4 Effects of CMOS Battery Run Out on Laptop/Computer

For those who have owned a laptop for several years, it is possible your computer is malfunctioning because the CMOS battery runs out. The CMOS battery is a piece of hardware which is unique to a laptop. The CMOS battery often goes unnoticed, its small shape and hidden location make many people pay less attention to their existence. When the CMOS battery dies, it could cause your laptop to encounter issues booting up.

Effects of CMOS Battery Run Out

Some of you may not know about the existence of a CMOS Battery in your laptop or computer. When an error occurs on your laptop or computer, you are going to feel confused about what happened. Aside from that, some of you will also feel confused by the errors that occur, because you do not know that the CMOS Battery that runs out of power can cause certain problems on your device. Do not worry, in the next paragraph, we will share information about four problems or effects of the CMOS Battery that run out on laptop/computer.

4 Effects of CMOS Battery Run Out on Laptop-Computer

4 Effects with Laptop/computer that Run Out of the CMOS Battery Power

Here is summary of the problems that will occur on your laptop/computer with CMOS batteries that run out of power:

1. Cannot Boot Windows

If your laptop or computer runs out of battery power, the settings previously stored in the BIOS system such as the type of drive used and booted will change back to default. Usually, it will change the disk options to boot so that your laptop/computer cannot boot Windows.

To solve this problem, you must reset the boot drive settings in your BIOS every time you turn on the device. However, surely, this will be very tiring and troublesome. Every time you turn on your laptop/computer after turning it off, you need to reset the boot drive order so that your device will boot Windows.

You must replace your CMOS battery if you want this issue to be completely resolved and no longer need to reset the boot drive in the BIOS system every time you turn on your device.

2. Unreadable RAM

The BIOS system becomes impaired in function if the power in the CMOS battery runs out, one of which is in terms of reading memory. In this case, BIOS will not be able to read the total amount of RAM capacity installed, so your laptop/computer cannot boot or usually appears a warning that there is an error with the RAM system.

After replacing the RAM, your laptop/computer still will not turn on, because the problem is from the CMOS battery. Some of you may have experienced this case, when your device is turned on, a warning appears that the memory error and the system restarts, even though the position is still in post-boot and has not entered Windows at all. Surely, you are confused about what to do, because you had tried many times to replace the RAM, the conditions remained the same.

Try to remember the CMOS battery on your laptop/computer, enter the System BIOS and you will find that the settings have returned to default. From this case, it is very clear that the main problem is from the CMOS battery that runs out. After you replace the CMOS battery on your laptop/computer, then your device will be able to boot again and can read memory.

3. System and Date settings are not saved

If the CMOS battery runs out, then the system settings that have been stored on your laptop or computer will return to default. Like the first date the device was created, this is because all these settings are stored in the BIOS system. But because the CMOS battery runs out, then eventually all the settings in the BIOS are no longer stored.

Usually, a warning will appear in post-Boot or when entering boot windows. The warning is “System date and time not set” which means the system date and time is not set, and you need to enter the BIOS settings first to correct it.

Even though you have reset it, you will need to reset it again when you turn on your laptop or computer. Thus, if you really want to solve this problem, you must replace the CMOS battery that has run out of power.

4. Unable to Access Internet

Most of you have a laptop or computer to access the internet. Whether for work, school, blogging, gaming, or other purposes. But what happens if suddenly your device is unable to access the internet? While the network conditions and other supporting hardware are fine. Yes, it is because of the depleted CMOS battery. As we explained earlier, the CMOS battery runs out and the BIOS is unable to save the date settings. And the wrong date is what makes you unable to access the internet.

Now, every browser has the ability to detect the date and time of access on a device, if the time is wrong then the browser will not be able to access the internet. For this case, you must fix the date settings first. Also, it is better to replace the CMOS Battery that has run out earlier with a new one.

Well, the text above is an explanation about the problems that will occur in a CMOS battery that has run out of power. Hopefully, this page benefits you, and can be a great solution if you have a problem like this.

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