ADT vs SimpliSafe – Which is Best for You?

When you are looking for the best home security service, you may need to narrow down your options. If you search for the best one in a large selection, you may get difficulty. Even though there are a number of home security services in the world, sure not all of them will be great for you, all about your needs at all.

We have two options of reliable home security services that you can choose for your home protection, they are ADT and Simplisafe. If you are faced with these two choices, you may find it a little difficult to choose, because both have their respective advantages. To make it easier for you to choose which is best for you, let’s see the information below!

ADT vs SimpliSafe – Which is Best for You

Simplisafe Vs ADT, Which Is Best For You?

Before you determine which home security service is best, you may need to find out more information for each. After finding the information about it, you can then assess which one is best for you, based on several aspects.

To make it easier for you to assess which home security service  is the best, we’ll show you the differences and the similarities. Let’s get started!

    • Similarities

The similarities between ADT and SimpliSafe are in the installation. You definitely can install both SimpliSafe and ADT systems yourself, though SimpliSafe has a professional installation option for $79 right now.

    • Differences

For the differences between ADT and SimpliSafe, it may have a huge effect on your buying decision. The differences between both are in the customer support, app ratings and monitoring options.

ADT’s customer support is relatively negative, while SimpliSafe has decent customer support ratings. For the app ratings, ADT Pulse app is highly rated, while SimpliSafe app has mediocre ratings.

ADT actually gives in an additional alarm and smart lock, while SimpliSafe throws in a base station, an auxiliary siren and a panic button.

Lastly, about the monitoring options, SimpliSafe has a lot of options including the option to self-monitor, while ADT’s plans are negotiated, according to your amount of equipment and services.

The point is, SimpliSafe may be the best for those who are interested in DIY and need a portable security system. If you want a lower monthly cost  for home security service, SimpliSafe may be a great choice for you.

Meanwhile, if you do not have a plan on moving a house, ADT will be a great option, as this home security service offers a full spectrum of smart home management options.

Comparison Between ADT and SimpliSafe


SimpliSafe offers portable wireless home security systems which are easy to remove and install. This company has carved out a niche in the industry with their simple DIY systems with low-cost monitoring plans.

All systems that SimpliSafe provides include an entry sensor, a keypad and motion sensor. The SimpliSafe’s system will be compatible with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Echo. Some additional components like environmental sensors and  security cameras are available to personalize any package.

While ADT is known as a leader in home security service. If you are looking for a full-service setup with clock support or an easy wireless system for self-monitoring, ADT can really help you a lot.

The system of ADT can be fully customized with high-quality electronics at competitive prices. Aside from touch screen security panels, 720p HD cameras with 2-way audio and night vision and motion sensors, ADT also provides an extensive list of environmental and safety monitors such as water leak detectors, smoke detectors, panic buttons, gas sensors and many others.


SimpliSafe actually offers five home security hardware packages, starting from $229 to $489. Each package includes a keypad, a base unit, motion sensor and entry sensor. For the premium package, SimpliSafe also gives additional motion sensors and additional entry to the users.

ADT offers the packages, starting from $28.99/ month, plus a $99 fee for basic package installation. With ADT, you will get a customer service representative to design your system with professional installation. If you choose premium packages and additional features, it will cost you more.


Starting at $14.99/ month for Standard Plan, SimpliSafe actually offers two levels of professional monitoring. At this level, you will get 24/7 monitoring of all system sensors, priority police dispatch and visual alarm verification.

If you choose SimpliSafe’s Interactive Plan, it will cost you $24.99/ month. This plan really offers the same high-level monitoring service with additional connectivity and communication. It also comes with smart home integrations, mobile app access, secret alerts, text and email alerts.

ADT offers all packages that include 24/7 professional monitoring for carbon dioxide detectors, intrusions, fire and flood. Each package includes a voice control compatibility and a touch screen control panel with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa. For the premium package, it also includes smart home automation, mobile app access and video security with stored video clips.


The SimpliSafe’s system was developed with budget-conscious DIYers. This company offers professional setup for $79. All SimpliSafe’s wireless components are designed for tool-less installation. In other words, any components should be wall-mounted with easy to use peel and stick pads.

Just like SimpliSafe, all ADT’s systems are installed professionally that include entryway contacts, a digital control panel, wireless keychain remote, motion detector, window decals, yard signs and more.

Most ADT’s customers will add additional cameras, sensors or also other peripheral equipment. The ADT’s technician sets up the system and tests the system. After that, they walk you through how to control it and even speed on the mobile app.

Smart Home Features

SimpliSafe system will easily be integrated for voice activation if you use Google Home, Amazon Alexa or also Apple Watch. The option feature of Smart Lock works to lock the door on a timer and inform you when anyone locks or unlocks your door.

ADT also offers smart homes that include smoke detectors, door locks, garage controllers and smart plugs. With ADT’s Smart Home features, you will get notifications  if anything is amiss, with the ability to control the system remotely from anywhere using the mobile app.

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