How to Fix Instagram “We’ll Try Again Once There’s a Better Connection”

When you try to upload multiple photos or upload video, you may get an error message which says ‘We’ll Try Again Once There’s a Better Connection’. You may have tried again and again, but you keep getting this error message. Well, there are some solutions that you are able to do to fix this error so that you can upload your content again. And here are the solutions for this error.

Checking The Speed of Your Internet

As you are able to see in the error message that if there is a better connection, they will try again. So, it is possible that the problem is caused by your bad internet connection. So, you have to make sure that you have a good internet connection. If you find that your internet connection is slow, it makes sense that you cannot upload a video or multiple photos on Instagram.

Check your internet speed

If you do not know how to check your internet connection, you are able to use a tool named Ookla. Usually, you should have download or upload speeds of over 100 Mbps. If the speed of upload is below 20 Mbps, it will take so long to upload a video or even fail. If you find this error when you use Wifi, you can try to switch to local data and vice versa.

Try Trimming The Video

Try Trimming The Video

The next method that you can try to solve this problem is to try trimming the video that you want to upload. To do that, you have to choose the videos that you want to upload on the carousel and then tap Next after that tap on the video. And then, you need to choose the Trim option and then you have to trim a little bit part of the video.

For your information, Instagram usually prevents non-native videos from uploading on the app so that you will have to edit the video in the app before you post it. So, you will be able to upload it on Instagram successfully.

Removing Accounts That You Tag

If you get this issue when you are trying to post multiple photos, you are able to try removing the accounts that you tag before you post it. How to do that? First, you have to go to Tag People. After that, you need to tap on the X icon to be able to delete all tagged accounts.

If you find this issue when you are trying to upload video, you can also try this method. Usually, this method will work because sometimes the cause of this issue is because you tag others on your photos or videos.

Switching the Codec to H.265

Switching the Codec to H.265

Switching the Codec to H.265 is another method that you are able to try for fixing the problem which states that they will try again once there is a better connection. This method can be used if you see this problem when you are trying to upload a video. To switch it, you are able to use a H.265 converter. For your information, the format of the video in Instagram is H.265, so you have to convert your video from H.264 to H.265 when you want to upload it.

Now, you are able to search a free converter to convert your video format to H.265. In the online free converter, you can upload your video and then convert it. If you have converted your video, the next thing that you have to do is to return to Instagram and then you have to try uploading the video on Instagram again. Here, you should see that now you are able to upload the video without having any problems.

Using Auto-Populated Hashtags

Using Auto-Populated Hashtags

If you put some hashtags on your post, it may be one of the reasons why you cannot upload your photos or videos and get this error. If this is the cause, the solution that you can try is to use the auto-populated hashtags on your caption. It means that you do not have to type the hashtags and press the spacebar, but you choose the auto-populated hashtags.

Checking The Size Of The Video That You Want to Upload

It is important for you to know that the video that you can upload on Instagram is up to 60 seconds. If it is longer than 60 seconds, the app will crop it. Also, the minimum resolution of the video must be 1800 x 945 pixels. So, you have to check the video that you will upload, the cause of the problem may be because the size of your video is too big.

Things to Know About This Error

We'll Try Again Once There’s a Better Connection

When you find that you get an error message from Instagram which says that you have a bad internet connection, actually it does not always mean like that. Sometimes, it is due to a bug. But, sometimes it can be because your internet connection is truly bad. So, checking internet connection is the first thing that you have to do to fix the error as we explained in the method above. If you use Wifi, you can try to switch to local data and vice versa. Usually, this step can help you in fixing the error with internet connection.

The ‘We’ll Try Again Once There’s a Better Connection’ error that you get when you are trying to upload multiple photos or videos also does not always because there are some problems with your internet connection, captions or your device. It can also happen because of bugs on the Instagram app. If this is a bug, even though you have changed the internet connection to a good one and even you have tried all of the methods above to fix it, you will still get this error message. The thing that you can do is to uninstall your Instagram app and then install it again. If you still get the error after you reinstall it, then the Instagram team needs to fix the bug.