Ranking of Kings Bojji Weapon

After the never ending issues that are heartbreaking, finally, the whereabout of the little price named Bojji stars to be seen in the Episode 7 of the Japanese fantasy manga series by Sosuke Toka called Ranking of Kings. The statement does not mean that there are not the times when he has to deal with doubt or when he is discouraged. However, for the first time in a white, he has a reason to continue his way and there is a fitness instructor who is willing to be his teacher in teaching him even though the existence of his strength is nowhere to be found.

The Episode 7 of Ranking of Kings is mainly about Bojji. The thing is more interesting especially when there is a scene when the dark fate of Daida is revealed, which is such a contrast compared to Bojji’s.

Ranking of Kings Bojji Weapon

Due to his personalities, which include arrogant, greedy, and selfish, Prince Despa may not seem the best instructor for Bojji. At first, he rejects the little prince due to the non-existence of his strength. According to him, it is not unreasonable knowing that Bojji cannot wield even a small ax. However, the strength of Despa is also being questioned when he gets back completely beaten up after a bar battle. Regardless of all things, Despa accepts the decision made by Bojji and asks him to work as an apprentice.

The success that has been accomplished by Bojji up until now in his time as an apprentice varies. He is apparently good at cleaning up responsibility. He is the one that makes the whole house of Despa clean. Unfortunately, his skills in cooking are not as good as his skills in cleaning. He is known to be a poor chef. Actually, it is not that horrible because he finds out that he has a surprise strength while Despa and Kage find themselves tripping over the poisonous mixture of Bojji. From that situation, it is revealed that Bojji is immune to all poisons and his ancestor makes him that way.

When compared to the previous episodes of Ranking of Kings, the Episode 7 is lighter on action. It is like a series of Bojji masterfully evades the bird attacks, making this weak soul more powerful.

As a teacher of Bojji, Despa makes a promise that if the little prince can improve in his training, he will have the ability to take any weapon that he wants from a substantial armory. Bojji chooses something but the audiences fail to see which one pointed by Bojji. For everyone who have not read the manga version yet, you might be wondering what it could be. You might think of a lightweight yet deadly one or something that is based on dynamite or gunpowder that makes the physical strength irrelevant.

Aside from Bojji, this episode also features the story of Daida. In the previous episode of the manga series, it has been exposed that the Resurrection Stone potion was not going to give Daida Bosses’s strength as initially assured. In this episode, the kind of potion is verified. It changes the body of Daida into a vessel for the reanimated soul of Bosse.

When the old king awakens in the body of his child, Bosse comments that he has actually sacrificed another son. The line spoken by him raises more questions about the amount of kids that have been abused or maybe eliminated by him in his mission in exchange of getting the power. Regardless the positive memories of his father in Bojji’s mind, it has been always clear that King Bosse was the most complex figure. If you want to know how bad he could be, do not miss the new episodes of this manga series.

These followings will talk about Bojji only. If you are interested in this character, do not stop and keep reading the post until the end.

bojji Ranking of Kings

As mentioned earlier, Bojji is the name of a prince in Ranking of Kings. He is deaf and mute. He is often to be called The Useless Prince. When it comes to the appearance, he has a petite figure, he is even smaller compared to his younger brother. The boy has fair black hair with a single strand protruding onto his forehead. Besides, he also has black eyes and red cheeks that look like rose. Every day, he wears a blue suit, white shocks, and black shoes. What makes his appearance stand out is a small crown on his head.

What about his personality? Bojji is often called as a dumb when in fact he has a strong grasp on the emotions of those who are surrounding him. He is actually a nice one who always prioritizes the others before himself. One of the examples is when he was questioned about the missing clothes. At the time, he simply shrugged it off as playful acts.

Basically, Bojji was born petite and has a weak physic. On top of that, he is also deaf. Not only that, he is not able to properly wield a normal sword and he is fragile. He is known as an idiot by many in the Boss Kingdom. It is believed that he is called that way due to his deafness because he is not the one with mental disabilities.

As per Desper, Bojji has no physical strength and nothing will change even if he undergoes a lot of training and exercises. There is no way for his strength to be enhanced because there is nothing to enhance in the first place. His weakness is like a strong curse.

While he is lacking in so many aspects, Bojji is actually pretty talented as a swordsman. He once showed his skills in his practice match with Daida. He is the type of one who hyperfocuses, which is not that bad because this ability can be used to read lips and to understand his surroundings whenever he wants. In addition, his footwork and evasion are also good, thanks to Mitsumata.