OSRS Money Making 2021 F2P

Playing the game named Old School RuneScape or OSRS is not easy, especially when you are playing as a free to play player. The hardest thing is to generate the much needed gold to fund the gameplay. There is a lot of false information spreading on the internet about the free to play players or F2P. They inform about rates using the pay to play meta, such as teleports and close banking locations, which in fact are not able to be accessed by the F2P players.

Fortunately, you are here and you will be informed about the money making F2P in Old School RuneScape. The list here is made based on several factors, including the requirements, intensiveness, market demand, and so on. Feel free to use it in your main account or in your alternate one.

OSRS Money Making 2021 F2P

    1. Mining Iron Ore

The first method to make money for F2P players is mining iron ore. Aside from earning you a decent amount of gold, you are also able to get around 20,000 experience in just an hour. If you want to try this method, the first thing that you have to do is to get a rune pickaxe that is good for maximum efficiency. This one is good with a minimum of level 40 mining. You are recommended to go to Varrock East and Varrock West. However, these places are likely to be full of bots on many worlds. As the way out, you are encouraged to go to the Al Kharid mine. Even though the distance is far, it is still better.

It is better for you to repeat the method as the chance of you getting better is higher. If you are thinking of switching to the other ores, it is actually possible but it is not recommended. The main reason is because it can be risky due to banking locations. When you have a lot of loads while walking, it is such a hard thing for you and it will reduce your profitability. Runite Ore is truly considered better but it is not for everyone as not every of them has 85 mining. The time that is used to 85 mining is a lot compared to mining Iron Ore and getting all the bonds that you want.

    1. Telegrabbing Wines of Zamorak

Telegrabbing Wines to Zamorak offers you around 2,000 gold per each wine. It can be accomplished by using the Telekinetic grab spell. To use it, 33 magic items are required. You can visit two locations if you want to do this. The first one is the Asgarnia Chaos Temple. This one is located north of Falador. The wines are able to be telegrabbed on the upper floor without the monks getting aggressive. Before doing it, you will have to know that this one requires 500 total levels and it might take a long time for you to reach the level if you are using the pure F2P methods. There are the wines on the base floor but it is risky as they are all aggressive. It does not matter if you physically grab or telekinetic grab. In order to steal all the wine, it is a must for you to kill every monk. Not only the monks, your other challenges include bots and the other players that are competing against you. To avoid the big issue, a total of 500 total level requirements was added recently.

If you do not think that the first one is for you, you can try telegrabbing the wines of Zamorak at the Wilderness Chaos Temple. It is easier compared to the first one as it is less competitive. However, your path will likely be blocked by those who have an intention to loot inventory and law runes. Nevertheless, it is still worth trying as it is worth 500 total level. If you are the type of person who loves challenges and is not afraid to take risks, this method is best for you.

    1. Killing Ogress Shamans

Ogress Shamans are considered as the new monsters that just recently added to the Old School RuneScape. It explains why not everyone knows that they are a money maker in F2P. Apparently, these creatures drop amazing drops, including Rune battle axes, gems, Rune helms, ranarr seeds, and runes.

The magic is the only thing that will be used by the Ogress Shamans to attack you. Actually, you will be fine when getting attacked by the magic as long as you are five squares away. Besides, they have half the ranged defense compared to magic defense. To deal with them, you are recommended to use range. By doing that, the level of your range will also be higher. You will enjoy your time challenging these monsters and this activity is guaranteed to be more enjoyable compared to mining rocks. Sadly, your profitability will be limited by the cost of arrows. However, it is still possible for you to get a minimum of 500k per hour. Actually, there is also a possibility of you getting 100k if you get good drops. There is a thing that is worth noting, which is to complete the quest called The Corsair Curse to be able to access the caves required.

    1. Gathering anti dragon shields

For those who love simple things, you might want to try collecting anti dragon shields. These items are sold by Oziach in Edgeville. Each of them costs 30-35 GP and they sell for around 75 GP each on the Grand Exchange. It is important for you to make sure to walk back instead of running back to the bank to save energy as the route is not easy. Feel free to use energy potions but you need to know that added shields do not outweigh the costs of the energy potions.

These are not the only methods to make money in Old School RuneScape for free to play players. If you want more, you can also try making anchovy pizzas, cutting yew logs, crafting Gold Jewelry, telegrabbing Nature Runes, and so on.

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