Illusion Connect Reroll Guide

Rerolling is a principal practice in Gacha games where the new players go through temporary accounts, complete the tutorial, get the free rolls, and repeat this process until they are able to get the characters they want. Illusion Connect is no different. Thankfully, rerolling in Illusion Connect game is a lot easier than most of the games with the gacha system. In this page, we are going to discuss the way to reroll in the game.

When to Reroll?

As with other gacha games, Illusion Connect gives a free x10 roll for new players after playing the tutorial. The tutorial takes some minutes and you are able to start the game with a guest account or temporary account. This is a really welcome feature as you do not have to bind your Facebook or Google Play account from the first.

Illusion Connect Reroll Guide

Please go through with the tutorial battles, until you reach your home screen. From there, you are able to claim the freebies from the mail. This will include a free x10 Summon Ticket. From there, now you are able to perform a x10 summon. Also, the game is tolerant enough to give you a Newbie Offer Summon Banner that will give you a guaranteed SSR. As the other rolls are considered to be normal rolls, even there is a possibility to obtain a second SSR. For the most part, obtaining a single SSR in the game is already a game changer so unless you are really after specific characters, you will be able to Reroll already at this point.

How to Reroll in Illusion Connect?

1 Minute Reroll

If you are planning to reroll, you have to ensure to log in with a guest account. You are able to delete the guest account easily after each roll, so it is very easy to reroll in this game. The tutorial will take less than 5 minutes to do. Once you finish the tutorial it will ask you to collect your 10xTickets in your mailbox. Once you go to summon your characters, the game will ask you to summon on the beginner banner with the guarantee SSR, however since we are rerolling for the top tier characters, we would want to summon on different banners. You are able to click away to summon another character banner you’re rerolling for.

You will be able to do this on 1-2. Once you click on the home button to get out of the app, going back in can cancel the tutorial. Defeat 1-2 and you are able to do your 20 pulls right after instead of waiting to beat 1-4 and much of the stories.

Delete Guest Account

To reroll again is very easy. Just click on your account icon ( top left ), and click on Account, New Guest Account, and type in “ok” to confirm deletion of current guest account. After you do all that, you are going to be prompted back onto the server selection screen.

Rerolling the Best Character in Illusion Connect on LDPlayer

Now, you understand about rolling in the Illusion Connect game. To make you more understand, we are going to explain it once again. So, when the game starts, if you want to reroll, that process always begins with a guest account. After doing each reroll, you are able to delete this guest account whenever you need it. After you get the role that you need, you are able to bind this account. There is a part of the rerolling process to write your name. Please press skip or accept.

Here are the steps to reroll the best characters:

  • Firstly, log into the game as a guest. Then, you have to bind it after you get the summons you want.
  • Please follow the tutorial. It will take some time. You have to complete the battles. Unlock the function of summoning and engage in the tutorial summon. After that, you need to do more stages and check the mailbox to claim the 10x summon ticket you get.
  • After getting the 10x summon ticket, you are able to go to the summon by clicking the summon option available in the lobby. You are going to see the gacha banners on the left side of the screen. Select the strongest and powerful SSR unit you want.
  • Then, spend your 10x summon tickets and wait for the result. You are going to get the x SSR unit by the 10x summon pull.
  • If you need another 10x pull, just do the quests and story missions by playing the game. Obtain 1880 diamonds from it and take another 10x pull to get some more SSR units.
  • If you did not get the best SSR unit you want, you are able to revise the actions. Tab the character avatar and then click on the account. It is going to lead you to click on a new guest account. Also, it helps you reset the guest account you currently have in the game. Now, you are able to restart the rerolling process.
  • Once you finish your reroll and be satisfied with the characters you got, you have to bind the account by clicking the character avatar. It will lead you to go onto the account, and there you will see a bind option. To save the progress you got, please bind the account.

LDPlayer Multiplayer Instance Sync for Reroll

When you step into, you are able to reroll the characters, it will take more time for rerolling as the other games. If you are using an LDPlayer, there is no need to worry more. You are able to reduce your time on rerolling by using the multiplayer instance sync function on LDPlayer.

You are able to log into some accounts on the same game with multiple choices with the help of LDPlayer. The main window can manage all your created instances. So finally your rerolling time will decrease. You are able to enable the multiplayer instance on LDPlayer by clicking the three dots in the sidebar. Just click on the multiplayer icon and manage all your instances with Illusion connect on LDPlayer.

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