How to Get Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

In the Pokemon world, Shiny Pokemon are known as rare versions of normal Pokemon. They have special coloring. Originally, they were introduced in Generation 2. One of the Shiny Pokemon is called Shiny Ditto. As the new generation finally comes to Nintendo Switch, a lot of players are curious how to find Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How to Get Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

For anyone who is wondering how to get Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, read on. Apart from that, you will also be guided to find a Shiny Pokemon in general in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How Do You Get Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Ditto is considered as a strange Pokemon because it has no egg group, which means there is no way to breed it. This also means that you will need to find it in the wild. However, it is also something that will not show up in Mass Outbreaks.

From the information above, it can be concluded that there is only a chance to find a Shiny Ditto, which is by going to West Province Area Two and West Province Area Three. There, this Pokemon will act as other Pokemon. Even though Shiny Ditto is shiny, its copied counterpart will not be. In fact, there is no way to do that if this Pokemon is shiny at the glance.

Actually, there is something weird. It is possible for you to send your Pokemon out to automatically battle a Ditto. Usually, it will be taken down by your Pokemon, even though it is disguised. However, if it is Shiny Ditto, your Pokemon will not want to knock it down. It is the only way that you can tell if Ditto is Shiny without going to battle.

Apparently, there are a couple of ways to increase your odds of finding a Shiny Ditto. The first one is increasing your Sparkling Power through sandwich munching. For your information, Sparkling Power sandwich bonuses will last for a half hour. Feel free to save and reset in case there are no enough ingredients to continuously spam them for hours on end. The second one is by getting the Shiny Charm. This one is a bit hard to understand. It demands trainers to collect 400 Pokemon. Besides, these trainers are also required to fill out their Paldea ‘Dex. While it seems hard, it is guaranteed that it has the ability to increase your odds of finding that Shiny Ditto in the wild.

How Do You Find a Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet in General?

There are several ways to find a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, as follows:

1. Searching the Overworld

The chance of you getting Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is very high because this one is almost everywhere. Unlike in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, they do not make a noise in Pokemon Pokemon Scarlet & Violet when they show up in the overworld, meaning you will have to work harder. For those who are familiar with the color of a normal Pokemon, it should be easy for you to find the Shiny version as it will be a different color. If you find it hard to tell it by how it works, you can try to throw out your first Pokemon using ZR. If it is a Shiny Pokemon, it will not be attacked by your Pokemon. On the other hand, your Pokemon will try to attack it if it is not Shiny.

2. Using the Masuda Method and Breeding

If you want to increase the chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon if they are hatched from eggs, you can use the Masuda method, the method named after Junichi Masuda. This method requires breeding between Pokemon from two different regional copies of the game. By using this method, the odds become 1/683. The odds will be 1/512 if this method is used and you have the Shiny charm.

3. Shiny Sandwiches

Shiny Sandwich is a new way to increase the chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon. It makes Shiny hunting more straightforward. As a player, you are able to make the special sandwiches and increase the odds of a Shiny Pokemon showing up by getting ingredients from around Paldea. As for the ingredients for Shiny Sandwiches, you can go to the shops to find most of them.

4. Mass Outbreaks

In the game called Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Mass Outbreak is the term used to describe a situation when a lot of the same Pokemon invade a spot on the map. During these events, almost each single monster in the Pokedex can show up. The only exception is Legendary Pokemon and starter Pokemon.

All the players will be notified when a Mass Outbreak is starting. It can be done by refreshing the map and showing around 5-7 Pokemon that are showing up in Mass Outbreaks.

The good news is that it is easy to manipulate Mass Outbreak Shiny Odds. They can even go as low as 1/1. However, if you follow all the steps well, you will be able to find more than 500 Pokemon during this event.

5. Using Isolated Encounter Method

Another good way to find Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is by using the isolated encounter method. This one can be used on most of the Pokemon in the game. Finding the Shiny Pokemon can be easier by greatly getting rid of a lot of Pokemon that can show up in an area. Using this method means that even Pokemon that are impossible to find in a Mass Outbreak will spawn in a lot of numbers. When this method is combined with the Shiny Charm and the sparkling power from Shiny Sandwiches, finding the Shiny Pokemon will be able to be done easily.