How Many Times Can You Use an Amiibo Card in ACNH

Apparently, there are lots of Nintendo players who are interested to pick up some Amiibo cards in ANCH. These Amiibo cards are able to be scanned by Nintendo consoles and Switch controllers to give various in-game benefits. By the way, can you reuse an Amiibo card? How many times can you use an Amiibo Card in ACNH? Well, let us discuss it here.

How many times can you use an ACNH Amiibo Card ?

You are able to reuse an Amiibo card as many times as you like. Need to know that each Amiibo card utilizes an NFC chip to send data to Nintendo Switch consoles. The chip will remain intact after being scanned, allowing you to reuse the Amiibo card as many times as you like.

How Many Times Can You Use an Amiibo Card in ACNH

Although Amiibo cards are able to be reused indefinitely, but their in-game bonuses are able to be limited-use only. For instance, the Amiibo cards which unlock characters, probably only to unlock the character once per game or per save. It is the case with the Sanrio amiibo cards that were newly released for Animal Crossing: New Horizons that unlock the items which can be purchased from the Nook Shopping Catalog. Since they do not give you the items directly, the cards only need to be used once.

Although the unlockable bonus is able to be single-use only for a specific console, the Amiibo card itself will be able to be reused on another system to give that same bonus. The difference here is that the card’s benefits will not be duplicated if the same user scans it repeatedly. Fortunately, it is only the exception to the rule. Lots of Amiibo cards are able to be used multiple times. Even sometimes several times a day. Others, such as the Solid Snake Amiibo card, it is able to be used across multiple games. It all comes down to what each Amiibo card offers.

In buying or selling used Amiibo cards, actually there is really no concern over cards which have or have not been scanned previously. The Amiibo card will be able to be used again as long as the NFC chip is intact and undamaged. Once again, remember that the bonus can be single-use or multiple-use depending on what’s being offered by the Amiibo card.

Some FAQs related to Amiibo Card

  1. What do I need to play with an Amiibo card?

You are going to need an Amiibo card, a compatible game, and a Wii U, Nintendo Switch, or New Nintendo 3DS XL system. For use with Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, and Nintendo 2DS systems, a Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer accessory is really needed. For your information, it is sold separately.

  1. What do Amiibo cards do?

The specific features depend on the Amiibo card and the compatible game. Generally, several games are able to save game data to an Amiibo card. Other games are going to give you bonus content only for tapping an Amiibo to your game system’s NFC reader.

  1. How many games can I save to a single Amiibo card at the same time?

An Amiibo card can save data for one game at a time. It means that game data is going to need to be removed on an Amiibo card before it can be used with another game with read/write compatibility.

  1. Do all Amiibo cards work with all compatible games?

You have to know that compatibility and functionality of Amiibo cards may vary by game. You should search for information about which Amiibo cards are compatible by game with the compatibility chart.

  1. Where can I discover which games an Amiibo card is compatible with?

Compatibility information is listed in some places, including this handy compatibility chart. Also, you are able to check out the lineup. Then, you are able to click on an Amiibo card for a description which includes a full list of compatible titles.

  1. Can I play as my Amiibo card as a character in the games?

Once again, compatibility and functionality of Amiibo cards vary by game. Several titles offer you to play as your Amiibo character. For instance, in Super Smash Bros, for Wii U, you are able to battle, train, and level up your Amiibo character.

  1. If I already have game data saved on my amiibo card, can I still use that Amiibo card in other compatible games?

Yes, of course, you are still able to use your Amiibo card to get bonus items in games like Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8. But, for other games such as Mario Party 10, you are going to need to remove any existing save data on the Amiibo card before using it.

  1. Can you play Amiibo-compatible games without using an Amiibo card?

Yes, of course. You are able to enjoy the full game experience with all games compatible with Amiibo without using an Amiibo card. Using an Amiibo card will simply add new, optional elements to the gameplay (depending on the game).

  1. What does it mean if an Amiibo card is Read-only or Read/Write compatible?

An amiibo-compatible game is able to have either Read-only or Read/Write compatibility with an amiibo. For your information, read-only compatibility means that you are able to tap an Amiibo to the system’s NFC reader to get additional content. For instance, the Mario Amiibo figure is going to give you a special racing suit for your Mii™ character once used with the Mario Kart 8 game.

On the other hand, read/write compatibility means that you are able to get additional content and save certain game data to the Amiibo. For instance, you are able to customize your character and then save it to your Mario Amiibo in Super Smash Bros. One Amiibo card will be able to hold save data for one game at a time. You are able to use an Amiibo card with save data on it in Read-only compatible games. It means that you will still get the additional content without having to use a different Amiibo card.

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