Where is Madesi in Skyrim

Madesi is an Argonian merchant in Riften and the things that he sells are jewelry. For the first time, you will meet him in the central marketplace. However, immediately after that, Brynjolf of the Thieves’ Guild will ask you to steal an item from the strongbox from Madesi and you have to plant it on Brand-Shei. So, where can we find Madesi in Skyrim?

Finding Madesi in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

According to IGN, the item side quests namely ore, tusk, and sapphires do not give a location on the map where Madesi is. However, it is important for you to know that Madesi has a stall in Riften’s marketplace.

Where is Madesi in Skyrim

Below, you can read the explanation about Skyrim Side Quest namely A Change Arrangement.

Completing Skyrim Sidequest: A Chance Arrangement

According to the Just Push Start website, here is the explanation about completing Skyrim Sidequest: A Chance Arrangement. In the main storyline of Skyrim, there is a quest called A Cornered Rat which asks you to find and speak with a man named Brynjolf in Riften. After you get into the Bee and Barb, there will be Brynjolf who will start a conversation with you and he will inform you about a certain task that he wants you to do.

speak with a man named Brynjolf in Riften

He will tell you about a scheme that he wants to pull off where he creates a distraction in the market where it permits you to frame someone for theft. Let’s say that you met Brynjolf after sunset. If so, you will be asked to meet him in the market during the day. After you meet with the cunning con-artist by his plaza stand, he will start his banter about his latest and greatest elixir.

When other patrons are together, you can go to Madesi’s stall where it is the stall that is just to the South of Brynjolf with the display case and two boxes. There, you have to crouch down behind the stand and then you have to wait until you are hidden. After you are hidden, you have to get into the sliding door and then into Madesi’s Strongbox.

Now, you are able to steal the things that you want. However, it is important for you to know that the important item here is Madesi’s Ring. It is also important for you to note that you have to make sure that you get in and out fast because there are guards who are still patrolling around and they will be able to stop you if you are found by them.

If you have stolen Madesi’s ring, then you have to get up and go to the plaza. You have to crouch down behind Brand-Shei’s stand and then you have to walk up to the boxes which are stacked up where Brand Shei is sitting.

It can be a good spot for you to save if you are found because what you have to do now is to sneak the ring into Brand-Shei’s pocket. It is done by way of pick-pocketing him, entering your own inventory and giving the ring to Brand-Shei. Let’s say that you are caught. If so, you just have to load the last save and then you are able to try again.

After the plant is successful, you have to talk to Brynjolf to get praise and to learn that his guild is experiencing bad luck as of late. Then, you will find that he offers you some more work. The thing that you have to do is to accept his offer and then Brynjolf will ask that you meet him in the Ragged Flagon tavern to complete A Chance Arrangement and start the quest Taking Care of Business.

About Madesi

About Madesi

Who is Madesi? He is an Argonian pawnbroker and a stall merchant in Riften. The things that he sells in his stall are jewelry. He has a competitor namely fellow merchant Brynjolf. Brynjolf is a member of the Thieves Guild whose ‘miracle cures’ have been drawing business away from Madesi.

Is your character an Argonian? If so, he will refer to you as ‘marsh-friend’. If not, he will call you a land-strider. You will be asked by him to help him to collect supplies for a new ring that he wants to make and then he will give you a reward of 400 gold. Not only that, he also will reward you with a leveled necklace. In addition, his disposition to you will increase as well.

Madesi wakes up at 6 am and then he goes to his stall at the grand plaza. When he is keeping the stall, he is talking with his customers and also trying to interest people who go through there to purchase his jewelry. At 8 pm, his shop is closed and he eats at Haelga’s Bunkhouse until midnight. After that, he will go to sleep in Beggar’s Row.

The items that he wears are a set of merchant clothes and a pair of boots. He is also equipped with a leveled dagger which is able to be up to elven quality. He brings the key to his stall, a belted tunic and a selection of common items and also gold.

Here are some quests related to Madesi.

    • A Chance Arrangement
      Here, you are required to help teach a merchant to mind his own business.
    • I Done Got Thaned!
      You have to help out the Jarl and citizens of the Rift, and be named Thaned for your service.
    • Nordic Jewelry
      You have to learn about Nordic jewelry.
    • Ringmaker
      You have to help Madesi to make jewelry.

Some Trivia About Madesi

Here is the trivia about Madesi according to the Elder Scrolls wiki.

    • After Ringmaker, Madesi is not useful and he is able to be fed to Ebony Blade. Also, he is influenced by random encounters, such as dragon attacks.
    • Even though Madesi lives in Riften, he has a bed in the interior of Katla’s Farm.

That’s the information that I can give to you about Madesi. Hopefully, this information is helpful for you to understand more about Madesi.

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