How to Upgrade Weapons in Fortnite Season 6

The Season 6 v16.00 update has rocked the world of Fortnite enormously. The arrival of this update allows players to do very epic things that they have never done in previous seasons. What is it?

Aside from lots of changes to the Fortnite map, and lots of new skins for players to enjoy in the Battle Pass, the most unforgettable thing is that it allows players to upgrade their weapons and create their own weapons by gathering materials around Fortnite island. That’s such a fantastic change, isn’t it?

Due to this new patch, of course, not many players know how to upgrade their weapons and make their own weapons. In fact, only a few players have tried to enjoy the new features of the Fortnite v16.00 update. Don’t worry! This post will guide you how to upgrade your weapons in Fortnite below!

How to Upgrade Weapons in Fortnite Season 6

Here’s How to Upgrade Your Fortnite Weapon!

In Fortnite Season 6, upgrading your weapon can be an important thing that you should do. For some reasons, you can only upgrade the Makeshift Weapon to the Rare rarity. To upgrade your weapon, you have to find NPCs which are located anywhere in Fortnite island. It means that the location of NPCs in previous seasons have moved to other locations.

Before you can upgrade your weapon, sure, there are some stages that you should pass. You can upgrade your weapon if you already have weapons which have been crafted. Here, through crafting, it will automatically upgrade one tier.

When you craft a weapon from a Makeshift to Primal or Mechanical, it will upgrade one tier automatically. For example, if you already have a Common Makeshift Rifle, this weapon can be a Uncommon Primal Rifle when you upgrade it using certain materials.

Here’s how to upgrade your weapon!

  • After having one of the weapons, you can have a chance to upgrade your weapon to one tier up.
  • Of course, ensure that you have a weapon selected which can be upgraded.
  • Then, you just simply interact with them to pull up the radial of options.
  • Choose the Upgrade option.
  • Now, you should make the cost worth it by eliminating other players.

NPCs Location in Season 6

As we’ve mentioned above, if you want to upgrade your weapons in Season 6, you should find the NPCs first. To upgrade your weapon in Fortnite, you will also need Gold Bars which have continued from Season 5 into Season 6, and also the function mostly the same way. You can use Gold Bars with specific NPCs to do many things such as hire them, purchase items and even upgrade your weapon.

So, here’s a Fortnite map where NPCs can be found:

NPCs Location in Season 6

  • The Reaper can be found in his mansion on the far western edge of the Fortnite map, near the middle.
  • Remedy is located in Craggy Cliffs which was one of her Season 5 locations. You can find remedy on the southeastern corner.
  • Bandolette can be found in Flushed Factory near the southwestern corner of the island.
  • Dummy is currently playing at her Season 5 location in the northwest corner of Dirty Docks.
  • Jules is located in the southeastern corner of the map, likely fixing things at Camp Cod.

Well, that’s a list of Fortnite NPCs that you should find to finally upgrade your weapon.

Crafting Your Weapon in Fortnite Season 6, Here’s How!

Aside from allowing players to upgrade their weapon, Fortnite Season 6 also provides a space for them to craft their weapons. The weapon crafting system is seemingly deep where the Fortnite itself will not give you much help to teach you how to craft your weapon.

Thankfully, a lot of Fortnite influential players kindly share how to craft their weapon in season 6. In fact, the system to craft weapons is pretty easy to follow as long as you know what things you will need to create it. You may already know to craft weapons, you will need the main material. One of the needed material is animal bones.

  • After gathering some materials to craft a weapon, you can then press the Alt Key on your keyboard or press ‘Up’ on a controller.
  • By clicking on the key, it will open the new look Inventory and Crafting screen.
  • Then, tab over to Crafting with a weapon selected. In your inventory, you will see what you can craft with the weapons. Sure, you cannot craft the weapon out of nothing. So, you will need a weapon in your inventory you can use as a base.
  • After that, open your inventory by pressing Alt key on your keyboard or Up on your controller d-pad.
  • Here, you need to move to the Crafting tab using key on your keyboard or R1/ RB on your controller.
  • Choose which weapon you want to use to craft a Primal weapon or upgrade.
  • Don’t forget to check the material requirements to perform the crafting process.
  • If you already have them, you can then craft the weapon by clicking on the Craft button.

That’s it! You successfully craft your weapon in Fortnite Season 6.

Gathering Materials to Craft Weapon in Season 6

As we’ve explained above, in order to craft a weapon in Fortnite Season 6, you will need some materials that can be found across the Fortnite island. In this season, to craft Primal weapons, you will not need brick, stone even wood, but rather animal bones. Of course, what you should do is to look for wildlife to get the bones.

Need to know, the Fortnite Season 6 Update has added wildlife to the game. So, it will ease hunting some wild animals such as pig, wolf, hog, boar and more. Sure, you need to kill them in order to get their meat and bones at once. Then, the bones you get will be automatically added to your inventory. If you already have the bones in your inventory, you will be able to craft the Primal weapons.

Aside from animal bones, you’ll also need mechanical parts to upgrade weapons. To get them, you just simply destroy any vehicles, cars across the island by using pickaxes. While the mechanical part is swinging, please not to stay too close as the vehicles will explode to deal enough damage.

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