How to Fix ADT Cellular Failure

Are you looking for information about fixing ADT cellular failure? Well, when we talk about fixing ADT cellular, we have to be careful. Let’s say that you do not understand how to fix it and then you just try anything to fix it without knowing what you do. If so, you may make mistakes and it may lead to further error. When I tried to find the information about fixing ADT cellular failure, here is what I found.

What is ADT Cellular Failure?

According to site which can be accessed at here, ADT cellular failure is a condition where a GSM fail to communicate which means that it indicates that the alarm panel has tried to send a signal to the Security Monitoring Center through the Mobile phone network and was not able to send the signal.

So, how to fix this issue? Unfortunately, I did not find the way how to fix it. So, it is better for you to call the experts. However, I found some ways to fix other errors in ADT alarm as you can see the explanation below.

How to Fix ADT Cellular Failure

Clearing My ADT Alarm System Failure

According to, if you want to clear my ADT alarm system failure, you must clear the fault and you can do that by disarming your system Master code + off (1) two times in a row.

Clearing the ADT Keypad

How to clear the ADT keypad? As also explained on, in case of a power outage, the system may beep where it alerts you that it is now running on back-up power. To reset it, the thing that you have to do is to type in your passcode and/or Disarm, Off, or 1. When the batteries are replaced, you have to remember to place the system in ‘test mode’ and then you have to log into your myADT account. After that, you have to choose ‘system test’ under the Alarm Security tab.

Fixing ADT Error Code bF or 6F

The 6F error message is actually bF. However, there are a lot of people  who misread it as 6F. This error on your ADT alarm panel means that there is a problem with the communicator of the alarm. This error will show as Check 103 LngRng if you have an alphanumeric keypad.

As explained on the Security Cam Center site, the communicators are used by alarm systems to deliver and get signals. Let’s say that there is an issue with the communicator. If so, the keypad will show error code 6F or Check 103 LngRng which indicates that there is a problem that must be fixed.

For your information, bF stands for Backup Failure. Usually, it is related to the Long-Range Radio backup system which means that the alarm system is not able to communicate with the ADT monitoring center.

So, how to fix this error? It depends on the reasons why this error appears. There are a number of possible reasons that cause this error on your panel. One of the reasons is no internet connection. If the communicator cannot transmit signals, the meaning is that the internet is down or it is not stable. Sometimes, the internet connection goes in and out or is not consistent and that it may cause the communicator to fail.

It is important for you to know that internet outages are common and they occur randomly, particularly when there is a storm or an overload. A power outage is also able to take your router offline and cause your keypad bF or Check 103 error. So, to fix it, you are able to try to inspect the internet connection by doing the steps below.

  • You have to check whether the internet works on your phone. You can do that by opening up some random websites or apps.
  • You have to check whether your router is powered on.
  • Let’s say that the router is not responding, then you have to reboot it.
  • You have to inspect the wires and check whether anything is unplugged or loose.
  • You can contact your Internet Service Provider to guarantee that there is no outage in your area.

This error can also happen because the cellular signal has problems. According to the Security Cam Center site, alarm systems lose cellular communications to reach the central monitoring station. The back failure shows that the system is not able to communicate with the cellular tower.

Sometimes cellular communicators undergo outages or the service is down because of severe weather or network problems. So, you are able to check the following suggestions.

  • You have to check whether the cellular signal works in your location.
  • You have to check whether there is any cellular outage in your area.
  • You have to inspect the panel and ensure that there is no cable that is loose or disconnected.

Let’s say that you are using old cellular networks such as 2G or 3G. If so, you have to upgrade to an LTE communicator or newer than that. The old networks will be discontinued and your system will fail to connect to the new protocols.

The other cause for this error is because of issues such as tamper cover, a communicator not being properly registered, a loss of communication between the panel and the module, or power and battery troubles.

If your system is not activated in the first place, the error will show. If so, you must have the installation company or the ADT to activate and register the system.

Another thing that you have to consider is maybe your devices are faulty or have other hardware problems that you are not able to fix. Sometimes, the devices get shortened or overloaded or other electrical problems that may render them beyond repair.

How do we have to clear ADT bF or Check 103 error? If you have fixed and acknowledged the issue, the bF error will still be shown on the screen. The thing that you have to do is to disarm and arm the alarm back and the error will go away. You are able to acknowledge the error by providing a double disarm. Sometimes, if you do not disarm/ arm twice, you will find that the error will continue to be shown.

If you want to disarm the system, you have to enter your security master code followed by number 1 and then master code again and 1 again. The error will vanish and the screen will be cleared. If the error still happens, you can call the ADT and make them send a technician to fix it.

That’s the information that I got from Security Cam Center about fixing ADT error code bF or 6F.

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