How to Get the Sanrio Stuff in Animal Crossing (Villagers, Furniture & Clothing List)

If you like Hello Kitty, you may be happy when you know that there are the Sanrio Stuffs that you are able to get in Animal Crossing. To be able to get this stuff, you need to know the steps for getting it in Animal Crossing and here you will get the information about it.

The Steps to Get the Sanrio Stuff in Animal Crossing

The Sanrio villagers and items were added in Animal Crossing in version 1.9.0. This is known as the March Sanrio Update and it was released on March 18th, 2021. If you want to have access to this content, you have to make sure that your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been updated.

The Steps to Get the Sanrio Stuff in Animal Crossing

Now, how to get these Sanrio stuff in Animal Crossing? For villagers, there are six villagers which are inspired by Sanrio characters. Those are Rilla, Marty, Chelsea, Chai, Toby and Étoile. If you want to get these characters or order their associated furniture and clothing items in this game, you have to scan one of the Sanrio Amiibo Cards on your Nintendo Switch. For your information, with each of the six different cards, the villager and items which are unlocked correspond. Where can we scan the cards? At the Nook Stop Terminal in Resident Services you can scan the cards where you have to use Invite Amiibo Camper or Photopia on Harvey’s Island. If you want to invite a villager to your island, you have to use the Nook Stop Terminal. However, if you only want to get the Sanrio items, then you can use Photopia and it can unlock additional Poster items.

If this is your first time to scan, the Sanrio items are unlocked for your character and they can be bought from the Promotion and Poster tabs in Nook Shopping at any time for different amounts of Bells. But, it is important for you to note that for Sanrio items, there is the daily catalog limit of 5 per day where it is like Super Mario items.

Let’s say that you want a Sanrio villager to move to your island as a resident which is full-fledged. If  so, you must go to the campsite after you scan their amiibo card at the Nook Stop Terminal and craft items for them over the course of three days to persuade them.

About Sanrio Amiibo Cards

What are Sanrio Amiibo cards? Amiibo cards itself are a series of collectibles which are sold by Nintendo. Those cards are able to interact with Animal Crossing: New Horizons when those are touched to the Nintendo Switch’s right control stick or logo on Pro Controller.

The Sanrio Amiibo cards are a special collaboration set. Those contain six cards which are themed to each of the Sanrio villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The List of Sanrio Villagers

What are the Sanrio villagers that you can find in Animal Crossing? There are six different Sanrio themed villagers that you are able to invite to your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons by using the Sanrio Amiibo cards. Those Sanrio villagers are listed below.

    • Rilla


This villager has a Peppy personality and the species is a Gorilla. This villager is inspired by Hello Kitty.

    • Marty


This villager has a Lazy personality and the species is a Cub. This villager is inspired by Pompompurin.

    • Étoile

Étoile sanrio

This villager has a Normal personality and the species is a Sheep. This villager is inspired by Little Twin Stars.

    • Chai


This villager has a Peppy personality and the species is an Elephant. This villager is inspired by Cinnamoroll.

    • Chelsea


This villager has a Normal personality and the species is a Deer. This villager is inspired by My Melody.

    • Toby


This villager has a Smug personality and the species is Rabbit. This villager is inspired by Kerokerokeroppi.

The List of Sanrio Furniture and Clothing Items

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, each Sanrio villager is presented with a selection of themed furniture and clothing items. These match the setup which is seen in their house. In the list below, you are able to view all of the items.

Furniture and Clothing of Rilla (Hello Kitty)


Hello Kitty Furniture

    • Hello Kitty Bed
    • Hello Kitty Chair
    • Hello Kitty Clock
    • Hello Kitty Drawers
    • Hello Kitty Flooring
    • Hello Kitty Planter
    • Hello Kitty Poster
    • Hello Kitty Rug
    • Hello Kitty Table
    • Hello Kitty Wall
    • Rilla’s Poster


Hello Kitty Clothing

    • Hello Kitty Dress
    • Hello Kitty Hat
    • Hello Kitty Shoes
    • Hello Kitty Tee

Furniture and Clothing of Marty (Pompompurin)


Pompompurin Furniture

    • Marty’s Poster
    • Pompompurin Bed
    • Pompompurin Chair
    • Pompompurin Flooring
    • Pompompurin Poster
    • Pompompurin Pudding
    • Pompompurin Rack
    • Pompompurin Rug
    • Pompompurin Table
    • Pompompurin TV
    • Pompompurin Wall


Pompompurin Clothing

    • Pompompurin Boots
    • Pompompurin Hat
    • Pompompurin Outfit
    • Pompompurin Tee

Furniture and Clothing of Étoile (Little Twin Stars)

Furniture of Étoile

Étoile Furniture

    • Étoile’s Poster
    • Kiki and Lala Bed
    • Kiki and Lala Clock
    • Kiki and Lala Cloud Maker
    • Kiki and Lala Flooring
    • Kiki and Lala Poster
    • Kiki and Lala Rug
    • Kiki and Lala Sofa
    • Kiki and Lala Table
    • Kiki and Lala Wall

Clothing of Étoile

Étoile Clothing

    • Kiki and Lala Dress
    • Kiki and Lala Pin
    • Kiki and Lala Shoes
    • Kiki and Lala Socks
    • Kiki and Lala Tee
    • Kiki and Lala Wand

Furniture and Clothing of Chai (Cinnamoroll)

Furniture of Cinnamoroll

Cinnamoroll Furniture

    • Chai’s Poster
    • Cinnamoroll Flooring
    • Cinnamoroll Parasol
    • Cinnamoroll Poster
    • Cinnamoroll Rug
    • Cinnamoroll Signage
    • Cinnamoroll Sofa
    • Cinnamoroll Stool
    • Cinnamoroll Table
    • Cinnamoroll Tray
    • Cinnamoroll Wall

Clothing of Cinnamoroll

Cinnamoroll Clothing

    • Cinnamoroll Hat
    • Cinnamoroll Jacket
    • Cinnamoroll Puffy Blouse
    • Cinnamoroll Sneakers

Furniture and Clothing of Chelsea (My Melody)

The Furniture of My Melody

My Melody Furniture

    • Chelsea’s Poster
    • My Melody Bed
    • My Melody Chair
    • My Melody Clock
    • My Melody Dresser
    • My Melody Flooring
    • My Melody Poster
    • My Melody Rug
    • My Melody Table
    • My Melody Wall

Clothing of My Melody

My Melody Clothing

    • My Melody Boots
    • My Melody Dress
    • My Melody Hood
    • My Melody Shirt

Furniture and Clothing of Toby (Kerokerokeroppi)


Kerokerokeroppi Furniture

    • Kerokerokeroppi Bridge
    • Kerokerokeroppi Doll
    • Kerokerokeroppi Flooring
    • Kerokerokeroppi Hallway
    • Kerokerokeroppi Lantern
    • Kerokerokeroppi Poster
    • Kerokerokeroppi Rug
    • Kerokerokeroppi Snack
    • Kerokerokeroppi Tray
    • Kerokerokeroppi Wall
    • Toby’s Poster


Kerokerokeroppi Clothing

    • Kerokerokeroppi Boots
    • Kerokerokeroppi Outfit
    • Kerokerokeroppi Pin
    • Kerokerokeroppi Socks
    • Kerokerokeroppi Tank Top

What do you think about these items and the villagers? Those are cute, aren’t they?