Best CPU Coolers for Intel i7 12700K

The Intel i7 12700k is a powerful CPU and it is good for AAA PC games. Are you looking for ways to keep your CPU cool under heavy load? If so, you need the best CPU coolers for your Intel i7 12700k.

According to the Tech 4 Gamers site, there are a number of best CPU coolers for Intel i7 12700k such as Thermaltake Frio Extreme, Deepcool Castle 240 mm RGB, Deepcool Assassin II, Antec Kuhler H2o K240, Arctic Freezer 34, Noctua NH-L9i, Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro, and XIGMATEK Aurora 360.

But here, I will describe two of them where the description is based on the Tech 4 Gamers site.

Thermaltake Frio Extreme

Thermaltake Frio Extreme

Fans: 2 x 140 mm
Fans Speed:  1500 RPM
TDP: 250 W
Height:  8.75 in
Width: 7.5 in
Length: 8.75 in
Weight: 3 pounds
Socket Compatibility:  Intel Socket 2011, 1156, 1366, 1155, 775 and AMD Socket AM3+, AM2+, AM2 and FM1.
Model: CLP0587
RGB Fans: No

In the production of PC hardware and services, Thermaltake is a world-renowned leader. It has a number of impressive products such as PC cases and power supplies, fans, CPU coolers and utilities. One of its products is Thermaltake Frio Extreme where it is a performance CPU cooler for Core i7 12700k. This cooler is a good option for users who want to  make its system cool and hassle-free. The LGA 1151 bracket support system is included where it works in stock settings Frio Extreme and it is closely linked to the initial configuration of the Noctua NH-D14.

This cooler has a blue fan in a black closure which is combined with a metallic heatsink with it. In the front of the box, it gives a nice view and a brief description of some of the features included such as two 140 x 140 mm fans, 6 heat pipes each with 6 mm thickness and support for Intel’s CPU socket LGA 1700 with exclusive support bracket.

It is important for you to know that, the space requirements and size of this cooler covers about the top half of the motherboard. So, if you are the gaming person, you may have to pay attention to details when you choose components such as these because they have a tendency to disrupt DRAM with long heat transmitters.

This cooler provides you with the performance of the Thermaltake fan which is paired with a robust heatsink, but they are not as compact as the Noctua cooler. However, in turn, some people will like this model of Frio Extreme because some people do not like the RGB  lights and are not able to spend too much on a cooler. This cooler comes with a warranty of 10 years.

As explained on the Tech 4 Gamers site, it is not recommended to use this cooler for i7-12700k under small form factors in cases so it does not bother you in any way.


    • The material quality of this cooler is remarkable.
    • TDP and cooling performance of this cooler is much appreciated.
    • This cooler is quite affordable.


    • This cooler makes a very loud noise when its speed is at high.
    • It has no RGB.

Deepcool Castle 240 mm RGB

Deepcool Castle 240 mm RGB

Specification  Fans: 2 x 120 mm
Fans Speed:  1500 RPM
TDP: 204 W
Height:  1.06 in
Width: 4.72 in
Length: 11.1 in
Weight: 3 pounds
Socket Compatibility:  Intel Socket LGA20XX, LGA 1366, LGA 115X, and  Sockets of all AMD series
Noise level: 17.8 dB
RGB Fans: Yes

This cooler has a 240 mm radiator with two CF120 addressable RGB 120 mm fans. For your information, the Deepcool castle series of coolers is a new breed from the company. It has a digital RGB LED lighting solution on it which looks very interesting.

The distinct design of this unit is from the block itself and what makes this block stand out  is because it has extra large size and double window panes with infinity mirror lightning effect. On the radiator assembly and the pump housing, the tubes are firmly fitted. As explained on the Tech 4 Gamers site, one striking difference was found from what they have seen on the other AIOs, excluding Alphacool, on their test bench in terms of the tube fitting on the barbs. The majority of the AIOs feature heat spreaders which cover the point where tubes are fitted onto the barbs.

There are two cables which are coming out of the pump housing and one of them is the flat 3-pin power cable and the other one is the flat 3-pin addressable RGB cable. The base is made of copper and it measures 55×55 mm. Because it has this extra size, it has made the i7 12700k cooler compatible with the LGA 1700 socket.

You can see that the backside is where the tubes are implemented in a 90-degree rotary position and it protrudes the block around 18 mm. Some additional plastic protects the top of the pump and it has an interesting artifact on it. The top of the pump has been designed by DeepCool to be able to rotate depending on your specific install. So, it permits the DeepCool  logo to be in the proper position regardless of which way you install the pump.

The cooling fan version equipped with DeepCool Castle 240 mm RGB cooler is enhanced over the regular CF120 with the difference which comes in the airflow, speed, and static pressure ratings. The fans are rated at 12VDC with a rated current of 0.17 ± 10%A with a power of 2.04W. An RGB controller has been provided and it is able to be used to control up to 4 RGB-enabled devices at a time. There are three buttons on it and the function of the top button is to load the next lighting mode out of the 36 pre-defined modes. How about the middle button and the bottom button? The function of the middle button is for brightness control and the function of the bottom button is to load the previous lighting mode.


    • It has an artistic design.
    • It has RGB fans.
    • It is good for the latest modern CPUs.
    • It has a great TDP rating.


    • The price is expensive