How to Get Spiritomb Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

For those who love challenges, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond is the perfect choice. With it, you will be given a challenge to complete the Pokedex true challenge. In the title, some of the Pokemons are able to be only caught under very certain circumstances. The list does not revolve around the legendaries.

Furthermore, some Pokemons are time locked and some of them only show up after completing the hidden quests. One of these Pokemons is called Spiritomb. Before it shows up, it will be needed for the players to jump through several hoops to be able to get the Ghost-type Pokemon into their team. Here is everything that you have to know get the Spiritomb show up in your game:

How to Get Spiritomb Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

    • The first thing that you need to do to get the Spiritomb is to get the mysterious item known as Odd Keystone. This one is able to be obtained by talking to an NPC that is hiding close to some trees located at the bottom of Route 208. You will be able to get the stone once the strange exchange is done. Once you have it in your hand, it is time for you to go to Route 209 to find a rocky structure called the Hallowed Tower. Once it is activated, you will be asked to use the Odd Keystone. While it is true that it is the location of Spiritomb, it is needed for you to head over to the Grand Underground before it will show up.
      Head to Route 208
    • Then, talk to the characters in the Grand Underground. In fact, it is the step that wants to be avoided by many as many of them are afraid of it. Fortunately, it has changed in some aspects. In the past, the players had to interact with the other 32 times in the Underground. Thanks to the change that is made to the account for the online functionality of Nintendo Switch, everyone is no longer needed to talk directly to the other players in the Grand Underground. Instead of talking directing to the other players, they will have to talk with 32 different NPCs. Some of them include the hikers that usually have items for sale. There are a total of five separate areas in the Grand Underground. Each of them has its own collection of characters. The statement means it might be needed for the players like you to take trip to talk with these 32 different NPCs. While it is true that the locations of NPC can be shuffled by exiting and re-entering a room that is located in the Underground, there is no guarantee that it will spawn new characters. In order to prevent repeats from happening, you are suggested to write down the names of all the NPCs that you need. It is really important to make sure you do not meet the same NPC twice or even more. It might not easy and take some time but it is worth it.
      The Grand Underground
    • Once you have successfully talked to the required number of characters, it is time for you to go back to the Hallowed Tower. To face to face with Spiritomb, the one that is able to be captured just like any other Pokemon, all that you have to do is to interact with it. Before the battle starts, do not forget to save your game. It should be done in case you accidentally beat it and has to reset. It is actually possible to find the other Odd Keystores in the Grand Underground but preventing something bad from happening is always best. Plus, not everyone wants to repeat the same process twice.

It is actually possible for you to summon another Spiritomb at the Hallowed Tower. This can be done easily by redoing the quest at the Hallowed Tower. Below is the guide to follow to encounter this Pokemon again:

    1. First of all, you have to get new Odd Keystones. To get these stones, you can go to the pond south of Twinleaf Town, which is able to be accessed with Surf. Besides, another way is to dig the walls located at the Grand Underground.
    2. After that, go to Route 209 and place the Odd Keystone at the Hallowed Tower.
    3. The next thing that you have to do is to interact with the 32 NPCs underground.
    4. Once everything is done, the last thing to be done is to check the Hallowed Tower in order to start another encounter with Spiritomb.

Talking about speaking with the NPCs, it is reported that there is only one of them in every network of tunnels. Go to the map and you will be able to see that a lot of tunnels are link one to another. What makes it interesting is that, however, they are separated by Pokemon Hideaways at some point. According to some players, every NPC always sticks to the same tunnel network they found them in. For instance, Adrienne is found in a certain tunnel network and she has never been found in any other tunnels.

If you are planning to get Spiritomb, it is worth noting that the Fairy type Pokemon is the type of Pokemon that this Pokemon afraid of. According to some experiences shared by the other players, they had a hard time taking down Cynthia’s Spiritomb. Being Ghost/Dark type Pokemon makes Spiritomb weaks to one type, which is Fairy type of Pokemon. You will be able to hit Spiritomb by getting one of the Fairy type Pokemons. If you have no idea what to get, the most recommended one is called Azumarill. This one is known to learn Play Rough at level 25. In addition, you might also want to consider Gardevoir. Unlike Azumarill who learns Play Rough, it learns Dazzling Gleam after evolving from Kirlia. For your information, the Railts are able to be caught in the Grand Underground.

To be able to get Spiritomb easily, you are also recommended to whittle it down with status moves. The best way to slowly get rid of its bulk is to cause Burn or Poison while in the queue.

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