How to Mark an Alien Parasite in Fortnite PS4 and Switch

If in the previous season, players had to mark Alien Eggs, now in Season 7 Week 11, players have to mark the Alien Parasites, a new addition to Fortnite Season 7. The Fortnite Season 7 has remained focused on the Alien Invasion theme.

Marking Alien Parasite, as one of week 7 challenges is pretty hard to do, as you should find the Alien Parasite first. If you successfully complete this weekly challenge, you will earn as much XP as possible. With  XP, you surely can boost your Battle Pass.

If you do not know a place where the Alien Parasites are located, this post will show you a guide of how to locate the Alien Parasite and then mark them easily. So, let’s find out the way in our post below!

How to Mark an Alien Parasite in Fortnite PS4 and Switch

How to Mark an Alien Parasite?

Alien Parasites will appear in hordes of over 12. It means that you should be careful when they are getting close. They are small, purple creatures scattered around the map. The Parasites hatch from the Alien Eggs and the green eggs will hatch with Parasites when approached.

To mark the Alien Parasites, you need to go to Durr Burger restaurant landmark located south of Holly Hatchery or known as Holly Hedges, as soon as you jump off of the Battle Bus. If you go inside the restaurant, you need to spot a staircase behind the kitchen.

How to Find Alien Parasites

After that, you must head downstairs. Here, you should find some Alien Parasites flying around, or you can also wait for some Alien Eggs which have not hatched yet. So, you can get and mark the Alien Parasites that just hatched.

How to Mark an Alien Parasite
If you have found one of the Alien Parasites, you can then mark it as quickly as possible. In Fortnite, marking an Alien Parasite is the same as marking anything else. Certainly, marking an Alien Parasite will be different between PC, Console and Mobile.

    • For PS4 and Switch players: You can mark the Alien Parasites by pressing the left button on the D-Pad.
    • For PC players: You have to aim at the Alien Parasite and then click the mouse scroll button.
    • For Mobile players: You just simply touch the Map Marker on the HUD.

Then, what will you get after completing this challenge? Of course, if you successfully complete the challenge, you will get approximately 30,000 XP to level up your Battle Pass. That’s a very fantastic reward, isn’t it?

No worries! You are bound to locate Alien Eggs when you are exploring the Fortnite map in Season 7. Certainly, this weekly challenge will be easier to complete, as long as you remember what you should do in this season.

How to Remove Alien Parasites?

When Alien Parasites are getting close, they will try to hatch to your head. If they succeed, they will deal damage to the player until they are down to 60 HP, but they won’t affect shields. When an Alien Parasite is attached, you can still move around and fire weapons.

If you want to remove the Alien Parasite, you need to jump into water, enter a prop or also walk through the fire. Regardless of the damage taken, the Parasites will also give you powerful bonuses if you choose to not remove them.

If you are infected by an Alien Parasite, you can jump higher, move faster and also be protected from headshots. But if you are not interested in being leeched, the Parasites will have around 75 health while their eggs have 60.

Need to know, the low health of Parasites will make them easy to defeat. So, you will need to decide whether the pros of the Parasite is bigger than the damage taken by them or even not.

Where to Find Hordes of Alien Parasites?

Currently, the Alien Parasites are stuck on some animals’ heads and roam around the Fortnite map. To locate them, you need to be careful of the Fortnite wolves, chickens and boars. What you should do is to only listen for animal noises.

Alien Parasites are stuck on some animals’ heads

When you locate some, you just simply kill the host animal to spawn the parasite that must then attach to you. Make sure to not to hit the Parasites, because you can defeat them in the process. However, freeing the animal will not give you anything.

Moreover, you can also locate the Alien Parasites which are waiting to hatch from Fortnite Alien Eggs in Holly Hatchery/ Holly Edge or Hydro 16. The Alien eggs are also scattered in other areas including the derelict house in Craggy Cliffs and the underground parking lot in Lazy Lake.

Don’t be surprised! When you are getting close to one of the Alien eggs or shooting it, the Alien Parasite will spawn and chase after you while trying to attach itself to you. Be careful, dude!

What Do the Alien Parasites Do in Fortnite Season 7?

Alien Parasites came to Fortnite Season 7, as one of the week 11 challenges. They can be found at various locations around the map. They will infect both humans and animals, but they will give you some helpful improvements.

The bad news! The Alien Parasites are going to drain your health to 60 straight away. Certainly, it will leave your shields alone. However, if you want it, you will need to take the hit on your health. If you want to remove a parasite from the person, you just need to get into a body of water, touch fire or another player can shoot it off your head.

However, you will get at least rewarded where you will get protection from headshot damage. Aside from that, you can also get the ability to jump higher and run faster. So, that’s your choice whether to let Alien Parasites attach off your head or kill them at all.

With the reward you will get from the Alien Parasites, many people seem to waste their effort shooting your protected head. So it will give you more time to deal with them. If you want to earn any rewards and the great ability, make sure you understand what you should do with Alien Parasites.

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