS
Persuade gently crossword clue COAX
The Velveteen ___ children’s Christmas-themed book by Margery Williams crossword clue RABBIT
Tuna container crossword clue TIN
Honest ___ (16th President of the US) crossword clue ABE
Jumping feline to Puma crossword clue LOGO
Occasion to smarten up crossword clue GALA
Michael Jordan’s organization: Abbr. crossword clue NBA
Law school fresher: Hyph. crossword clue ONEL
Croat or Serb for short crossword clue SLAV
It follows sigma crossword clue TAU
She in Lisbon crossword clue ELA
Time and ___ wait for none crossword clue TIDE


Clue Answer
Director Burton of Beetlejuice crossword clue TIM
Lion’s warning crossword clue ROAR
Congratulatory lead-in to girl or boy crossword clue ATTA
___ photography (close-up photography) crossword clue MACRO
Part of a journey crossword clue LEG
___-fi crossword clue SCI
The ___ Kings children’s Christmas poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow crossword clue THREE
Type of renewable energy crossword clue SOLAR
Fits the ___ (apt) crossword clue BILL
Helen of ___ crossword clue TROY
Spider’s creation crossword clue WEB
Clucking farm birds crossword clue HENS
Scratchy voice crossword clue RASP
Taste a drink say crossword clue SIP
Not well crossword clue ILL
Cube with dots crossword clue DIE
Spanish wave crossword clue OLA
The B in USB crossword clue BUS
Intentional false alarm? crossword clue HOAX
Bobby ___ of NHL crossword clue ORR
A rat! crossword clue EEK
Little ___ children’s Christmas-themed short story by Nora A. Smith crossword clue PICCOLA
Valentine’s Day month for short crossword clue FEB
Fit ___ tee: 2 wds. crossword clue TOA
Storage pit on a farm crossword clue SILO
Small piece of rock crossword clue STONE
Uneasy feeling crossword clue ANGST
___ and rave crossword clue RANT
Dancing Queen band crossword clue ABBA
Longtime boyfriend crossword clue BEAU
Hair-setter crossword clue GEL
Boxer Laila ___ crossword clue ALI
Young man from Edinburgh crossword clue LAD
Street crosser in a map for short crossword clue AVE