How to Upgrade Villagers House Animal Crossing (ACNH)

Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise DLC may be all about designing houses for the villagers on far-off islands, but there is more to it than that. Many things you unlock on the job eventually make their way back to your own personal island.

One of these features is the ability to customize both the interior and exterior of all the villagers’ houses on the island. No longer do you need to see Sherb suffer because he awkwardly placed the chair you gave him backward. Well, on this page, we are going to tell you how to unlock this redesign feature.

How to Upgrade Villagers House Animal Crossing (ACNH)

Upgrading Villagers House In Animal Crossing

Unlocking features in Happy Home Paradise is easy enough, but it is going to take several times to grind it out. In fact, almost all the new features included in the DLC are locked behind the number of vacation homes that you complete for Paradise Planning. You start unlocking things quickly. After two jobs, you are going to get the Paradise Planning Network on your phone. Therefore, you are able to revisit houses you have designed. After four jobs, you start unlocking facilities on the island like the school that you are able to decorate and visit.

The bigger features, like villager house redesigning, take a long while to unlock. In fact, if you want to unlock this new feature, you will need to complete 30 different vacation homes. After you do that, then Lottie is going to tell you about the apparel shop, but will not mention anything about your own island. For this case, you have to go back to your own town. Then, you have to talk to Tom Nook who will unlock the ability for you.

    • Two Jobs
      After doing two jobs, then you are going to get the Paradise Planning Network.
    • Five Jobs
      After doing five jobs, then you are going to get Vine DIY, storage space unlocked on the second floor.
    • Six Jobs
      After doing six jobs, then you are going to obtain 9,000 Poki per job, new uniforms unlocked, and the workbench on the second floor. Also, the school facility is unlocked. Just complete to get access to room sizes.
    • Seven Jobs
      After doing seven jobs, now you are able to summon vacationers with Amiibo. Limited to regular villagers.
    • Eight Jobs
      After doing eight jobs, then you are able to unlock wall partitions DIY.
    • 11 Jobs
      After doing 11 jobs, then you are going to obtain 12,000 Poki per job.
    • 12 Jobs
      After doing 12 jobs, then you are able to customize your polishing effect. Also, you are able to unlock lighting and the cafe and restaurant facility.
    • 13 Jobs
      After doing 13 jobs, now you are able to visit other people’s creations on the Paradise Planning Network.
    • 15 Jobs
      After doing 15 jobs, then you are able to use DIY made furniture in your jobs.
    • 16 Jobs
      After doing 16 jobs, then you will be able to unlock roommates for the vacation homes.
    • 17 Jobs
      After doing 17 jobs, then you are able to unlock soundscapes.
    • 18 Jobs
      After doing 18 jobs, you will be able to add a second floor to the vacation homes.
    • 19 Jobs
      After doing 19 jobs, then you are going to obtain 15,000 Poki per job. Also, now you are able to summon VIP villagers. (Those who do not have houses like Isabelle)
    • 22 Jobs
      After doing 22 jobs, then you are able to unlock the hospital facility.
    • 23 Jobs
      After doing 23 jobs, you will be able to get more soundscapes.
    • 25 Jobs
      After doing 25 jobs, then you are going to get access to your furniture catalogue when decorating.
    • 30 Jobs
      After doing 30 jobs, then you are able to unlock the apparel shop facility. Please talk to Tom Nook to unlock the ability to decorate your villager’s houses (internal and external).

Aside from that, now the players are able to make the ordinances which will change aspects of your island. For instance, if you are tired of pulling weeds, then you are able to pay 20,000 Bells for the Beautiful Island ordinance. It is going to make your residents help with keeping the island clean. In alternative, the Bell Boom ordinance will increase the purchase and selling costs of the goods.

There is a new cafe opening in the museum that you are able to visit along with new islands you are able to explore via Kapp’n’s boat. The players will be able to set up farms to grow a variety of different vegetables and plants. Fortunately, all of this is free for the players to enjoy with the Happy Home Paradise DLC, which you are able to purchase for $25 or get for free with the upgraded Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

How To Remodel Villagers’ Homes In ACNH – Happy Home Paradise?

In the game, you are able to join Happy Home and make vacation homes for your clients. You will be able to make many houses for the villagers. When you finish a job, you are going to get more experience and also get an idea of what makes a great house. This is more interesting as Niko, Lottie, and Wardell teach you new tricks including accent walls, the ability to make pathways, change up the look of the inclines and customize the exterior of the house.

If you want to remodel a villagers’ house, simply go to the Happy Home Network application on your phone. This is going to bring up a list of your clients. You are able to go to the villager whose home you want to remodel. When you arrive, just go to the villager and ask them about their home. Here, you are able to remodel their home or move them. You are able to pick the first option. Just like how you were when you first modeled the house, you are allowed to add or remove the items. When you are done, then you are going to be asked if you want to change the theme name. Once you get back to the resort, you are going to be paid 3,000 Poki for your work.

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