How to Get & Use Defog in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

In the Pokemon series, there are HMs. HMs or Hidden Machines are known as a staple in every mainline of every title of the series. They are described as the moves that are taught to Pokemon with an outside purpose, including traveling across the water with Surf, moving boulders with Strength, and so on. Most of them are often required to defeat the game or to earn the new areas that can be used for the content in the future.

One of these HMs is called Defog HM. This one is one of those that serve more than the main purpose. With it, you will be helped to clear the fog that blocks you in the game called Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. If you are wondering where to get Defog and how to use it, check out everything below.

Getting Defog

The method of getting the Defog HM is divided into two: Pastoria City and the Great Marsh Safari Zone. Here is the explanation of each of them:

Getting Defog

    • Pastoria City

In order to get the Defog HM, it is a must for you to make your way to Pastoria City. As you can guess from the name, instead of a city, it is more pastoral. Basically, it is a cute little town that is right on the edge of the seaside. The Great Marsh Safari Zone and the Pastoria City Gym call it home. The first stop for you on your way to get to the Defog HM is the Gym. In the place known as the Pastoria City Gym, you will have to beat the Crasher Wake and get his badge so that you will be able to use the HM outside of combat, which is important.

    • The Great Marsh Safari Zone

Once you have successfully defeated Crasher Wake, the next thing that you need to do is to go into the Great Marsh Safari Zone, the name of the mainstay in the game called Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. In order to participate in a Safari Game, you will have to pay 500 Pokemon dollars. It is not surprising if those who know the details of the Safari Zone are frowning when on their way to find the Defog as these zones tend to be wide and are pretty hard to navigate. It is nearly impossible for some of them to be navigated fully without the proper HMs. The good news is that finding Defog HM is way easier compared to deciding between Dawn’s left or right hand. All that you have to do is to just enter the gate and then speak to the Ace Trainer or the NPC that has a green hair and red outfit who is standing right there. Upon meeting that NPC, you will be handed with Defog immediately without any further complications.

Actually, there is another way to get Defog. This alternative makes it possible for you to get it earlier, even though you should know that it will not do you much good until after the battle with Wake. By going to the Grand Underground, you will be able to find the NPCs who serve as Sphere Traders. Some of them have Defog as a prize for giving a lot of Spheres.

Using Defog

How to Get & Use Defog in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

If you are thinking of using Defog Hm after obtaining it, then you are incorrect as you will not be allowed to do it immediately before you can defeat the fourth Gym leader named Crasher Wake. When you defeat this one, coincidentally, you will be able to see Cynthia appearing down the line after another Team Galactic run in and hand you the key item that you can use to disperse the Psyduck blockade back at Route 210 called Secret Potion.

It should be noted that the route can turn into a shroud that is full of fog and almost forcing you to use Defog to pass it. In this case, there is actually no need for you to use or even acquire it. The good news is that you will be saved from the trouble by it.

Actually, it is actually easy to use Defog. The first thing that you have to do is to just boot up your Poketch, which is able to be done by pressing R1. In case this app does not show up in the upper right corner of the page, please press the R button two times. If there is a small screen shown on the screen, you can enlarge it by pressing the R button. Then, go to the app called Hidden Moves by pressing the red button. By choosing Defog, you will be able to swing by a wild Pokemon and also to bring some much clarity to foggy areas for you. After that, you can test your new toy by going to a few places, including:

    • The north stretch of Route 200 en route to Celestic Town: To be able to access the northern side of Route 210 leading to the Celestic Town, Defog is needed. Actually, it is possible for you to proceed without using it, but it is still better to go back to the Great Marsh to pick it up from the Ace Trainer.
    • A sizable chunk of the stretch of Mount Coronet leading to Snowpoint City: Defog in Mt. Coronet is also able to be used to get to the Snowpoint City. The screen will change into white when you enter the cave and go down on the first set of stairs. If you want to get rid of the fog, please use Defog from the Poketch app.
    • The path to Shaymin in the post game: Defog is needed if you want to access Route 224 after entering the Hall of Fame. Take note that it is the route that allows you to access the thing known as the Flower Paradise and catch Shaymin.
    • Parts of the Great Marsh while you are out hunting for the rare Pokemon

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