MM2 Map Background

In the world of the game called Murder Mystery2 or MM2, the term background likely refers to the maps, which are described as the locations in which rounds take place in. Currently, there are a total of 14 maps or backgrounds in the game. Some of them are updated versions of the original ones. Below is the list of these 14:

    1. Workplace
    2. Bank 2
    3. Hotel 2
    4. Bio Lab
    5. Factory
    6. Hospital 3
    7. House 2
    8. Mansion 2
    9. Mil Base
    10. nStudio
    11. Office 2
    12. Office 3
    13. Police Station
    14. Research Facility

These following paragraphs will explain about some of these maps or backgrounds listed above:



Workplace refers to a map in the game with a medium size. It is such an easy map for the murderer due to the fact that there are several hiding spots such as in the fridge in the kitchen, behind the boxes at the end of the long hallway, behind the doors in the offices, and behind the computer desks with the sit emote. Not only that, there are also many about 2 dead ends. While it is easy for the murderer, as the contrary, the map is pretty hard for the innocents.

Workplace has a few places, including a kitchen, offices, working areas and a lot of hallways. Walking around the hallways is the best thing to do. However, it is different case if you are getting chased by the murdered and you get to dead end as you will be trapped. Even if you try to hide somewhere, the murderer will still be able to find you easily.

Bank 2:

Bank 2

Bank 2 is the remake version of the Bank from the old map. It means it is different from the Bank. This place has a lobby, a waiting room, a bank teller room, a vault, a few office rooms, a meeting room, and air vents. It is not easy to escape the murderer if you are chased by them due to the fact that the rooms have little open space. Besides, the layout of the background is a bit confusing. What makes it worse is the existence of some of the hallways with doors that are able to be moved. These doors take up to three seconds to open when they are pushed for slow devices and players with lag.

Just like Workplace, Bank 2 also has several hiding spots, which include in the gaps between the cubicle sand the wall, behind the door in the room in the hallways close to the stairs, in the locked room in the hallways close to the stairs, in the closets in the waiting room, in the closet in the meeting room, in the bushes that are found in the meeting room, and behind the vault door.

Hotel 2:

Hotel 2

Hotel, which is also popular as Hotel 2, is the name of the background in the MM2 that was included in Season 1. It is the replaced and the revamped version of the original. Compared to the previous one, it is a bit bigger and it has more complicated layout and there are more hiding spots such as inside the reception room, inside the potted bushes at the lobby, behind the boxes of the showing room in the cinema, behind the door of the boiler room, inside the potted bushes in front of the guest room, inside the potted bushes at the cinema entrance, inside the freezer, behind the vending machine close to the hallway, behind the vending machine that is located close the center area, behind the boxes in the kitchen, in the potted bushes, behind the boxes in the hallway, inside the cabinet of the kitchen, inside the closets and bathroom of the luxurious guest room, upon the third and second elevator door, behind the door of the meeting room, and so on. Aside from that, there are also several balconies.

Bio Lab:

Bio Lab

Bio Lab is such a large map in the game, consisting of a central area with a huge grey tube, an office, a workshop, a room with bio-tubes, the vents, and two storage rooms. The hiding spots of this place include behind the boxes in the room with bio-tubes, in the flashing red room behind the boxes, inside the vents accessible from the workshop, behind the locker in the office, and many more.



Just like the Bio Lab, Factory is also large and has a decent number of hiding spots, including in the room over the office room, inside the trucks, behind the entrance part connecting the office room to outside, on the pipes, in the room in steel wall of the sewer, and some other ones. There are several places in the factory, including an outside area, an office room, a parking room, a manufacturing room, a room with a ton of selves holding boxes, in a part of the conveyor belt, on the doorway connecting the parking room with the large room, on the racks in the large room in the middle of the map, and a sewage system.

In the past, there are some other maps or backgrounds that have been deleted from the game by the developers. These included Mil-Base (Original), Hotel, Mineshaft, Hospital 2, Hospital, Bank, House, Barn, Lab 2, Workshop, Pond, Mansion, Log Cabin, Workshop.

The list of the maps or backgrounds in Murder Mystery 2 or MM2 keeps changing. Apart from these maps or backgrounds, there were also unreleased ones such as Beach House, Cargo, Casino, Castle Cove, Coliseum, Dodgeball Arena, Mall, Night club, and Zoo.

As stated before, there are some maps or backgrounds of Murder Mystery 2 or MM2 that are originally from the Murder Mystery 1 or MM1 and a few of them are a remake version. In the first version of the game, the maps or backgrounds included Italy, Terraria, Office, Lab, Abandoned Mine, Haunted House, Hotel (MM1), Hospital (MM1), Ship, Crossboards, Chaos Canyon, Bloxburg, House, Neighborhood, and Glass Houses.

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