How to Get White Pumpkin ACNH Faster

To cook a certain meal in Animal Crossing, you may need the white Pumpkin as an ingredient. White Pumpkin is one of the Pumpkin varieties that you may need to have in the game. Getting the White Pumpkin is pretty easy to do, and has the same way of getting other pumpkins.

If you need White Pumpkin for a certain purpose, you may need to find them first. Do you know how to get the White Pumpkin in Animal Crossing? If not, no worries, this post will show you some easy guides to get the White Pumpkin. Here you go!

How to Get White Pumpkin ACNH Faster

Getting White Pumpkin Faster, Here’s How!

There are a number of ways that you can perform to get white Pumpkin faster. According to Nookipedia, the White Pumpkin can be gotten by picking a Ripe Green-Pumpkin Plant. You can also get them from the villagers who are either crafting a Spooky Series item or also granting it as an award for offering a piece of Candy.

To get a large amount of White Pumpkins, you can try to plant the White Pumpkin around your island. Another option to get White Pumpkin is by exchanging the ingredients with other villagers during Turkey Day.

In this post, we will also show you two ways of getting White Pumpkins that are considered as the best way for you. Here are they:

Way 1: Through exchanging ingredients with villagers

The first way you can do this is to exchange the ingredients with your villagers. You can exchange White Pumpkins with villagers only during Turkey Day. It may take a while to exchange the ingredient with your villager as you will need to find the villagers who really have the White Pumpkin.

After you find the villagers who are willing to exchange the White Pumpkin with you, you can start trading the ingredients until the White Pumpkin is yours.  After you already get White Pumpkin, you should give it to Franklin. Then, he will use it to cook the Pumpkin Pie. After helping him gather all ingredients to cook dishes, you will be granted with a number of Turkey Day themed-items.

Way 2: Growing the White Pumpkin around your island

 Growing the White Pumpkin around your island

Growing the White Pumpkin can be a great way to get the pumpkin faster, as long as you really understand how to plant and care for the White Pumpkin. To grow White Pumpkin, you may need to do some following steps:

    • First, buy the Pumpkin Starts from Nook’s Cranny for 280 or Leif for  140 Bells.
    • Once you buy the Pumpkin Starts, start planting it.
    • To plant Pumpkin Starts, you can directly plant them from your inventory. Another option, you can also dig a hole and place them with a shovel. To reach its fully-grown stage, it may take four days.
    • For the next step, you may need to water the pumpkin plant every day to make them grow fast. Keep in mind, you only need to water your pumpkin twice while growing them to reach the maximum there. You can take an easier way to water them at the first batch every day.
    • Once four days have passed, it’s your turn to start checking your pumpkin color. If you actually plant the white pumpkins, you can start harvesting them and you do not need to buy the Pumpkin Starts again. But, if your pumpkin plants are not White Pumpkin, it would be better for you to make a purchase for Pumpkin Starts and plant them again.

Okay, that’s how to grow the White Pumpkin. If you do not want to buy the Pumpkin Starts again, you can use the harvested pumpkins to get the same pumpkin colors. Use a shovel to dig a hole for planting them more. Then, you can plant one of your White Pumpkins to grow more.

If you want to harvest your Green Pumpkin again, it will reset them to the 2 day stage to give you exactly two days to water them again. In the case of watering your Pumpkin plants, you may need to water all your White Pumpkin twice. Then, you will obtain three Pumpkins per Green Pumpkin plant.

What Can You Do with White Pumpkin?

What Can You Do with White Pumpkin

The main purpose of White Pumpkin is to be used for cooking ingredients, though there are a bunch of ways to use the White Pumpkin. As a cooking ingredient, White Pumpkin can be used for cooking some meals such as Spooky Cookies and Pumpkin Pie.

To cook Spooky Cookies, the ingredients you will need include 1 Flour, 1 Orange Pumpkin, 1 Yellow Pumpkin, 1 White Pumpkin and 1 Green Pumpkin. To cook Pumpkin Pie, the ingredients you will need include 1 Orange Pumpkin, 1 Green, Yellow or White Pumpkin and also the secret ingredients.

Aside from being a cooking ingredient, White Pumpkin can also increase your stamina if you eat them. In this case, eating pumpkins is much like you eat turnips, mushrooms, fruits and bamboo shoots. When you eat the White Pumpkin, it will give you up to 10 points of stamina, allowing you to do things that you cannot normally perform in the game.

You can also use the White Pumpkin for DIY customization material. Here, you can use it to craft any items from the Spooky Series. Another option, you already know that pumpkin will be great for decoration. So, you can also use White Pumpkin for your home decoration. To make your home more attractive, you can place the White Pumpkin at a certain catchy spot.

Another option, you can also sell White Pumpkin at Nook’s Cranny, especially if you have a large amount of pumpkins. If you want to know more how much you can earn when selling the White Pumpkin at Nook’s Cranny, let’s see the profit calculation below!

# of Starts Cost of Starts Harvested, Watered Once Harvested, Watered Twice Harvested, Watered Thrice
1 280 350 700 1,050
5 (140) 1,750 3,500 5,250
10 1,400 3,500 7,000 10,500
20 (700) 7,000 14,000 21,000

So,  to make a huge profit, make sure to sell your White Pumpkin after harvesting at Nook’s Cranny. Good Luck!!!

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