How to Running Out of Space When Move PC Games Into a Different Hard Drive

Like games SSD is on the rise Call of Duty: Modern Warfare already runs more than 200 gigabytes, so there’s not much space left on a well-sized drive. If you want to stop loading super fast, you can upgrade to an additional hard drive with more free space without reloading the game.

Some game subscribers, such as Steam and EA Origin, have built-in features to move games from one place to another. Other products, such as Epic Games Store, require some manual skills to carry game documents. How to do it on the most popular launcher.

If you run out of free space on your hard drive, you can transfer the PC game collection to another drive. You can set an action for the selected game client as follows:


Your digital collection will probably stay on Steam. This makes the game easy to navigate. In the main window, go to the top left corner and go to the Download tab in the side bar. Click the button above the Steam Library folder, then add the Library folder. You can select a separate folder on your system to use as an additional installation location.

You can then choose from pre-selected library folders when creating new games. I’m currently playing the game on SSD and I occasionally slow down the game and return to a rotating hard drive.

Right-click the name of the Steam library in the sidebar to remove the currently installed game, then go to the Local Files tab. Clicking the Install Folder Stone button opens a drop-down menu that contains all the library folders previously selected by Steam. Select the place where you want to copy the game, and then click the Copy folder button.

If the game takes a lot of documentation it may take a while but once ready the steam will start playing normally without crashing. It may take a bit of extra work if your mode is installed but for most games it is easy See our list of best steam tips for more information.

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GOG Galaxy

The goal of GOG Galaxy is to have a window for all game libraries, you can download and download games from There are no built-in buttons to move these games to new folders, but you can install them wherever you want. When you create a new game, you can install it in another folder. Base. And you can use this feature to take the game to a new place.

To launch a game, go to the GOG Galaxy Installation folder (default 🙂 and right-click on the folder that contains that game. Cut and paste this folder into a new location and wait for the documents to be copied.

When done, open the GeoG Galaxy, right-click on the game and select. I found an error that the game cannot be deleted, but tap again to install the game and select the folder where the game files are copied if the installation path is requested. Once you have started installing the game, you will realize that the file already exists and the download is finished very quickly without reloading the file.

EA Origin

Origin has a built-in git button that makes this process easier than steam, because you don’t have to create a new library folder first. When you install a new game, you can install the game in any folder on any disk.

To move an Origin game to a new folder, right-click the game in the Origin Library view, select Game Stone, and then move it to a new drive. In the open file manager window you can see your progress and you can play as an exception when you are done (Excluding download time).


For games using Blizzard’s Battlent Launcher, such as Overwatch, you need to move files directly and then move to a new location. Then go to the Games folder and select the game folder you want to go to.

Cut this folder and paste it anywhere on the new disk, then open and tap the Blizzard menu at the top left to access the settings. Find the game on the Install / Update tab and click Use different folders.

It is useful to go to the location where you transferred the files to the new drive. checks the integrity of the files and lets you play in a new location without reloading.

Epic Games

Epic Games Launcher is the best-selling store for mobile games. First locate the folder where the selected game is installed (for example) and move this folder to a new location (for example). Then rename the folder, in which case something like “Fortnite1” will work.

Open the Epic Games Store, tap the three dots at the bottom of the game and select Delete. The game must be “deleted” immediately because the file no longer exists. Tap the game to restart the installation process. Now select the desired location on the new disk (except the “1” you added). Epic does not install the game in any existing folder, so you need to name the song and dance.

As soon as the installation starts, tap the Download tab in the Epic Launcher sidebar and press the X button to cancel the installation. Now go back to the folder containing the game documents on the new disk, delete the new folder (in this case “Fortnight”) and name the folder “Fortnite”.

Go back to Epic Launcher and tap on the game to continue downloading. Make sure you have all the documents on your disk and that you need to complete the game installation before downloading anything.

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Microsoft Store

Games that dislike Microsoft Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games can be easily moved to a new drive or folder. To do this, go to Windows 10 and look for the game in the Add or Remove Programs list. Next to the Delete button, you’ll see a Go button that lets you switch between a drive, not a folder, but at least you can move from SSD to another drive that crosses space. It is very valuable.

Ubisoft Uplay

Similar to Ubisoft’s to start the game, you need to use a file manager to remove the original documents. Then find your desired folder in the game (standard) and copy it to a new disk. Delete the folder from the old place.

Right-click on the game and select Delete. When Uple marks the game as deleted, right-click on the game and select View game info. A new “Installed Games” button will appear in the “Downloads” section. Tap on it and move the launcher to the new location of the game and it will detect all game files to play without reloading you detect.

Other Options

If you want to move the game, most cubes must be allowed to run the same movement as above. Otherwise you can make another choice. This is a symbolic connection. Symbolic links are like shortcuts, but they behave like actual folders that point to your computer’s shortcuts, so game files don’t recognize the difference.

I haven’t come up with a modern game that you still want, but that’s what we did before Steam added the ability to add multiple library folders. This may be effective in some cases.

Suppose you moved the game from one place to another. Navigate to the MyAwesomeGame folder, then right-click on the Start menu and select Command Prompt (Admin). Run the following command:

mklink /D “C:\Program Files\MyAwesomeGame” “D:\Games\MyAwesomeGame”

You will see a contact icon for new contacts in the original folder. The game will not see such a difference. However, we hope it will start smoothly in your SSD and free up space.

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