Easy Find List of Instagram Follow for Follow Groups

Do you want to find a list of Instagram Follow for Follow Groups? If so, you are at the right page as here we are going to share that information. Now, you only need to keep reading this entire article. We have a list of Instagram Follow for Follow Groups.

Before we share that list, let us discuss the misconception between Instagram follow for follow groups vs. engagement groups. Instagram engagement groups help the users to increase their engagement rates (likes, comments). Those groups comprise a community of users that will like or comment on each other’s posts immediately or sometime after it is posted. As a result, the organic reach of their post will be able to increase and then it has a higher chance to hit the explore page. But, Instagram engagement groups are hard to find and some of the groups have specific requirements required in order to join them. In addition, there are lots of drawbacks to joining an engagement group. Of course, it takes up way too much time and you will be kicked out if you are not actively participating. Aside from that, the number of likes which you will be getting each post can be very inconsistent, with extreme highs and lows.

On the other hand, Follow for Follow Groups are much easier to discover and there are no strict requirements to join them. If you join Follow for Follow Groups and use them correctly, then your likes or comments will remain consistent.

Here is a list of Instagram Follow for Follow Groups:




Followchain is a dedicated follow for follow groups for Instagram. It works in three easy steps:

  • Share your Instagram username on the website.
  • Follow other Instagrammers that interest you.
  • Direct message them that you are from the platform for a follow back.



  • Reddit – r/Instagram

This is a weekly thread which dedicated to expanding your follower base and discovering new people or content.

  • Reddit – r/Followback

This subreddit is a place for the users to post their social media links; professional or personal in order to get followers, with the intention of the original poster to follow back.

  • Reddit – r/FollowForFollow

A subreddit where you are able to share your Instagram username with the intention of follow for follow.



Apparently, Theretare many Instagram follow for follow groups on Facebook. Here is a list of the most active and English-speaking ones:

  • Instagram followers

Instagram followers is a quick and simple method to get active followers. All you need to do is share your Instagram page link with a short description of yourself.

  • Instagram follow for follow

This community of Instagrammers supports one another by engaging in follow for follow.

  • Instagram follow 4 follow back

This is a group where everyone can follow everyone.

  • Instagram (From 0-100k Real Followers)

This is a group to network and support one another. So, this group encourages its members to find and follow Instagrammers that interest you.

  • Instagram followers real users worldwide

This group was made to provide a platform where Instagram users are able to connect and share their knowledge and tips easily.

  • Instagram active followers and likes only

With this, you are able to find over 4000 other real active Instagrammers. Also, you are able to participate in follow for follow or like for like.

  • Instagram followers (2)

Please active follow for follow Facebook group.

  • Get Instagram followers

This is an Instagram promotion group.

  • Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Etc. Worldwide Followers

You are able to promote your Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest handles.

  • Instagram Engagement and Promotion

This group welcomes Instagrammers to join their vibrant support community. As such, you will be able to expect to get a massive following, increase your engagement, and have fun.

  • Instagram/Snapchat Followers

This is a group where you are able to promote your Instagram/Snapchat handle.



  • Instagram F4F

Description: Join us for more Instagram followers! It is Follow 4 Follow.

  • Instagram

Description: Join the unofficial Instagram discord server. This set up displaying an advanced bot, the news about Instagram and the abilities to get the roles based on your Instagram follower count automatically and also share your posts via our bot.

  • Promote yourself

Description: This is a new and welcoming server with self-promotion. You are able to share your Instagram, YouTube channel, Twitch, Discord servers, Spotify, and more. Also, this server has self roles, memes, voice and music channels.

  • Instagram Follow for Follow

Description: Hey guys! You may be wondering how you are able to get legit followers for Instagram that are active. There is an answer to that. My partner and I launched a server in discord where lots of people follow each other and like each other’s posts. Lots of people have said this is a great idea. Even, we have amazing invite rewards for people that invite lots of their friends. So go on ahead and join our server so you are able to boost your Instagram followers.



Tumblr Groups are nice uncommon groups as they are relatively hard to find. Here are some known groups you may can join:

  • Instagram follow for follow
  • Instagram follows and self-promos
  • Gain followers and make friends

So, Which Follow For Follow Group Should I Join?

As shown in the list above, in fact there are some follow for follow groups available on the web. But, there are only a couple of groups which stand out from the rest; Followchain.org and Reddit – r/Instagram. Both of those communities have decent people that are highly engaged. Hence, we suggest you to join them both if you want to expand your follower-base rapidly.

Joining follow for follow groups on Instagram is an effective way for increasing your followers and engagement rates. But, there are certain guidelines you will need to follow in order to use those groups properly.

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