How to Find & Evolve Feebas in Pokemon Go After Walking 20 km

When you want to play with Feebas, a shabby, old-looking Pokemon, you may wonder where to find it and how to evolve it. It is known that Feebas can evolve into Milotic after walking 20 km. Then, does it only need to walk 20 km to evolve Feebas into Milotic? To evolve Feebas into Milotic, let’s find out more information about it on our post below!

How to Find Feebas in Pokemon Go?

Before you can evolve Feebas, all you have to do is to find it first. It is known that Feebas is much like other Water-type Pokemon. So, you can find it in some places with waters including beaches, docks, canals, rivers, etc.

You will also have a chance to find Feebas in parks with water features, as parks are known as the place to spawn water-type Pokemon. Moreover, some Feebas can also be found in oceans and weed-choked ponds, though it’s only little water available.

How to Find & Evolve Feebas in Pokemon Go After Walking 20 km

The populations of Feebas tend to cluster in small areas, though there are a lot of Pokemon in existence. After you find it, its dull wits will make it easier to catch. In Pokemon Go, Feebas can be a source of research, as its vitality despite it being unpopular and unattractive.

A few words about Feebas are that it is described as a shabby, fishlike Pokemon with an old-looking body that has a light brown body covered in the dark with irregular spots. Its eyes are large with deep-set and its lip is pink and big.

Feebas also have the pectoral fins and tail that are dull blue and tattered in appearance. Its dorsal fin forms triangular with a hole in the middle. Since it has a bad appearance, Feebas is largely ignored by predators, researchers and also trainers. But, Feebas is a hardy Pokemon that has the ability of eating anything and also living anywhere.

How to Evolve Feebas in Pokemon Go?

After you find Feebas, you can catch it. Then, you should look for 100 Feebas candies. Using an incense in combination with a lure is the great way to find candies if the chosen location is a PokeStop to maximize the spawn rate of nearby Pokemon. It will totally maximize the opportunities to catch a Feebas.

As a great tip, you may need to catch some of the other Pokemon which spawn, so there will be more room around the areas for Feebas to spawn in. When you try catching a feebas, you should know that it has a capture rate of 70%. However, it’s not a guaranteed catch, though this is a very high chance.

In Pokemon Go, Feebas get a 15% flee chance, so you may have to use pinap berries to maximize candy obtained per captured Feebas. It’s important to note, it needs 17 Feebas captures to gain candies using pinap berries.

Once you obtain all the required candies, you have to walk 20 km with Feebas. As we’ve mentioned, Feebas will evolve into Milotic after walking 20 km. In other words, you should walk 20 km to evolve Feebas into Milotic. If you think that you only need to walk 20 km to evolve Feebas into Milotic, you’re wrong, as that’s not all about it.

It’s important to note, to evolve Feebas into Milotic, you cannot just walk it for 20 km as well. You definitely have to walk the specific Feebas that you want to evolve for 20 km. It means that you first have to find a good (high IV) Feebas to get a good Milotic. Then, if you find a better Feebas that you would rather evolve, you can start at the beginning as well.

How to Evolve Feebas in Pokemon Go

Here’s the step-by-step to evolve Feebas into Milotic!

    • First, you must click on your avatar in Pokemon Go.
    • Then, you can click  on your ‘Buddy’ button.
    • After that, continue to click into the ‘Switch’ button located on the bottom right of the screen.
    • You can then choose ‘Yes’ that appears on the screen to confirm that you desire your buddies.
    • Select the Feebas you want to evolve and take it to walk with you.
    • Then, you can walk with your Feebas for 20 km.
    • Now, you can gather the100 Feebas candy on your way walking with it. If you have already gathered the candy, you can skip this step.
    • In this step, you can select your Feebas buddy and allow it to begin the evolution process.
    • Last, you can choose ‘Yes’ and make sure to wait for it to evolve into gorgeous Milotic.

That’s it! You successfully evolve a Feebas into gorgeous Milotic. Evolving a Feebas into Milotic is very simple and easy, isn’t it?

Feebas Moveset

To defeat Feebas in Pokemon Go, make sure you know deeply about its moveset.  It is known that the best movesets of Feebas are ‘Tackle’ and ‘Mirror Coat’ that you can use when attacking Pokemon in battle.

Furthermore, the combination of the Feebas’ moveset has the highest total DPS that is also known as the best moveset for PvP combats. There are at least  two parts of moveset, including Offense and Defense.


Here’s a list of Feebas’ offense:

    • When ‘Tackle’ is combined with ‘Mirror Coat’, it will deal 100% damage.
    • When ‘Splash’ is combined with ‘Mirror Coat’, it will deal 61% damage.


Here’s a list of Feebas’ defense:

    • When ‘Splash’ is combined with ‘Mirror Coat’, it will deal 100% damage.
    • When ‘Tackle’ is combined with ‘Mirror Coat’, it will deal 80% damage.

Feebas’ Counters

Since Feebas is a water type Pokemon that will weak against Electric and Grass moves, there are at least five strongest Pokemon that you can use to defeat Feebas including Zekrom, Zacian (Crowned Sword), Deoxys (Attack), Thundurus (Therian) and Deoxys (Normal).

Aside from those five strongest Pokemon, you can use the following Pokemon to defeat Feebas, here are they:

    • Jolteon
    • Torterra
    • Leafeon
    • Zarude
    • Breloom
    • Calyrex (Shadow Rider)
    • Luxray
    • Rillaboom
    • Roserade
    • Sceptile
    • Victreebel
    • Shaymin (Sky)
    • Roserade
    • Simisage
    • Roserade
    • Venusaur
    • Zapdos
    • Regieleki
    • Zacian (Crowned Sword)
    • Exeggutor
    • Thundurus (Therian)
    • Victreebel
    • Volcarona
    • Zapdos
    • Shaymin (Sky)
    • Magneton
    • Electivire
    • Shaymin (Sky)
    • Magneton
    • Magneton

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