iPhones Will Have 10x Optical Zoom (Apple Rumors)

According to some reports, the popular company, Apple, is currently working on using periscope lenses in the near future iPhone, which could enable up to 10x optical zoom without increasing the thickness of the phone of the size of the camera bump.

Actually, Apple has not even launched the rumored iPhone 12 yet, but people are already making rumors and starting to paint a picture of what you can expect two hears head in 2022. One of the most popular Apple analysts with TF International Securities, who is also known for his predictions about the unreleased products of Apple, named Ming Chi Kuo suggests the upcoming iPhone of the company may have a different kind of camera lens that would make it much better at taking zoomed photos compared to the previous ones. He said in a new report that the 2022 iPhone will likely to have a periscope lens. The research of him was reported by Apple Insider, MacRumors, and 9to5Mac.

iPhones Will Have 10x Optical Zoom (Apple Rumors)

It is not his first time mentioning about Apple that may be planning to outfit its future iPhone with a periscope lens. The same analyst talked about the similar issue back in March. Upon hearing the report, the representative of Apple did not immediately give a respond to the q=request of the Business Insider for comment.

A mirror is used by a periscope lens to help it achieve a closer optical zoom, which would ultimately result it crisper zoomed pictures compared to the digital zoom. Apple is actually left behind as some other phones like Galaxy S20 Ultra by Samsung and P30 Pro by Huawei already use periscope lenses for zooming. For instance, the Samsung one provides a 10x optical zoom, while the Huawei one offers 5x optical zoom. As the comparison, iPhone 11 Pro by Apple only supports a 2x optical zoom.

It could be a big problem for Apple as cameras have become one of the most important things that set the devices of the company from their competitors. In fact, the data really shows that the quality of the camera plays a big role in the decision of buying or purchasing a smartphone. The data made by Global Web Index that was published last year shows that more camera and video capabilities top the list of the most desired features of smartphone. The data was taken from a survey that included the internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 in the United States and United Kingdom.

Both Apple and Samsung showed off the cameras of their respective phones as their main selling points when announcing the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 Pro. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has the ability to zoom in at up to 100x digitally even though you might get the blurry photos as the result, while iPhone 11 Pro is named as the first smartphone released by Apple that has a triple lens camera.

As for the upcoming iPhone, Apple is planned to add a depth sensor to the camera system of the iPhone 12 just like the one that is found on the latest product of the company, iPad Pro. The note of Kuo also mentioned that the iPhone 12 may come with the better autofocus capabilities.

Apple would always want to improve the zoom on its phones and you can expect the new one in 2022. According to a report made by Digitimes, Apple is teaming up with a Korean group to offer a 10x optical zoom for its upcoming iPhones. No one knows the which the Korean partner is, but some people guess it has to be Samsung. It sounds like a dream that is hard to be true but it is also possible. In fact, Apple is currently working on OLED displays for its iPhones with Samsung.

Ming Chi Kuo has good information about the collaboration of Apple and Samsung. He said that Apple has a partnership with Semco this summer, which is the name of the company related to Samsung, Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

The current iPhone 12 offers an x1 optical zoom. As for the iPhone 12 Pro, there is x2 and x2.5 on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It means, improving to x10 would make a really big difference. However, it takes a little time and a little patience to use the feature. Let’s see if Apple will make a change to the iPhone 13 in 2021. If you want to get the latest information about the upcoming Apple release, please visit tehir official website regularly and follow their official social media accounts.

These followings will talk about the periscope lens. For those who have the newest smartphones of Samsung or Huawei, you must be familiar with this. The term “lens” is used to call the whole construction of a lens, while the individual glass lenses within it are called elements. The real constructions of zoom lenses can involve a lot of components, such as multiple glass elements, with multiple moving components. However, at its simplest, a zoom lens needs three elements, which are front, middle, and rear. The first and the last one can be fixed, while the middle one moves between them.

The issue that comes with the zoom lenses is that the front and rear elements have to be a specific distance part. Basically, the higher the zoom factor, the greater this distance needs to be. It is the issue for those who want to have a high optical zoom within a very slim device like an iPhone. Apple partly fixes the issue with the infamous camera bump, that sees the lenses stick out surpassing the rear casing. However, it is not a great solution and there are still some limits to how far the lens can extend before it looks bad. It is the reason why the current iPhones only offer a 2x optical zoom. It is true that you can zoom in further, but it relies on the digital zoom, which is just cropping into the pictures and give up on the resolution and quality.