How to Get Crafting XP OSRS

In order to get Crafting Experience, you may need to complete quests provided in OSRS. It can be said that the effective and efficient way to get the Crafting XP is through completion of OSRS quests. Sure, there are a number of quest options that you can complete.

To ease you completing the Crafting Experience quests, we’ll show you a list of all quests that you can complete to get the Crafting Experience below!

Quest for Crafting Exp Reward Exp Crafting Level Required Other Requirements
Sheep Shearer (F2P) 150 exp / /
Goblin Diplomacy (F2P) 200 exp / /
Tower of Life 500 exp / 10 construction
Misthalin Mystery (F2P) 600 exp / /
In search of the myreque 600 exp / 25 agility
Dwarf Cannon 750 exp / /
Animal Magnetism 1,000 exp 19 crafting 18 slayer, 30 ranged, 35 woodcutting
The Golem 1,000 exp 20 crafting 25 thieving
Tears of Guthix 1,000 exp 20 crafting 49 firemaking, 20 mining
Making history 1,000 exp 24 crafting /
RFD (goblin generals) 1,000 exp / /
RFD (Pirate Pete) 1,000 exp / 31 cooking
Murder Mystery 1,406 exp / /
RFD (Skrach Uglogwee) 1,500 exp / 41 cooking, 20 firemaking
Cold war 2,000 exp 30 crafting 10 hunter, 30 agility, 34 construction
Enlightened journey 2,000 exp 36 crafting 20QP, 20 firemaking, 30 farming
In aid of the myreque 2,000 exp 25 crafting 16 mining, 7 magic
Shades of mort’ton 2,000 exp 20 crafting 5 firemaking, 15 herblore
Observatory quest 2,250 exp 10 crafting /
The giant dwarf 2,500 exp 12 crafting 15 firemaking, 33 magic, 14 thieving
The fremennik trials 2,812 exp 40 crafting 25 thieving
The great brain robbery 3,000 exp 16 crafting 30 construction, 50 prayer
Nature spirit 3,000 exp 18 crafting /
The slug menace 3,500 exp 30 crafting 30 runecrafting, 30 slayer, 30 thieving
Shilo village 3,875 exp 20 crafting 4 smithing, 32 agility
Elemental workshop 1 5,000 exp 20 crafting 20 smithing and mining
The fremennik isles 5,000 exp 46 crafting 20 construction, 40 agility, 56 woodcutting
Cabin fever 7,000 exp 45 crafting 42 agility, 50 smithing, 40 ranged
Enakhra’s Lament 7,000 exp 50 crafting 39, magic, 45 firemaking, 43 prayer, 45 mining
Elemental workshop 2 7,500 exp 20 crafting 20 magic, 30 smithing
The hand in the sand 9,000 exp 49 crafting 17 thieving
The fremennik exiles 15,000 exp 65 crafting 60 slayer, 60 smithing, 60 fishing, and 55 runecrafting

Unfortunately, we do not inform you how to complete each quest in detail. Instead, we only show you eight quests to get Crafting XP in OSRS. Here are they:

    1. Sheep Shearer Quest

Sheep Shearer Quest

The fastest way to complete the Sheep Shearer quest, you need to buy 20 balls of wool from a general store like Aemad’s Adventuring Supplies or the Grand Exchange and then give them to Fred. If you have no shears, Fred will give you some. You can enter the fenced area that contains sheep to the east connected to his house. If you complete this quest, you can get around 150 experience points.

    1. Goblin Diplomacy Quest

Goblin Diplomacy Quest

To complete this quest, you can travel north of Falador. Then, speak with either General Wartface or General Bentnoze. You can kill goblins until you obtain two goblin mails. After that, you can go into the Falador park and go all the way to Varrock’s southeast mine.

You need to go back toward Falador by going through Lumbridge. Afterwards, you walk west to Draynor Village. In this case, you need to combine the potions to make color. Last, you can go back to the Goblin Village and talk to the general again. By doing this quest, you can get around 200 XP.

    1. Tower of Life Quest

Tower of Life Quest

If you complete this quest, it will give you 500 XP. In the case of completing this quest, you will find Homunculus  that will speak with you again and tell you to meet him in the basement of the tower. After that, you will be given access to the dungeon. Then, go into the dungeon and speak with Homunculus north of where you enter the dungeon once more to complete this quest.

    1. Misthalin Mystery Quest

Misthalin Mystery Quest

In the case of completing Misthalin Mystery quest, you do not need any skill or also quest skill requirements, equip anything or also have items in your inventory when you begin this quest, as all the items can be obtained during the quest. If you’re completing this quest, you will get 600 XP.

    1. In Search of the Myreque Quest

In Search of the Myreque Quest

If you complete In search of the myreque quest, you will get 600 XP. This quest can be accessed through the trapdoor behind the Canifis pub. In the case of completing this quest, you will surface south of the tavern. In this case, the nearby trapdoor will lead back to the cave that you can use as an alternate route back to Mort’ton in the future.

    1. Dwarf Cannon Quest

Dwarf Cannon Quest

This short quest talks about the conflict between the dwarven outpost at the Coal truck mining site and also local goblins. To begin the quest, you have to speak with Captain Lawgof, who can be found north-west of the Fishing Guild, near the Coal truck mining site.

Aside from that, you’re able to utilise the lodestone network to travel to Ardougne and walk north-west to Lawgof. In this case, Lawgof will ask you to repair them, so that the base remains strong. If you want to help him, he will give you six replacement railings to use. By completing this quest, you will get 750 XP.

    1. Animal Magnetism Quest

Animal Magnetism Quest

If you complete this quest, you will get 1,000 XP. To start this quest, you need to talk to Ava after you have ungarbled the notes. She will inform you of the last items that she needs to finish the device, some hard leather and polished buttons.

You can combine those two items with the pattern that is given to you in creating a container. Afterwards, you can hand the container over to Ava to complete the quest.

    1. The Golem Quest

The Golem Quest

If you complete the Golem quest, you will get 1,000 XP. This quest takes place centred around the remains of the city of Uzer in the Kharidian Desert. To get started completing this quest, you may need to talk to the clay golem at the Ruins of Uzer.

To get there, you need to travel to the desert through Shantay Pass, crossing the bridge and past the Dominion Tower. After that, you need to walk until you reach the Ruins of Uzer. Pick up the letter before speaking with the golem

The golem will inform you that he needs considerable repairs, use the 4 pieces of soft clay on the golem to bring him back to coherence. In the case of helping the golem, you should discover how to open the portal that leads to the demon’s lair.

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