How to Get Brewster’s Cafe ACNH

Brewster and his cafe is one of the most requested additions to the game since its debut in March 2020. Now, Brewster is finally added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons as part of the 2.0 update. His cafe, the Roost will allow you to enjoy and relax over a coffee with both friends.

As Brewster has been available in New Horizons, it’s a great time for you to unlock Brewster and also his cafe, The Roost. Unlocking Brewster may take a few extra ways until you get him and enjoy coffee in his cafe. So, let’s see how to unlock Brewster and his cafe easily below!

Here’s How to Get Brewster and His Cafe!

In order to unlock Brewster and his cafe, The Roost, you have to know where Brewster is. It is known that Brewster and his cafe can be found on the island as part of the museum. To interact with him and his cafe, you should unlock them first.

Step 1: Visit Blathers in the Museum

To unlock Brewster in New Horizons, you should first visit Blathers in the museum. He will then mention adding a cafe, but Brewster is currently nowhere to be found. Blathers does hint that Brewster loves Gyroids. Then, if he does not mention Brewster, you may need to open up more of your museum and further build your island. However, building the island can include:

    • To donate at least one item for each area of the museum such as fish, bugs, sea creatures, fossils, art, etc.
    • To have K.K. Slider to visit your island following a three-star island rating.

That’s also possible you may need a certain number of donations across all museum wings. So, you may attempt to fulfill the above and return to Blathers.

Step 2: Find Brewster on Uninhabited Island

After Blathers mentions him, you should take an island tour with Kapp’n where you can find Gyroids. Kapp’n tours are a new feature added in the 2.0 update.

First, go to your island’s pier in which Kapp’n will be waiting. He will take you to an island, after paying for 1,000 Nook Miles. On Kapp’n island, you can try finding Brewster around. Make sure to talk to Blathers in the museum first, if not Brewster will not appear on the island.


After you are on Kapp’n island, you should first find Brewster as soon as possible, as you can only take an island tour with Kapp’n once per day. As a clue, Brewster will be out on this uninhabited island hunting for gyroids.

After you find Brewster, he will give you the first Gyroids fragment as well and explain how to plant and water it. Then, make sure to deliver your message from Blathers, he will then agree to come to your island. After that, Brewster will ask you to let Blathers know that he accepted Blather’s invitation.

 let Blathers know

Step 3: Go Back to Museum to Unlock Brewster’s Cafe

Once Brewster accepts Blathers’ invitation, you can then return to your island and visit the museum to give Blathers the good news. Here, you will learn that Brewster will make his way ‘forthwith’.

Then, Blathers will say the museum needs to close for construction to accommodate the expansion. Sure, Brewster and his cafe, the Roost will be available the day after tomorrow.

For more information, the museum will be fully closed the day once you speak with Blathers and The Roost will be open the next morning. It means that if you confirm Brewster will come to the island on Wednesday, you can surely visit the Roost cafe on Friday.

After the museum has reopened, the Roost will then appear up the stairs and to the left, it will be indicated by the sign beside the doorway.


Congratulations! You successfully unlock Brewster and his cafe, The Roost.

What Can You Do at Brewster’s Cafe?

After you’ve successfully unlocked Brewster and his cafe, The Roost, you may wonder what you can do there. Well, two days one you talk to Brewster on Kapp’n island and return to Blathers, the cafe will open.

What Can You Do at Brewster’s Cafe

After Brewster’s cafe opens, you can sit down at a counter stool immediately. Then, Brewster will serve you a free cup of coffee or  order a cup of coffee for 200 Bells. Sometimes, other visitors will also sit beside your stool and enjoy their coffee too. You can also speak with them or just sit down beside them.

You should know that Brewster’s options will be limited. You can visit his cafe and have a coffee once per day and the things will open up over time gradually. The Brewster’s options include:

    • Blowing on your coffee’s option to cool it down.
    • To order takeout coffee.
    • Being gifted coffee beans and recipes.
    • An offer to add pigeon milk to your coffee.

All Brewster’s options can take between three and seven days to happen. So, you can visit him daily adn Brewster will start to open up to you.

Can You Invite Other Characters to Brewster’s Cafe?

You can totally invite other characters to Brewster’s cafe to join in enjoying a cup of coffee, or interact with each other. To invite others, you can also use amiibo for amiibo cards by heading over to the yellow phone on the left-hand side of the cafe and then use it.

Here, you will have the option to scan in your favorite characters. In some cases, the different characters will show up, depending on who you invite. If you invite Joan, she will bring along Daisy Mae, so Brewster will serve her a cookie, not coffee. Then, if you invite one of the Able Sisters, they will bring along the rest of the family to Brewster’s cafe.

Moreover, you may also find villagers on your island to come to Brewster’s cafe for some coffee, like Tom Nook or Isabelle. Aside from that, you can also invite other players for some coffee by using online multiplayer mode. However, after the cafe is built, the players need to find the museum on the map, so you can make their way easier to get to Brewster’s cafe.