How to Get the Floating Present in Animal Crossing

In the game named Animal Crossing, you will find a floating present which is carried by balloons. Of course, to enjoy this little present, you will need a tool to get it easily. Unfortunately, not all Animal Crossing players really know the tool and the ways to get it.

Thankfully, this post will share to you how to get the floating present in order to get the shocking prize. However, the way to get this gift is easier than you think as long as you really know what the tool to get it is. So, let’s see how to get the floating gift in the Animal Crossing game!

Getting the Floating Present, Here’s the Guides

Getting the Floating Present, Here’s the Guides!

To note, the floating present/ gift will appear randomly which is sailing past your island. While you are playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will see plenty of balloons flying overhead which are carrying the gifts. Well, all you need is to pop the balloon and you can then get the shocking gifts from.

To get the floating present, you need a tool named Slingshot to shoot the balloon down. In order to get the Slingshot, you can really buy it from Timmy’s tent store even before Nook’s Cranny pets. Besides, you can purchase it from Resident Services for 900 bells or you’re able to get the blueprint for 300 bells.

Aside from buying from the store, you can also have the Slingshot by crafting them after you take Tom Nook’s DIY class within the first few days of being on the island. Well, to create the Slingshot, you will need five hardwood that is quite hard to find.

If you want to craft the Slingshot without buying it, you first have to craft an axe and then smash some trees around your island until they will give you the hardwood, not softwood. Whatever the method that you take to get the Slingshot, all you need is to make sure to shoot the balloon down.

In case you are finding the balloons, you will need to listen closely for the sound of the wind blowing. The louder the sound is, of course the closer you are to a balloon. In this way, using your right analog stick will help you look around by tilting the camera.

If you are directly under it, you can hit “A” to fire your Slingshot. Then, after the balloon is successfully shot, it will pop and then a gift will be suddenly falling to the ground. To pop it, you should be careful to not touch the water as you will lose the gift at all.

The best trick to pop the balloon is to see which way the balloon is drifting over your island and then you have to stand directly under it. However, the shadow of the balloon which appears on the ground will help you to shoot it easily upwards.

Moreover, getting the floating present in Animal Crossing: New Horizons  is one of the Nook Mileage Achievement. So we think that it will be worth it as it happens just one time.

When Will the Balloon Appear in the Island?

Before you go on popping the balloon and getting the gifts inside it, of course you should know when the balloon will appear on the island. By knowing the time when the balloon appears in the island, it will ease you to get it.

The balloon will spawn from one side of your beach during the daytime from 5 A.M until 6 P.M. Then, at the nighttime, they will appear from the other side instead from 6 P.M until 5 A.M. Since the balloon appears, all of them will carry a random assortment of the items inside although the certain colors are likely to carry the certain things.

Some tests prove that the balloon gifts will always appear in the sea out of view on the times ending in :_4 and :_9 and it can then reach the island by :_ 5 and :_10. To ensure the balloons appear, you surely have to enter and then leave the certain buildings such as the Museum by:_3 and :_8 or Nook’s Cranny. In this time, you can also talk to Timmy about buying and the item, you can then back out and exit to ask to donate an item to Blathers.

To note, the balloon’s gifts tend to blow in every 5 –20 minutes. But, there is a way to reset the times to make sure that the balloons spawn every 5 minutes. According to Patch 1.1.4, this way is working more than not.

Based on some reports and surveys, there are certain colors of balloons which often drop these things. They are as follow:

  • Blue Balloons: The color of this balloon is to drop any crafting the materials such as Iron Nuggets, Clay and more.
  • Yellow Balloons: The color of this balloon is to drop the Bells.

There are some conflicting reports which have not enough data to confirm what red and green balloons that can drop the most. While, the green balloons are tending towards clothing in our data. In this case, some people have reported in which the red balloons will drop DIY recipes more than others. But there is no exact confirmation about it.

During some special events like Bunny Day, well, the colored balloons will float around your island with the special recipes and items.

What Does the Balloon Contain?

As you may already know that the balloons are flying which carry some gifts within. Then, you wonder what’s inside the balloons, don’t you?

There are several different colors of balloons which are flying over your island. Of course, the gifts contained within will come in many different varieties and include as follow:

  • Bells (1,000 to 30,000)
  • Crafting Materials ( Stone, Clay, Iron Nuggets and Gold Nuggets)
  • Furniture
  • DIY Recipes including the Seasonal Recipes
  • Clothing and Accessories

Once you know for any kinds of the items inside the balloons, we recommend you to shoot the balloons depending on the color, instead of reckoning on a certain color in giving you a certain type of the gift.

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