Is Mega Rayquaza the Strongest Pokemon?

Yeah… Mega Rayquaza is categorized as one of the strongest Pokemon type. If you wonder why Mega Rayquaza becomes the strongest Pokemon, sure there are a bunch of reasons. The most influential reason why Mega Rayquaza is strongest as it has a special connection to the process of Mega Evolution. Which makes it strongest Pokemon also depends on how you use it in the game.

Mega Evolution here means a temporary transformation which was introduced in Generation VI which affects certain Pokemon. Mega Evolution requires the player to hold the Keystone and a Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution to hold a compatible Mega Stone.

Is Mega Rayquaza the Strongest Pokemon

While most Pokemon need a Mega Stone to evolve, not Rayquaza where it can evolve without holding the Mega Stone. Certainly, it can be a luxury Rayquaza’s ability when others do not have. Known, Rayquaza is the mascot of Pokemon Emerald as a member of the Weather Trio, as the master trio.

Reasons Why Mega Rayquaza Is Strongest Pokemon

To convince you that Mega Rayquaza is one of the strongest Pokemon, of course we also show a list of reasons. Here’s for the reason:

    • Rayquaza has a bigger attack and the special attack reaches up to 180.
    • Mega Rayquaza has destroyed a star that would have destroyed Earth for sure if they collided with it when Arceus couldn’t.
    • Mega Rayquaza destroys Mega Metagross, Mega Charizard, Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon easily.
    • Mega-Rayquaza’s offensive stats are very strong in competitive Pokemon battles.
    • Mega Rayquaza is not a Pokémon to be underestimated, although its defense and HP are a bit low, its basic stats are more balanced than Pokémon like Mega Metagross.
    • Rayquaza can turn into Mega Rayquaza which is able to hold an item at the same time.
    • In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Rayquaza is the only such form which does not require a Mega Stone before its transformation.
    • Mega Rayquaza is mathematically superior to Arceus with a total base stat of 780 compared to Arceus 720 base stat.
    • Mega Rayquaza is able to fight Deoxys and stop the fight between Groudon and Kyogre.

Those are some reasons why Mega Rayquaza became one of the strongest Pokemon.

Mega Rayquaza’s Ability

Aside from the reasons above, you also have to know Mega Rayquaza’s ability which makes it one of the strongest Pokemon. The great ability of Mega Rayquaza is Air Lock. This ability works when Mega Rayquaza is active, the effects or the weather conditions are disabled.

The effects of Air Lock, as Mega Rayquaza’s ability:

In battle: When Rayquaza with Air Lock ability is in battle, all effects of weather are negated although the weather itself still appears.

Generation V: When Rayquaza with Air Lock is brought out, the message “The effects of weather disappears” will be shown once the ability is announced.

Generation VI: During heavy rain, harsh sunlight and strong winds, even if Rayquaza is negating the effects of weather with Air Lock, Rain Dance, the moves Sunny Day, Hail and also Sandstrom can still fail if used. Then, the Ability Drizzle, Drought, Snow Warning, and Sand Stream will still fail to activate. Somehow, all other effects of those weather conditions are negated by Air Lock.

Outside of battle: Air Lock ability will not have effect when outside of battle.

Apart from the effect of Air Lock, Mega Rayquaza is also superior in the following:

Defensive strategy

A large part of the reason why Mega Rayquaza strongest Pokemon is in terms of its defensive capabilities. Thanks to the fact that it’s a Dragon type which has resistance to commonly used types including Water, Grass, Fire and also Electricity.

Transforming the Form

In fact, Mega Rayquaza still needs 1 turn to Mega Evolve, however as not having a mega stone, it can hold an item of choice. Certainly, it can give you a great benefit to Mega Rayquaza if you use it in the best efficient way.

Rayquaza also has a difference of 100 in BST between base and mega forms. It means that Rayquaza has a base stat of 680. In its Mega forms, Mega Rayquaza’s attack stats are 180.  Sure, the base stat is one of the things which can help you to decide which one to use especially if you do not know of the term base stat.

Mega Rayquaza Stats

Here’s for Mega Rayquaza stats:

Stat Range
At lv. 50 At lv. 100
HP: 105 165 – 212 320 – 414
Attack: 180 166 – 255 328 – 504
Defense: 100 94 – 167 184 – 328
Sp. Atk: 180 166 – 255 328 – 504
Sp. Def: 100 94 – 167 184 – 328
Speed: 115 108 – 183 211 – 361
Total: 780 Other Pokemon with this total


    • The minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs, IVs of 0 with a hindering nature (if applicable).
    • The maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, IVs of 31 with a helpful nature (if applicable).

Rayquaza’s Type Moves

When Rayquaza turns into Mega Rayquaza, of course it will know Dragon Ascent. Well, Dragon Ascent here is a damage-dealing Flying type-move which is introduced in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Of course, Dragon Ascent is the signature move of Rayquaza.

Dragon Ascent’s effect will deal damage and then lowers the user’s Defense stat and Special Defense stat by one stage each.

    • In Generation VI and VII, the players are allowed to Mega Evolve any Rayquaza which knows Dragon Ascent.
    • In Pokemon X and Y version, Dragon Ascent does not exist.
    • In Generation VIII, Dragon Ascent no longer activates the Mega Evolution.

Mega Rayquaza’s Weakness

Not only the greatness of Mega Rayquaza that you should know, however, the weakness of Mega Rayquaza should also be known. Here’s a list of Mega Rayquaza’s weakness:

    • Mega Rayquaza is not resistant to Dragon, Ice, Rock, and Fairy Pokemon types. So, you can use them as Rayquaza counters to defeat it.
    • Mega Rayquaza is only better at attacking but Arceus is better at all of that.
    • Mega Rayquaza is known only for their special attacks in uneven stats.
    • Because it can Mega-Evolve without holding a Mega Stone, Rayquaza is considered damaged.
    • Mega Rayquaza has uneven stats but Arceus has even stats.

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