Why is ADT More Expensive than SimpliSafe?

ADT or America District Telegraph has been in the business of providing homes with quality security and monitoring services for years. ADT is more expensive than SimpliSafe. But, what reasons do make ADT more expensive than SimpliSafe? What differences are ADT and SimpliSafe offer? Let’s see why ADT is more expensive by comparing with SimpliSafe as explained below according to Forbes and Safewise.

About ADT

According to the Forbes, ADT has been a leader in home security for more than 140 years. ADT is able to help if you are looking for a simple wireless system for self-monitoring or a full service setup with round the clock support. Their business was built on customized systems, professional installation, high quality equipment and 24/7 monitoring services.

ADT systems are customizable and they offer high quality electronics at prices which are competitive. They offer touch screen panels, 720p HD cameras with 2-way audio and night vision, motion sensors, extensive list of environmental and safety monitors such as water leak detectors, smoke detectors, panic buttons, gas sensors and more.

About ADT.

ADT Pricing

If you use ADT, you will be able to work with a customer service representative to design your system where it will be professionally installed. The price of the packages start at $28.99 per month and also plus a $99 fee for basic package installation. If you choose premium packages and additional features, you will have to spend your money more. The average of installation fee is $150.

ADT Professional Monitoring

In the ADT packages, it include 24/7 professional monitoring for intrusions, flood, fire and carbon monoxide detection. Each of them include a touch screen control panel and also voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. In the premium packages, it includes mobile app access, smart home automation and video security with stored video clips.

ADT Installation

ADT system are installed professionally and in all systems, there is a digital control panel, entryway contacts, motion detector, yard signs, wireless keychain remote, and window decals and 24/7 professional monitoring. Usually, most customers add additional sensors, cameras or other peripheral equipment.

ADT Home Automation/ Smart Home Features

Smart home offerings from ADT are smoke detectors, door locks, smart plugs and garage controllers. With ADT, you will have the ability to receive notifications if anything is amiss because it has the ability to remotely control the system from where you are using the mobile app.

Not only that, the systems of ADT also integrate other smart home devices that you may have. You will get discounts on installation of systems if you use Alexa and they also offer Alexa Guard, ADT Command and an Echo Dot with free activation. With ADT, you can make your whole house Google Home compatible or add security features to a SmartThings hub.

Why is ADT More Expensive than SimpliSafe

Similarities Between ADT and SimpliSafe

According to the Safewise site, here are the similarities between SimpliSafe and ADT.

    • Monitoring
      ADT and SimpliSafe offer professional monitoring and they have six redundant monitoring centers. SimpliSafe outsources to COPS Monitoring. Meanwhile, ADT monitoring is done in-house. The systems of SimpliSafe and ADT have crash and smash protection and cellular backup.
    • Mobile app access
      SimpliSafe and ADT have smartphone apps. The apps permit you to be able to access your system remotely and get text notifications and email alerts when door and window sensors are tripped or if there is an alarm event. However, if you choose ADT, you need to pay for a higher tier package so that you can get access to the mobile app.
    • Standard equipment selection
      The systems of ADT and SimpliSafe have the same standard security equipment such as a key fob, wireless keypad, motion sensors, contact sensors, smoke detectors and carbon carbon monoxide detectors.
    • Smart home integration
      Wireless security systems of ADT and SimpliSafe work with Amazon Alexa voice commands.

The Differences of SimpliSafe and ADT

According to the Safewise, here are the differences between ADT and SimpliSafe.

    • Shopping experience
      If you choose ADT, you will be paired with a sales rep who will help you find what you need over the phone or arrange a home visit. From SimpliSafe, you are able to get everything you need online. In addition, ADT has a professional installer which help you determine the equipment that you need for securing your home.
    • In ADT, there are almost all security device available. Meanwhile, the system of SimpliSafe excludes things like outdoor video surveillance and garage door controls.
    • Contracts
      If you choose ADT, you will be required a lengthy three-year contract. Meanwhile, SimpliSafe is entirely free of contract. If you choose to use ADT, you will pay a minimum of 36.99 a month for professional monitoring for all three years you are in your contract.
    • Installation
      The system of ADT are installed professionally by a licensed technician which is authorized by a third-party provider. However, SimpliSafe system can be installed by yourself.
    • Connection Type
      The systems of SimpliSafe work off your wifi network of your home. Meanwhile, the systems of ADT use a combination of wifi and z-wave technology. The devices of ADT are more reliable than devices of SimpliSafe with more consistent connectivity. The video cameras of ADT have feed which is smoother and night vision which is better.
    • System Maintenance
      Even though there is a little extra each month, but ADT will give you a guarantee that your device continue to work flawlessly. With SimpliSafe, you will not get this kind of advantage.

Pros and Cons of ADT

Pros and Cons of ADT

According to the SafeWise, here are pros and cons of ADT.


    • ADT offers professional installation.
    • ADT offers low up-front costs.
    • ADT offers home automation equipment.
    • ADT offers maintenance contract.
    • ADT has quality video.


    • ADT has lengthy contracts.
    • ADT offers high monitoring fees.
    • ADT offers app fees.

Pros and Cons of SimpliSafe

Pros and Cons of SimpliSafe

According to the Safewise, here are pros and cons of SimpliSafe.


    • SimpliSafe offers easy DIY installation.
    • SimpliSafe offers free app.
    • SimpliSafe has alarm confirmation.
    • With SimpliSafe, there is no-pressure shopping.
    • SimpliSafe offers optional monthly fee.


    • SimpliSafe offers mediocre video.
    • SimpliSafe offers high up-front costs.
    • SimpliSafe offers limited home automation.

Well, that’s the explanation about ADT and also the differences and similarities with SimpliSafe. Hopefully, it can help you to find out why ADT is more expensive than SimpliSafe.