Can Eternatus be Shiny in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, every player dreams of getting a Shiny Pokemon. However, not every Pokemon out there can be shiny particularly in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Some specific Pokemon are coded never to appear as shiny.

How about Eternatus? Some players reveal that Eternatus can be shiny in Pokemon Sword and Shield, others state that Eternatus can not be shiny. If you are also wondering whether or not Eternatus can be shiny, you can dive into our post to find the real facts about it. Let’s check it out!

Can Eternatus be Shiny in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Can Eternatus Be Shiny in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Unfortunately, Eternatus cannot be shiny in Pokemon Sword and Shield, since Eternatus is currently Shiny locked in the game. Of course, you cannot catch a Shiny version of this Pokemon in the game, instead you can only catch a non-shiny Eternatus.

In Sword and Shield, Eternatus is a dual-type Poison/ Dragon Legendary Pokemon. This Pokemon does not evolve into any other Pokemon form and will not also evolve from any Pokemon.

It is known that Eternatus appears once as a storied encounter at the climax of the game’s plot in Pokemon Sword and Shield, appearing through the Energy Reactor. What you can do is to catch the third Legendary Pokemon of the eighth generation, but there is no way to catch a shiny version of the Pokemon.

Even though it is a little disappointing, it is not an unprecedented move in the Pokemon games. You will often gain legendary Pokemon which are Shiny Locked. Since you cannot see another form of Eternatus, you can only catch a glimpse of this form when Eternatus uses its Eternabeam move.

Why Is Eternatus Non-Shiny Pokemon?

Eternatus comes to Pokemon Sword and Shield as a non-shiny Pokemon. It is known that the Pokemon Company has made such decisions with other legendaries in the past and has made their shiny versions available through future games.

However, many players hope that TPC will grant the same treatment for Eternatus in future games, since it is a very popular legendary which you would love to hunt for. Even though it may seem unfair, it is just how they make their reasonable decisions. Of course, it is pretty humorous that arguably the coolest looking legendary Pokemon (Eternatus) cannot be shiny in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Therefore, all Pokemon players can perform is hope that subsequent Pokemon versions will add in the possibility to gain a Shiny Eternatus.

Is Eternatus the Strongest Pokemon

Is Eternatus the Strongest Pokemon?

Even though Eternatus cannot be a Shiny Pokemon, many people believe that Eternatus is the strongest Pokemon. Why? According to the history of the series, the Eternamax version of Eternatus is the strongest Pokemon that has 1,125 combined base stats, almost double the 600 base stats enjoyed by mythical and pseudo-legendary Pokemon such as Tyranitar and Mew.

Well, those stats grant Eternamax Eternatus base HP as high as Blissey, with defenses which are even stronger than those of Shuckle. Eternatus still has speed stats which are comparable with other legendary Pokemon.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the Eternamax version of Eternatus without the use of hacks. After Eternatus is captured, this Pokemon reverts from the Eternamax form and cannot Dynamaxing.

Not including alternate versions of Pokemon, Eternatus still has the highest base stats of any Pokemon. In this case, the regular version of Eternatus has 690 base stats that is higher than almost any other legendary Pokemon who commonly have between 660 and 680 base stats.

It is known that alternate versions of some legendary Pokemon will have higher base stats than Eternatus. Most of them can only be activated in battle, that is the case with crowned Zacian and Zamazenta and Complete Forme Zygarde. For more information, the Black and White version of Kyurem at 700 base stats are the only Pokemon that has states which are better than Eternatus outright.

Where to Find and How to Catch Eternatus?

Eternatus can commonly be found at the Hammerlock Energy Plant. You can really catch Eternatus midway through the Champion’s Cup, right before your match with Leon and once defeating Chairman Rose.

Eternatus should be captured in order to beat the game, but it’s very impossible to avoid capturing it once defeating it in battle. Once getting all eight badges and besting Marnie, Bede and Hop in the endgame championship, you are forced to go into battle with Pokemon League Staff and Chairman Rose.

When the fight starts, Eternatus will transform into the powerful Eternamax Eternatus. You may find it hard to fight Eternatus like this, so make sure to prepare your party accordingly. It is known that Eternatus is a LV 60 poison/ dragon type and he is weak to ice, ground and psychic attacks.

During fighting Eternatus, you should ensure to stack your party with Pokemon of that type. After being defeated, you can throw any ball you have laying around at Eternatus to catch them. Need to know, Eternatus has a 100% catch rate, so you shouldn’t worry about ball quality. Now, Eternatus is in your progression and starts to head forth to face Leon and finally beat the game.

Are There Any Other Pokemon That Cannot Be Shiny Pokemon?

In addition to Eternatus, other Pokemon like Gigantamax Eevee and Gigantamax Pikachu are also Shiny locked in the game. Currently, you can catch a non-shiny version of the Pokemon at the Tower Summit of the Power Plant during the main storyline.

Certainly, you must not lose hope, since Shiny versions of popular legendary Pokemon are released through future events in the game. You may get it through future games, even if you do not see a Shiny version of Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Considering the popularity of Eternatus, many players are sure to see a Shiny version of the Pokemon pop up somewhere.

Of course, you should be disappointed, since you can still catch some Shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield. So, you need to make a serious effort to catch other Shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

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