FFBE War of the Visions Tier List

If you are looking for the tier list of FFBE War of the Visions, you come to the right site. Here, we provide you the information about it. By knowing the best characters tier list that we will inform in the list below, you will be able to recruit the best possible team in the game.

The Tier List of FFBE War of the Visions

For your information, War of the Visions is a new spin-off of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) for mobile devices. In the game, you are allowed to recruit up to six characters for your team. So, by the existence of this best characters tier list, you will be helped to choose which characters that can be used by you to be able to defeat bosses.

FFBE War of the Visions Tier List

S Tier

    • Mediena

Her Attack is 79 and her Magic is 266. She has 1636 HP. She is a Black/ Green Mage. Her main element of magic is Ice and she can reduce enemy ice attack resistances for units for three turns and deal heavy magical damage to them. Besides, she has Flare. This is one of the best black magic abilities that she has and the magical action of it can deal huge amounts of damage to a single target. What else? She can be very supportive of her teammates. It is proved when she increases their speed for three turns. So, you can finish any brawl faster. For her own protection, she has a Poison Sting Counter. It can inflict poison status on an enemy when she is being attacked.

    • Engelbert

His attack is 218 and his magic is 62. He has 3225 HP. In War of the Visions, he is the best physical damage dealer. His main strength is to slash through enemies by dealing a lot of physical damage. According to the amount of health that he lost during the battle, the amount of damage dealt increases. Saint Wall is his most effective ability as a Paladin. Do you know what it is? It is a shield which is made of light which can protect Engelbert from any physical damage for three turns. By using the Speed Break effect, he can decrease the speed of his enemies. Fist Counter is his finest counterattack ability. It can react to any damage which is dealt by an automatic response of a massive blow to the torso of an enemy.

    • Ayaka

Her attack is 72 and her magic is 231. She has 1881 HP. In the game, she plays the role of a White/ Green Mage with a lot of healing abilities. She can restore a lot of HP to friendly units and remove Stop effects on allies. Besides, she can increase Stop resistance for her allies for three turns. She does it by using her limit burst named Angel Grace. Full-Life is her healing ability which can restore any friendly team member to a full life. Position Swap is one of the most amazing abilities of Ayaka. This ability can make her swap positions with the target in the area of the battle. Ayaka has Emerald Echo ability which can increase the duration of all friendly buffs in the area.

A Tier

    • Sterne Leonis

His attack is 315 and his magic is 75. He has 1513 HP. Sterne is the soldier of darkness. He has fewer HP points. Nevertheless, he has Kassatsu ability which will give him a 100% buff to his critical hits for one turn. It is a good trick against bosses. He can use his own HP to increase the amount of damage dealt to all enemies. The name of the ability is Hazard Break.

    • Gilgamesh

His attack is 235 and his Magic is 196. He has 1698 HP. This character can combine ice magic with some hefty physical attacks. He has Excalibur ability which allows him to ignore the tiles which separate him from his targets. It puts him in front of any enemy. Besides, he also has Self-Sacrifice ability. It is the same as Hazard Break which is possessed by Sterne. But, there is a difference where Gilgamesh loses all of his resistances instead of HP.

    • Oelde Leonis

His Attack is 281 and his Magic is 62. He has 2338 HP. This character is a very good defensive tanky character. He is able to create a special barrier around himself which can reduce any kind of damage threefold. His best ability is Oblivion Glint. It can permit him to be able to deal heavy piercing damage to a target and increase his overall critical hit chance. He also has the best defense ability namely Illusion. It can increase his own evasive actions and that of his allies.

B Tier

    • Robb Hourne

His attack is 241 and his magic is 66. He has 1533 HP. His basic ability is to move towards any tile in the area. It makes him a good target killer. If you have to deal with Machine and Stone type enemies, you can use Kongou ability that he has. It can deal extra damage against them. Another effect that he has is Blue Passion. It can reduce AP of an enemy target and it is good against bosses which use magic instead of physical attacks.

    • Xiza

Her attack is 225 and her magic is 64. She has 2079 HP. This character is a good alternative support character to Ayaka. She can remove various status effects well from herself and her allies. Also, she is able to remove Blind, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Toad, Stone, Immobilize and Disable. If you want to deal with all these status effects, you can use her Breathing Technique ability. Besides, she can revive an ally after a knockout. She has a Burst Slash attack which is powerful.

    • Macherie Hourne

Her attack is 107 and her magic is 209. She has 2074 HP. She plays a role of a Cleric who can deal a lot of damage using magical skills. Also, she can increase her own resistance to various types of damage and status effects. She has Esunaga ability which is the same as Breathing Technique of Xiza. Anti-Calamity is Macherie’s main ability. This ability can give immunity to these various effects to an ally for three turns. Besides, she has Magic Counter ability which can counter magical damage.