MM2 Rarity Colours

Each weapon in MM2 has rarity and each rarity is represented by different colors. So, what colors are they? You need to know so that you will be able to know what rarity the weapon is. Here, you are able to find the information about MM2 Weapons rarity colours.

Rarity Colours in MM2

According to Murder Mystery 2 Wiki, here is the list of all rarities in Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) including the colors.

    • Value Name: Unique
      Other Names: Victim (outdated)
      Color: Orange
      Description: The weapons in Unique type are the most difficult type of weapons to get. All unique weapons, but Corrupt and Sharkseeker, have been achieved by being on an event leaderboard or by Nikilis and they are not able to be traded.
      Example: Gold Elderwood which was gotten by being first place in the Halloween Event 2019 leaderboard.
      Example Rarity Colours in MM2 Gold Elderwood
    • Value Name: Ancient
      Other Names: N/A
      Color: Purple
      Description: The weapons which are categorized into this type are usually acquired during events through gamepasses or by completing tiers during Christmas events or Halloween events. However, Nik’s Scythe is  the rarest ancient weapon which is only able to be gotten by trading or by being gifted one by Nikilis himself. Weapons categorized into this type are the least abundant weapons.
      Example: Logchopper from the Christmas Event 2019, for your information, it is the first ancient weapon which is an axe.
      Example Rarity Colours in MM2 Logchoppe
    • Value Name: Godly
      Other Names: Chroma
      Color: Pink
      Description: These weapons which are categorized here are some of the most popular and most wanted weapons in the game. Some of the previous rarest weapons namely Chroma Weapons are in the godly tier.
      Example: Chroma Seer, you need to know that the rainbow ‘Chroma’ label means that this weapon changes color.
      Example Rarity Colours in MM2 Chroma Seer
    • Value Name: Legendary
      Other Names: Legends
      Color: Red
      Description: The weapons in Legendary are rather rare where the designs are simple. However, they have more desirable features such as popular colors and an ‘epic/cool’ factor as put by Nikilis.
      Example: Ghost from the Halloween 2018 Event.
      Example Rarity Colours in MM2 Ghost
    • Value Name: Rare
      Other Names: N/A
      Color: Green
      Description: These weapons have more popular features even though they are not as cooler designs.
      Example: Squire which is able to be obtained from a crate.
      Example Rarity Colours in MM2 Squire
    • Value Name: Uncommon
      Other Names: N/A
      Color: Blue
      Description: The weapons in this type are rarer than common weapons, but they are not that difficult to find.
      Example: Bluesteel gun, unboxed.
      Example Rarity Colours in MM2 Bluesteel gun
    • Value Name: Common
      Other Names: N/A
      Color: Gray
      Description: The weapons in this category are the most common type of weapons as the name indicates. The weapons in Common rarity category usually own more muted, less popular colors.
      Example: Denis knife and it was acquired by entering a code.
      Example Rarity Colours in MM2 Denis knife
    • Value Name: Vintage
      Other Names: Classic (outdated)
      Color: Yellow
      Description: These weapons were able to be acquired from the original Murder Mystery 1.
      Example: The Vintage gun Laser which was obtained from the original MM1 shop. Example Rarity Colours in MM2 The Vintage gun Laser

About Weapons in MM2

According to Murder Mystery 2 Wiki, weapons in MM2 are one of the  main aspects of Murder Mystery 2 which are utilized to get rid of players. There are two kinds of weapons including knives and guns. Players use knives as melee and ranged. The sheriff uses the gun that he has to shoot the murderer.

How to obtain the weapons in MM2? There are a lot of different weapons that you are able to obtain. You are able to obtain them through unboxing crates which cost 1000 coins, a key which you can buy for 125 gems or 100 gems. You could also acquire new weapons by crafting from salvaged weapons or by unboxing them during a holiday event. In addition, you can trade away weapons with other players for new weapons. From events such as Halloween and Christmas, you can get limited unique trophy knives and weapons.

Each weapon has a different tier. Usually, the weapon will be more valuable depending on how high its tier is. But, it is important for you to note that this is not always the case.

How about holiday weapons? These are on a different page of the inventory from classic and season 1 weapons. These weapons are able to be acquired at Halloween and Christmas. Usually, they are worth more than classic or season 1 weapons because of them only being able to be obtained for a limited time.

In the list below, there are some weapons in MM2.

    • Batwing

This is a knife which is categorized into ancient rarity. Previously, it can be obtained by buying the Batwing Gamepass for 2499 Robux during the Halloween Event 2018. Now, it can be acquired by trading.

    • Candy

This is a godly knife and it was unboxed from the 2015 Christmas knife box during the Christmas Event 2015. This knife is like a classic candy cane and it has red and white stripes. There is a red bow which is tied to the middle of it.

    • Laser (Godly)

This is a godly gun and you can get it by unboxing it by chance from Gun Box 3 or through trading. The look of this weapon is based on a real-life laser tag gun. There is a small black trigger and the bottom of the gun handle has an extra red detail.

    • Nebula

This is a godly knife and it has been released as part of the Nebula gamepass for a limited time. Now, the gamepass can be bought for 1,699 Robux. This knife is the same as the Gemstone’s because both knives have an amethyst blade. The guard is gold and the handle is in brown color.

    • Icebreaker

This is a knife and the rarity is ancient. Initially, it was able to be obtained by using 70,000 Winter Tokens to buy the final tier during Christmas Event 2020. Now, you are able to get it through trading because the event has ended. The shape of this knife is the same as the BattleAxe, but it is large. The handle is thin and long and each blade is two blades encased in ice. It has a face which is like a demon in the middle and it has silver horns, icy blue eyes, a black, thin nose and sharp metal teeth.