How to Get Shiny Palkia in Pokemon Shining Pearl

Palkia is the legendary Pokemon. It is one of the legendaries that you need to have on your team. It was introduced to the Pokemon world during the Gen 4 era and is considered the creator of space. In Pokemon Shining Pearl, Palkia is said to live in a gap in the spatial dimension parallel. Apparently, Palkia is a Legendary Pokemon that can be tricky to catch in the game. So, how to get Shiny Palkia in Pokemon Shining Pearl?

Shiny Pokemon in Shining Pearl

First off, what is Shiny Pokemon? Of course, it is easy to discover any legendary or random Pokemon hidden in the grass. Need to know that a shiny Pokemon is different from its original counterpart. Shiny Pokemon is Pokemon that is rare to capture. However, there are some ways to get shiny Pokemon which include breeding and chaining Pokemon of the same species. Usually, you will want to capture the same species of Pokemon in a chain until a shiny pop up. You are going to know that they are shiny due to their coloring and sparkles surrounding the Pokemon during battle. Do you want to catch them?

How to Get Shiny Palkia in Pokemon Shining Pearl

Getting Shiny Palkia in Pokemon Shining Pearl – Here’s Way

Apparently, there are two ways to catch a shiny Palkia in Pokemon Shining Pearl. This will include the storied event and the post elite four. The first way of trying to catch a shiny Palkia will need you to reach the 7th gym leader and also go into battle with him. After defeating the gym leader, you are going to reach a cutscene where Shiny Palkia will reveal itself. This is very crucial. Please ensure that you save your game before engaging in a battle with Shiny Palkia because you are going to want to keep soft resetting numerous times until you catch a shiny Palkia in Pokemon Shining Pearl. Probably, there is a 1/4096 chance you are going to get a shiny Palkia, so, keep on resetting.

Next, we are going to inform you about the second way to catch a shiny Palkia in Pokemon Shining Pearl, after you have defeated the elite four and champion. When you defeat the elite four and champion, then you are going to want to use your shiny charm you get after you finish beating them. Please go to Spear Pillar where you are going to find Shiny Palkia hanging out at his usual respawn location. After you have a shiny charm, then your odds of getting a shiny Palkia are greatly doubled. We highly recommend you to use this way because it will not take as many tries as the previous way. Just save your own progress before the battle and then keep soft resetting your game until a shiny Palkia comes your way.

Finally, you are able to get Shiny Palkia in Pokemon Shining Pearl. You are able to get all shiny Pokemon the next time you play Shining Pearl.

Shiny Palkia’s Physiology

Palkia is a large, bipedal Water or Dragon Pokemon. The majority of its body possesses a light pink-gray-white coloring with linear sections on its body being purple. Palkia’s arms and shoulders are covered by large, armored plates, and also each hand holds five nails. The round plates on his shoulders each have a large pearl in the center, representing its affiliation to Pearl. On his back are wings that are seemingly not used for flight, as Shiny Palkia does Levitate. Shiny Palkia, along with Shiny Dialga and Giratina, was made by Arceus when it hatched from its egg. Shiny was tasked to create the universe along with Shiny Dialga and Giratina and also create space.

Shiny Palkia’s Natural abilities

Shiny Palkia has the ability to warp space by creating ways for it to live and also travel in a different dimension. When Shiny Palkia appears in Pokemon Pearl, it bends space and changes the looks of the things around it. The effect is similar to Giratina’s effect in Pokemon Platinum. It is said that Shiny Palkia and Dialga were never supposed to meet. Palkia got the ability to change into its Origin Forme through the power of the Lustrous Globe.

Shiny Dialga in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Shiny Dialga is a powerful Steel Dragon type Pokemon that has the ability to control time. Also, it uses different elemental attacks to defeat enemies. This is one of the Pokemon that has the ability to learn the Aura Sphere sphere move. Given the huge sphere of his own abilities, it is natural that the players are eager to get the Shiny Dialga in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. So, if you want to know how to get the Shiny Dialga in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, you are able to explain its way below.

Getting Shiny Dialga in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond – Here’s Way

Dialga is a Pokemon that can be discovered at the peak of Mount Coronet. While the players are able to battle Dialga after beating the seventh Gym Leader in the Team Galactic storyline, the chances of getting a Shiny Dialga is quite rare. As a player, you are able to save your game beforehand and keep resetting it till you get the Shiny Dialga. Apparently, this can be a long and hard process. Actually, there is a simpler method of doing this with a much higher chance of getting the Shiny Dialga. For note: This is only for the players who complete Elite 4 challenge first.

Elite 4 Method – For this method, first, the players have to defeat the Elite 4 and the Champion. If the players did not catch Shiny Dialga but defeated it in the main story, then the Pokemon will appear after defeating the Elite 4. Now, the players are able to get the Shiny Charm and improve their chances of getting a Shiny Dialga in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. Also, this method will take a few retakes and resets. But, overall, the players have a much better chance at getting a Shiny Dialga through this method. The players only need to go to the Spear Pillar and keep soft resetting their game till they catch a Shiny variant of Diagla in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.