Kidcore ACNH Names

Your island in Animal Crossing New Horizon may have a kidcore theme. So, you may want to name it in a kidcore theme as well. But, what is the suitable name for a kidcore island in Animal Crossing New Horizon? After you read this article, you may get some ideas.

What is Kidcore?

First, it is better for us to know what kidcore is. According to Screen Shot site, kidcore is an aesthetic which targets 90s childhood nostalgia. It uses very saturated main colours such as blue, red, and yellow with childish themes which come from cartoons like Hello Kitty and Rugrats. The things relates to kidcore are rainbows, glitters, stuffed toys, stickers and slinkys.

Kidcore also uses nostalgic patterns and graphics which range from retro flowers, checkerboards and smiley faces.

Kidcore ACNH Names

Kidcore Island Name in ACNH

From the explanation above about the meaning of kidcore, it means that if you want to have a kidcore island name, you need to include kidcore elements. You can include icons from the 90s, kid themes in that era, movies in that era or any other things related to it.

Here are some kidcore island name ideas that you can use in Animal Crossing New Horizon.
Pop Kei
Kero Kero
Kero Bonito

In this site here, the user named Lee was also looking for a kidcore name for his island. Here is the list of names he came up with already which may be able to be ideas for you.

Finding Names with Name Generators

If you are still confused about naming your island in Animal Crossing New Horizon, you can find the name by using a name generator. You can try to search in your browser and then you will find a lot of name generators online that you are able to use. In the list below, there are some name generators that you can use.

    • Island

This island name generator is able to be accessed by using this address On that generator, the thing that you have to do is to hit the Try A Different Name button. I tried this generator and the island names that I got were Soster, Vickan, Lockot, Orot, Maran, Horriges and Lombor.

    • Perchance ACNH Island Name Generator

This generator is able to be accessed at Here, you need to click on the Randomize button and then you will get the island name. I tried this island name generator and here were what I got: Apricotdock, Lilacbay, Cedarswamp, Orchidacre, Branchwharf, and Peachharbor. Let’s say that you do not like the name that this generator gives. If so, you can hit the Randomize button again to get another name.

    • The Story Hack Island Name Generator

You can visit this generator by accessing You are able to use this generator to find countless random island names as explained on that website. When you access this generator, there are some names and when I visited the site, the names available include Blainnia Atoll, Gory Reef, Camplem Holm, Terries Key and some more. You are able to hit the Get Ideas button to get more island names. I tried to hit that button and then I got the other names such as Hanhurst Island, Hulbriand Isles, Pinson Enclave, Birdeen Atoll, Munshall Holm, and Stelwell Ait.

    • Pixel Poppers

In this name generator, you will see that there are word categories including forest, flowers, food, sky/ weather, space, winter, colors, island/ water, land features, animals, months, music, spooky, rocks/ gems, and other. You must give a check mark on the word categories that you want and then, you need to hit the Make A New Name button. This generator is able to be accessed via this

Kidcore Island Design Ideas

If you are also looking for some kidcore island design ideas for your island in Animal Crossing New Horizon, according to Fandom Spot website, here are some of kidcore island design ideas that you may use.

    • Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

You can make a rainbow bridge which can make your island special.  It may not comparable to Asgard’s rainbow bridge. However, it can connect two island areas in a fun way. To make it, you can leave a strip of land across a river and then lay down some rainbow custom pathways. You can use a bunny day arch and fencing to heighten the bridge beyond a simple strip of land.

    • Garden Picnic

Garden Picnic

If you want to have a kidcore theme, it does not always have to be very flashy. You can use more muted colors if you like. You can choose your favorite villager and then lay down some custom designs for a picnic blanket outside their house. You can include food items such as a picnic basket or a birthday cake. Then, you can decorate the yard with flowers and toys and other items related to kidcore. It can be a good idea to buy items like an elephant slide or a baby bear and then you can craft a rocking horse.

    • Block Toy Playroom

Block Toy Playroom

Usually, kidcore ideas use a lot of wooden block furniture, mainly which are customized to pastel or colourful patterns. So, if you want to apply a block toy playroom design in your ACNH island, you are able to craft the wooden block table, chair and bookshelf from a wooden block toy and some softwood. If you want, you can also craft a tire stack and customize it so that it can match the bright colors for playtime.

    • Colorful Playground

Colorful Playground

To make a colorful playground, you are able to start by creating some colorful custom paths and chalk drawings like hopscotch. Then, buying a number of playground pieces like springy ride-ons, elephant slides, tricycles and playground gyms can also be a good idea. It is better if you add a sandbox. What else? You can craft some wooden block benches from some softwood so parents are able to see their kids playing there.

If you want to see complete kidcore design ideas, you can access Fandom Spot website where there is a post entitled 25 ACNH Kidcore Island Design Ideas: The Ultimate List.

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