Infinity Stones Mod PE 1.17 (Infinity Gauntlet)

In Minecraft, mod works to enhance your world to look more attractive and gorgeous. With the help of mod, you will be able to create your own world as you desire. As the name implies, mod means modifying that can add a number of custom levels, characters and/or any interesting items.

If you love playing Thanos in Minecraft, you should attempt to use a mod called Infinity Gauntlet. Why do people want to use the Infinity Gauntlet in Minecraft? What features do the Infinity Gauntlet have? If you’re curious about this mod, let’s see our post below!

What Does the Infinity Gauntlet Work?

Basically, the Infinity Gauntlet works to add the Infinity Gems and Infinity Gauntlet into Minecraft. This mod was created by KNKevin. In other words, this mod actually adds the Infinity Stones to your Minecraft World. Aside from Infinity stones, this mod also adds six new structures that are even survival compatible.

With the use of the Infinity Gauntlet, you’re able to find and explore the infinity gems. You can also take advantage of their extreme overpowered abilities in Minecraft. In the game, you need to gather all six gems, a diamond and some gold to make the Infinity Gauntlet.

By creating the Infinity Gauntlet, it will bring out the true powers of the gems and also the extreme powers. While playing Thanos in the game, make sure to kill anything which obstructs your way, teleport across the land quickly and also set mobs to attack each other.

This Minecraft mod has the ability to unlock the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. Moreover, this mod allows you to build Marvel’s ultimate power source with just a few valuable jewels, metals and also a dash of redstone.

The Infinity stones will go in your offhand slot. Then, they can be used with a right click. You can only use all five stones individually, but you cannot take half of your world out of existence.

For example, Reality will turn projectiles into bats or also turn nearby hostile mobs into passive ones. Additionally, you’re able to freeze time, build portals to teleport between locations in a blink as well as you’re able to mind control mobs.

Infinity Stones Mod PE 1.17 (Infinity Gauntlet)

Where to Get the Infinity Gauntlet Mod?

If you look for easier powers, you actually will have access to a massive beam which will make anything it touches explode. Well, all things you can do above are only performed by the. The best version of this mod is the version 1.17.

To download the Infinity Gauntlet mod, you can visit To download the Infinity Gauntlet mod, you can access the page HERE.

What Features Do the Infinity Gauntlet Mod Have?

Just like most of Minecraft mods, the Infinity Gauntlet also brings out a number of features to enhance your Minecraft world. This mod is also related to the basic gameplay of Thanos of using the Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Stones.

Each stone in the game has four abilities and the Gauntlet has an additional four for when all six stones are required. Here are they:

  1. Power

One of the Gauntlet abilities is Power that includes Bolt, Ignition Blast, Pulse and Fire Redirection. Here are for the explanations:

    • Bolt: This ability will shoot a blast of energy that can break all blocks in its path
    • Ignition Blast: It can create a massive explosion at your location. Certainly, you cannot take damage from this explosion
    • Pulse: This can push back all nearby entities away from yourself
    • Fire Redirection: It is able to absorb nearby Fire Blocks. It can also be released as a blast of flames.
  1. Space

Space ability includes Lift, Portal, Dimension Hop and Spacial Collapse. Here are for the explanations:

    • Lift: It can pick out the entities in front of yourself. You can also phase them through blocks with it.
    • Portal: To show the Portal, you can enter the Spectator mode. After that, pop out upon ceasing of movement
    • Dimension Hop: With this ability, you’re able to hop dimensions.
    • Spacial Collapse: This ability will break the space. It can also create a singularity which can destroy anything in its path.
  1. Reality

Within the Reality ability, it contains Scramble, Cloak, Decoys and  Transform. Here are for the explanations:

    • Scramble: It can scramble the shape of terrain that can also duplicate blocks.
    • Cloak: It can be used to enter Spectator mode, however, it is constricted to the ground. After that, pop out upon ceasing of movement.
    • Decoys: This ability is able to create a lot of decoys for yourself. However, they never spawn on top of eachother. They can also get killed after taking any form of damage.
    • Transform: IT can turn a mob or player into a block. Its effect will vanish when outside of radius or deselecting the Reality Stone.
  1. Soul

The Soul ability includes Soulworld, Detect, Cure and Rejuvenate. Here are for the explanation:

    • Soulworld: It can do either sending entities to the Soulworld, going into the Soulworld to bring something out or sending yourself into the Soulworld.
    • Detect: It will grant all nearby entities glowing for a few seconds.
    • Cure: This ability is able to cure any creature in their zombified form. It can also prevent cured Piglins and Hoglins from being zombified again.
    • Rejuvenate: It can heal any creatures nearby and also harm the undead creatures.
  1. Time

The ability is included in Time including Stop, Rewind, Loop and Accelerate. Here are for the explanation:

    • Stop: This ability creates a time stop bubble at will. It can also freeze all mobs and the players inside of it.
    • Rewind: It is able to rewind your position back to how it was five seconds ago.
    • Loop: This ability can create a Time Loop and also set your spawn to the location of the loop.
    • Accelerate: It can speed up the day night cycle.
  1. Mind

Mind consists of Erase, Enrage, Enhance and Ray. Here are for the explanation:

    • Erase: This ability can erase a mob’s mind. It also prevents them from attacking you.
    • Enrage: It can enrage mind-erased neutral mobs towards any mob.
    • Enhance: This ability can buff a nearby mob or player with either strength, speed, or resistance.
    • Ray: It is able to shoot a small damage dealing ray.
  1. Complete Infinity Gauntlet

This ability includes Snap Hostiles Away, Snap Half Away, Infinity Beam and Destroy the Stones. Here are for the explanation:

    • Snap Half Away
    • Snap all Hostiles: It can dust any hostile mobs in existence
    • Infinity Beam: Basically Last Prism from Terraria™
    • Destroy the Stones: You cannot get the stones back after they are gone.

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