How to Make a 1.18 Snapshot Server

Mojang seems to provide the players with the development builds/ version that has not been released to the game yet. That’s called ‘Snapshot’ that allows the players to have a sneak peek at the upcoming features while still in the big fixing stage.

The Snapshot here actually helps the players to know what kinds of features will come to the game. To experience all of the upcoming features, you can run a snapshot server and play with them before anyone can do it. Unfortunately, you may not know how to create a snapshot server to play with upcoming features. No worries! This post will show you a guide to create a 1.18 snapshot server below!

Creating a 1.18 Snapshot Server, Here’s How!

Keep in mind the snapshots commonly have new features that are not yet officially released to the game. If you run a Minecraft snapshot server, you may need to download the client and server versions first that can be obtained from the Mojang site.

Sure, there are a number of Minecraft server hosting that let you run Minecraft snapshot servers. In this chance, we’ll show you how to create a Custom Minecraft server through Command Center by installing the snapshot.

Here’s how!

Step 1: Add a custom game for the Minecraft Snapshot server

To add a custom game, you may need to login to the Command Center first. Then, click the ‘Create a Server’ option on the side bar from the server list. Here, you should select ‘Minecraft’ and use the search bar to filter custom.

Afterwards, you need to select the ‘Custom Minecraft’ option and follow the instructions, then install the server. By doing so, you will be taken into the server list. Then, click the ‘Manage’ button for the server that you have just created.

Step 2: Upload the Snapshot

Before you upload the Snapshot, you may need to download it first. You can download the latest Minecraft Snapshot here. Make sure to save the downloaded file on your computer. To note, you should download the .jar file, not the .exe file.

Afterwards, you need to find the FTP information by either clicking the ‘Show FTP Information’ option or going to the gear icon menu and then choosing FTP information. You may need to log into your server FTP. Then, you can upload the JAR to the FTP folder of the game.

Step 3: Choose the JAR

In this step, you should click the gear icon and Game Settings from the server that you have just created. Then, choose the ‘JAR’ that you uploaded under the ‘Custom Executable/ JAR section’. After that, you may need to click on the ‘Install’ button. Now, you can start your server.

Step 4: Updating the Snapshots

When Mojang releases a new Minecraft Snapshot, you may want to run it. Well, to update the snapshot, you just repeat the ‘Upload the Snapshot’ and ‘Select the JAR’ sections.

Congratulations! You  finally make and run the Minecraft Snapshot server to try using any upcoming features that will come to the game as soon as possible.

How to Create a Minecraft Snapshot Server Automatically?

The way to create a Minecraft Snapshot server that we have explained above is such a manual step. Instead you can also create a Minecraft Snapshot server automatically to ease you running your Minecraft Snapshot server without making it manually.

Step 1: Reset Your Existing Minecraft Server

To create a Minecraft Snapshot server automatically, you may need to install the snapshots on a fresh server to make sure that no issues arise. That means you may need to reset your server first. Here’s how to reset your Minecraft server!

    • To reset your Minecraft server, you need to log into your server’s control panel. If you have more than one server, you can choose the server that you want to reset.
    • If it is currently running, you should stop your server to prevent the server from making any new files or modifying existing ones.
    • Go to the ‘Server Type’ dropdown box and choose your preferred option to be used after the restart.
    • Go to Files and choose the ‘Setup’ option from the left sidebar.
    • On the ‘Server Type’ page, you have to click on the dropdown menu and choose the ‘Reset/Delete Server Files’ option as the Template.
    • Here, you need to tick on the ‘Delete All Server Files’ checkbox and enter your control panel password.
    • Afterwards, click the ‘Apply’ button to confirm.
    • Last, you should click the ‘Start’ button on your Multicraft panel to initiate the server reset. Don’t forget to check if the server resets successfully or not from your control panel.

That’s it! You have reset your Minecraft server and the server goes back to the fresh server.

Step 2: Create a Minecraft Snapshot

Once you have reset your existing Minecraft server, you can go to your server’s Multicraft control panel. Under the ‘Server Type’ dropdown list, find the ‘(Java Edition) Vanilla Minecraft Snapshots (Pre-Release)’ option.

Then, you need to choose the snapshot that you would like to use. Last, click on the ‘Save’ button and restart your server. Now, your server should run the snapshot version of Minecraft that you have chosen.

How to delete files with an FTP Client? Alternatively, you can delete all your server files through FileZilla. This way can be performed if you have extremely large files or folders on your servers where the FTP file manager on the panel cannot be deleted.

If you are already familiar with how to use FileZilla or any FTP clients, you can do this way to delete all files. Here’s how!

    • First, you may need to access your server files by logging  into your FTP server via FileZilla.
    • After you are logged in via FileZilla, you may need to choose all files and folders in your server directory by hitting CTRL+A keys on your keyboard.
    • After you have all your server files and folders selected, you can right-click on the selected files and then click on the ‘Delete’ button.
    • Here, you will be required to confirm the deletion of your files and folder by simply clicking the ‘Yes’ button to confirm and proceed. By doing so, it will start deleting all your server files.