How to Fix Big Team Battle Halo Infinite Not Working

There are a lot of players who complain about the Big Team Battle mode which does not work in Halo Infinite. Are you also facing this issue? If so, you may think of fixing this issue, but you do not know how to fix it. Let’s find out how to fix this issue here.

Fixing Big Team Battle Halo Infinite Not Working

As explained on Twisted Voxel site, the reports of users who face these issues started in November when the multiplayer beta was launched on the Xbox and PC. There are threads on the support forums where people are complaining about this mode which causes issues for them in the game.

How to Fix Big Team Battle Halo Infinite Not Working

There are also some players who report that they cannot get into the playlists for the Big Team Battle mode. Instead, they get an error message which says “Disconnected From Server”. This error message appears when they try to play  the game.

So, how to fix this issue? Are there any methods for fixing this issue? According to the Twisted Voxel site, the official known issues list from 343 Industries does not have a listing for the Big Team Battle mode error. However, since there are reports of it from other users, it may be a random problem. On the Twisted Voxel site, it is explained that the only way to fix this issue is to keep trying it again. This  is what you can do now for fixing this issue. Hopefully, in the future, this issue will not occur again.

Let’s say that you are facing an error when you are playing the Big Team Battle mode. If so, you have to restart the game or you are able to keep trying the mode again until it resolves by itself.

According to the Nerd Stash site, 343 Industries has acknowledged the issues. They posted a fix the Reddit thread going viral. The official Halo Support Twitter account writes that the developer has changed the game’s online system. It is done to minimize matchmaking errors in Big Team Battle. So, the thing that you are able to do to fix this issue is to relaunch the game to get the update.

As you are able to see on the Halo Support Twitter account that they tweeted on December 12th, 2021 that the team has made changes to their online services to help reduce the number of matchmaking errors when searching Big Team Battle. Furthermore, they tweeted that if you are currently playing Halo Infinite, you can close and relaunch the game to ensure you receive these changes.

However, if you have tried this method, but you find that it does not fix the Big Team Battle issue, then you are able to file a customer support ticket over at the Halo Waypoint site. You are also able to send a support ticket straight from the in-game menu.

For your information, the server-side problem is not a new problem. There were a number of Halo Infinite players who reported that they experienced matchmaking issues or never-ending loading screens when they tried multiplayer beta.

Halo Infinite Issues and Bugs in Multiplayer

Halo Infinite Issues and Bugs in Multiplayer

According to the Windows Central site, here are top Halo Infinite bugs and issues in multiplayer.

    • Connectivity issues in Halo Infinite multiplayer
      There are some players who report that they face issues with Halo Infinite connectivity, including poor hit registration or desync issues  in its multiplayer modes. 343 Industries has stated to investigate concerns, even though there are no sweeping fixes live as of December 8th.
    • The Play button does not work
      Do you experience the play button which does not work? Well, there are some players who face a glitch where the Play button to get into matchmaking has been grayed out and it prevents access to multiplayer. On Xbox, it is a common issue including on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, when the title gets into Quick Resume. If you experience this issue, you are able to fix it by restarting the game.
    • Error Message which says ‘No ping to datacenters detected’
      Let’s say that you get an error message which says “no ping to our datacenters detected” when you are trying to queue for a match. If so, it indicates that the servers of Halo Infinite are having a hard time keeping up with the rapid influx of players. The thing that you have to do to fix this issue is to restart your game.
    • Theater  Clips Deleted or Missing
      After the launch of Halo Infinite on December 8th, 2021, all Theater captures have been reset by 343 Industries. It means that clips which are captured through the multiplayer beta are permanently lost, as a part of the transition. It is important for you to know that this aimed reset does not have an available fix.
    • Stuck on a message which says ‘Other players loading’
      When you are playing matchmaking, you may experience a glitch where the matchmaker freezes and permanently shows a message which says ‘other players loading’. In some cases, this message has a relation to older Xbox One consoles which take additional time to load, versus Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Are you facing this issue now? If you are facing this issue, you are able to try to close Halo Infinite and then restart the game.
    • When matchmaking, players cannot customize Spartan
      When you are loading into a match, you may find that customizations are not able to be changed. If so, you have to be patient because unfortunately there is no known fix that you are able to do for fixing this issue. The thing that you have to do as explained on the Windows Central site is that you have to make sure that you equip the customizations that you want before and after each multiplayer match.

Well, that’s all the top issues and bugs in Halo Infinite multiplayer according to the Windows Central site. Hopefully, these bugs and issues will not happen again in the future and also if you encounter these issues, hopefully you can fix it as explained above.