Rayquaza Won’t Mega Evolve with Dragon Ascent

Each player is able to Mega Evolve any Rayquaza that knows Dragon Ascent. However, it might not be as smooth as it sounds. Sometimes, Rayquaza will not Mega Evolve and a lot of people who are experiencing this have been wondering why.

Reason why Rayquaza will not Mega Evolve with Dragon Ascent

Apparently, Rayquaza will not Mega Evolve with Dragon Ascent due to a couple of reasons. The first one is if it is holding a Z-Crystal and the second one is because it knows the move only through Mimic. These paragraphs below will uncover Z-Crystal and Mimic.

Rayquaza Won't Mega Evolve with Dragon Ascent

About Z-Crystal

In the world of Pokemon games, Z-Crystal refers to an item that is needed to upgrade moves to Z-Moves through the use of either a Z-Ring or Z-Power Ring.

Z-Crystal has an important role in the island challenge in the Alola region. The proof of completing trials and grand trials is provided by this. It is similar to Gym Badges in the other regions. Actually, not every Z-Crystal is obtained by using this method in Pokemon Sun and Moon or Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

When the game is ongoing, the Z-Crystal is able to be obtained for the Bag and it will be placed in the special Bag section. For your information, all of the Z-Crystals that have been obtained are able to be used to make held items. The held items themselves can be named anything you want. Take a note that Z-Crystal that is held will be automatically removed if there is a Pokemon traded by the players. However, it is possible for a few Pokemon from the trading process to hold a Z-Crystal if that certain player already has it.

There are a lot of Z-Crystals in Pokemon. Here is the list of each type:

    1. Name: Buginium Z

Z-Move: Savage Spin–Out
Associated Move Type: Bug

    1. Name: Darkinium Z

Z-Move: Balck Hole Eclipse
Associated Move Type: Dark

    1. Name: Dragonium Z

Z-Move: Devastating Drake
Associated Move Type: Dragon

    1. Name: Electrium Z

Z-Move: Gigavolt Havoc
Associated Move Type: Electric

    1. Name: Fairium Z

Z-Move: Twinkle Tackle
Associated Move Type: Fairy

    1. Name: Fightinium Z

Z-Move: All-Out Pummeling
Associated Move Type: Fighting

    1. Name: Firium Z

Z-Move: Inferno Overdrive
Associated Move Type: Fire

    1. Name: Flyinium Z

Z-Move: Supersonic Skystrike
Associated Move Type: Flying

    1. Name: Ghostium Z

Z-Move: Never-Ending Nightmare
Associated Move Type: Ghost

    1. Name: Grassium Z

Z-Move: Bloom Doom
Associated Move Type: Grass

    1. Name: Groundium Z

Z-Move: Tectonic Rage
Associated Move Type: Ground

    1. Name: Icium Z

Z-Move: Subzero Slammer
Associated Move Type: Ice

    1. Name: Normalium Z

Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz
Associated Move Type: Normal

    1. Name: Poisonium Z

Z-Move: Acid DOwnpour
Associated Move Type: Poison

    1. Name: Psychium Z

Z-Move: Shattered Psyche
Associated Move Type: Psychic

    1. Name: Rockium Z

Z-Move: Continental Crush
Associated Move Type: Rock

    1. Name: Steelium Z

Z-Move: Corkscrew Crash
Associated Move Type: Steel

    1. Name: Waterium Z

Z-Move: Hydro Vortex
Associated Move Type: Water

About Mimic

Mimic is known as the kind of Normal move in Pokemon. This one was introduced for the first time in Generation I. It is able to copy the last move of the opponent until that one that you are facing either faints or is switched out.

Mimic details:

    • Type: Normal
    • Category: Status
    • Power: –
    • Accuracy: – %
    • PP: 10
    • Affects: Selected target
    • Secondary Effect: None
    • Priority: 0
    • Contact: No
    • Magic Coat: No
    • Magic Bounce: No
    • Bright Powder: No
    • Protect/Detect: Yes
    • Snatch: No
    • Mirror Move: No
    • King’s Rock: No


    • GSC: A move used by the opponent is copied by Mimic.
    • RSE: A move used by the opponent during a certain battle is copied by Mimic.
    • FRLG: The last move used by the opponent is copied by the user for the rest of the battle.
    • DPPtHGSS: The last move used by the opponent is copied by the user. This one is able to be used for the rest of the battle.
    • BWB2W2 XYORAS: The last move of the target is copied by the user. Feel free to use it during the battle until the Pokemon is switched out.
    • SMUSUMPE: The last move of the target is copied by the user. Feel free to use it during the battle until the Pokemon is switched out.

About Mega Evolution

In Pokemon GO, there is a thing called Mega Evolution. This one allows you to make the strong Pokemon that are already strong to become even stronger. In order to Mega Evolve your Pokemon, the first thing that you will have to do is to get Mega Energy for that certain Pokemon. Then, find the Mega Pokemon in the Mega Raids. You need to take them on and then get the Mega Energy for that certain Pokemon. You will get more Mega Energy the faster you manage to beat them.

To Mega Evolve, it is needed for you to gather multiple raids of the same Pokemon to get all the energy. In fact, most Mega Evolutions rotate in and out of raids. Unfortunately, not all Mega Evolutions will be available all year long, that’s why you have to make sure to get the stock on any Mega Energy that you want before it is the time for the Pokemon to leave the Mega Raids.

It is worth noting that your chance to have Mega Pokemon at once is limited to one. When you Mega Evolve a different Pokemon, the one that you Mega Evolved before will return to the normal state. On the other words, you will need to collect Mega Energy in case you want to evolve that specific one for the second time.

Apparently, the other Pokemon will be given an attack boost if you use Mega Pokemon in a raid. On top of that, the additional attack boost will also be rewarded to the Pokemon, the one that has the same type. However, you need to remember that these boosts cannot be accumulated.

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