Lens Astral Sorcery in Minecraft

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About Lens Astral Sorcery

The Lens is a block which was added by Astral Sorcery. Usually, it is used to redirect Starlight in the Starlight network. It will be able to be linked to and linked from by the Linking Tool. Also, it can accept Starlight from multiple sources, however it can only emit one ray. The Rock Crystal or Celestial Crystal size is proportional to the amount of Lenses made, with the size being divided by 80 and rounded down to obtain the amount of Lenses, with one Lens being the minimum. Remember that the purity and cutting of the Crystal used take effect to the amount of Starlight lost once transferring through the Lens.

Some terms to know related to Lens Astral Sorcery:

  • The Linking Tool

The Linking Tool1

This is an item which was added by Astral Sorcery. It is used to direct Starlight from a Celestial Collector Crystal, Collector Crystal, Lens, or PrismLens to a block. Right-clicking on one of the blocks with the Linking Tool can display a “Selected <block>!” message in the chat log. Right-clicking blocks can direct a ray of starlight to the selected blocks with the text “Linked <block> to a block!” While shift right-clicking on the starlight-producing blocks is able to remove all existing starlight rays and also display the message “Unlinked all links!” in the chat log. If you switch to another item, in the chat log it will display “Stopped linking!” and then finish the linking process.

  • The Rock Crystal

The Rock Crystal1

Of course, this is an item added by Astral Sorcery. It is used to craft Crystal tools and gather Liquid Starlight in Lightwells. It is able to be obtained by mining Rock Crystal Ore. Apparently, each Crystal has three stats: Purity, Size, and Cutting. The Rock Crystals are able to be turned into Celestial Crystal Clusters by throwing them into Liquid Starlight with Stardust. Doing that effectively randomizes the Celestial Crystal’s stats.

  • The Celestial Crystal

The Rock Crystal

This is used as a superior counterpart to Rock Crystals. It can reach a size of 900, which is 500 more than Rock Crystals. You have to know that it can be earned by mining a Celestial Crystal Cluster after it has fully developed. You are able to try growing a max size Celestial Crystal in Liquid Starlight which has a 1 in 6 chance to split a crystal into two where it will have 0-9 percent additional purity.

Lens Astral Sorcery Recipe

Lens Astral Sorcery Recipe

As we explained above that the Lens is a block which was added by Astral Sorcery. This Lens is used to redirect Starlight in the Network of Starlight. Now, we are going to talk about Starlight Crafting Altar.

Definitely, the Starlight Crafting Altar is a block added by Astral Sorcery. It is the second tier of making altar and is used throughout the Attunement chapter of the Astral Tome. The Altar works likewise its predecessor the Luminous Crafting Table. But, it has 4 extra input slots which can be used for more crafting recipes, and collect Starlight much more efficiently, but needs a complete structure to be built around it in order to do that.

How To Use Astral Sorcery Lenses?

At this time, you may want to make the Linking Tool and a few Lenses, those items must be crafted in the new Starlight Crafting Altar. To get more Starlight, you are able to link the Collector Crystals you found in one of the large Shrines to your Starlight Crafting Altar. Depending on how far away your Altar is, it might not be difficult to obtain it to reach.

Before you make a bunch of Astral Sorcery lenses, you have to keep in mind the following:

  • Purity

The higher the Purity the more Starlight will be able to pass through the lens.

  • Size

This will be able to improve the quantity of lenses you craft with each crafting.

Putting a Lens down between your Starlight Crafting Altar and the Collector Crystal will let you to link the Crystal with the lens by easily right-clicking the Crystal then the Lens with the Linking Tool. After it has been linked, a beam of light is going to come from the Collector Crystal to the lens. Afterwards, you are able to link the lens with the altar by right-clicking the lens, and then the altar. Sneak-right-clicking the block will be able to unlink the block.

Astral Tome Entry

Bending Starlight easily from a source to a location may not be enough. The source may be at an unfitting place, or the destination for the Starlight is too far away. There is a brilliant idea that seemingly clear, idea comes to mind: redirecting and refocusing the Starlight via a network of lenses to give enough reach to direct it wherever required. Shifting the light constantly into different directions over long distances will bring its toll. The further the light travels, so the weaker it will get as each lens takes its toll.

Because the crystal used to craft a lens capable of redirecting the volatile light makes up most of the lens, the crystal properties will affect the transmission rate significantly. Remember that the bigger the crystal used to make, the more lenses which can be made at once. Probably, a very impure crystal will occlude Starlight passing through by the dust and other material. The quality of the facets cut into the lens will identify how focused the beam of transmitted light is, further reducing losses.

Banded by its basic physicality, a lens may accept Starlight from multiple directions, though it can only direct the light into one direction. Wherever the outgoing Starlight is aimed, the lenses are going to rotate to direct it there. Clearly, an obvious line-of-sight is needed to transmit successfully.

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