About OSRS High Scores

In this page, we are going to talk about OSRS HiScores. Surely, you also come to this page to find out that information, so let us learn about OSRS HiScores right now here.

About OSRS HiScores

You have to know that HiScores is a feature of the Old School RuneScape site which ranks the players by their own experience in skills, treasure trail completions, score in the Bounty Hunter and Last Man Standing, and kill counts at raids and bosses. Unlike the RuneScape HiScores, there are no requirements to be displayed on the HiScores other than being ranked in the top 2,000,000 players in a category.

Also, the board can be separated into the different game modes. This includes the standard HiScores, Ultimate Ironman mode, Ironman mode, Hardcore Ironman, and Tournament Hiscores. When a seasonal game mode is active, like Deadman Mode or Leagues, they also have separate hiscores. Simply, you are able to find the Old School RuneScape HiScores on its official website.

To be displayed in the Boss Killcount highscores, currently you will need to kill a boss or complete an activity at least 50 times. This is true for all bosses and also Boss Killcount activities, except for Bryophyta, Chambers of Xeric: Challenge Mode, Obor, Skotizo, Hespori, the Corrupted Gauntlet and TzTok-Jad, which all need only 10 kills to be featured, and the Mimic and TzKal-Zuk, which only need 2 kills to be displayed.

OSRS HiScores History

Category Release Date
Skills/Overall 22 February 2013
Bounty Hunter 28 July 2016
Last Man Standing 11 August 2016
Clue Scrolls 26 January 2017
Beginner Clue Scrolls 11 April 2019
League Points 14 November 2019
Boss Killcount 5 December 2019
Nightmare Killcount 13 February 2020
Game Mode Release Date
Hiscores 22 February 2013
Ironman 13 October 2014
Ultimate Ironman 13 October 2014
Deadman Mode 29 October 2015
Seasonal 21 March 2016
Hardcore Ironman 10 November 2016
Tournament 4 December 2017

OSRS HiScores Changes

Date Changes
12 March 2020
After the release of boss hiscores, then hiscores became under heavier load. It makes them load and update slowly. To decrease this, now the users are not ranked for the bosses where they own a low killcount:

·         Less than two for Mimic and TzKal-Zuk

· Less than ten for the Chambers of Xeric: Challenge Mode,  Skotizo, Corrupted Gauntlet, Hespori, Obor, Bryophyta, and TzTok-Jad

·         Less than 50 for the other bosses

23 January 2014
Now, the Compare users feature on the hiscores is functioning correctly.

Old School RuneScape HiScores

   Overall Hiscores
Rank Name Level XP
1 Lynx Titan 2,277 4,600,000,000
2 Hey Jase 2,277 4,600,000,000
3 ShawnBay 2,277 4,600,000,000
4 senZe 2,277 4,600,000,000
5 Tomdabom 2,277 4,600,000,000
6 Karma 2,277 4,600,000,000
7 Harmony 2,277 4,600,000,000
8 DedWilson 2,277 4,600,000,000
9 GodTormentor 2,277 4,600,000,000
10 Vinny 2,277 4,600,000,000
11 borsi 2,277 4,600,000,000
12 Brundeen 2,277 4,600,000,000
13 Aziz 2,277 4,600,000,000
14 Eeli 2,277 4,600,000,000
15 RANK16ISNOOB 2,277 4,600,000,000
16 Dumbfounded 2,277 4,600,000,000
17 Dan Gleesac 2,277 4,600,000,000
18 blind idiot 2,277 4,600,000,000
19 he box jonge 2,277 4,600,000,000
20 Gustav 2,277 4,600,000,000
21 moksi 2,277 4,600,000,000
22 Randalicious 2,277 4,593,047,934
23 Killzone 2,277 4,563,449,339
24 Oskar 2,277 4,501,357,683
25 Capt King 2,277 4,481,361,471

Who is Lynx Titan?

As you can see in the table above, Lynx Titan got the first rank in RuneScape overall. Now, you may want to know about him. For your information, Lynx Titan is an Old School RuneScape player whose account is permanently rank #1 on the OSRS (Old School RuneScape) Hiscores, unless a new skill were to be released. Also, Lynx Titan known as Forsberg888 on RuneScape 3. It is estimated Lynx Titan plays for 17-18 hours a day. Lynx Titan claims to play primarily for entertainment although his highly pragmatic approach to training and the fact that he maybe forgoes lots of real-life activities to play for as many hours as he does. According to the research, Lynx Titan was the first player to reach 200M XP in all 23 skills on December 28, 2018.

The reign of Lynx Titan began on August 14, 2015, when he reached 99 Ranged and thereby ascended to rank 1 overall. After reaching 200 million Hunter experience in less than two and a half months for his 5th 200M (increasing the monthly record by over 30 million experience), Lynx Titan switched to Herblore. After reaching 200M Herblore XP, Lynx Titan started to train Slayer. On May 10, 2016 he reached 200M Slayer. Also, he finished off most of the combat skills. Aside from that, Lynx Titan also gained 187 million Construction XP in less than two weeks to finish off 200M Construction. From the period of July 19, 2017 to August 1, 2017, Lynx Titan had not obtained a single experience point as he had played OSRS (Old School RuneScape) every single day while obtaining big amounts of experience, this is really highly unusual. After returning to the game, Lynx Titan revealed that he had been on vacation without internet access for two weeks.

About OSRS (Old School RuneScape)

Old School RuneScape is an official term for a previous version of RuneScape game. Based on the research, it was introduced from a backup of the RuneScape source code as it had been on 10 August 2007. Later, on 13 February 2013, this version of the game was announced in a news post that was followed by the opening of a poll to specify community interest on 15 February 2013. The poll that ended 1 March 2013 decided some things, among other things, whether an additional membership fee would be charged for access to the game.

OSRS (Old School RuneScape) works similarly to RuneScape Classic in that it is able to be played with the same account that one plays the main version of the game, but the stats, items and quests are separate and non-transferable. All players begin Old School RuneScape on Tutorial Island with a blank character. As a result, money supply has had to emerge from nothing since release.

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