Vivint vs ADT – Which One is Cheaper?

When you have a plan to protect your home, you will choose a great security system with an affordable price. In the United States, there are a number of security system services that you can choose that offer their respective services,  some of them are affordable, the other one may be too expensive.

When you are looking for a great and affordable security system, you may narrow down your options to ADT versus Vivint. It is said that both are the biggest names in the security system industry. If you should choose one, you may opt for the cheaper one, right? Of the two, which one is cheaper?

ADT Vs Vivint, Which One Is Cheaper?

Vivint vs ADT - Which One is Cheaper

Both Vivint and ADT have similar hardware packages. If we see the prices of both, Vivint is cheaper than ADT. If we compare, Vivint’s service starts at $39.99 per month, while ADT’s service costs $45.99 per month.

For Vivint’s monthly monitoring, it costs around $39.99 that includes remote access with the mobile app, in-home technical service, professional monitoring and a lifetime equipment warranty. There’s no contract with Vivint’s services, so you can cancel the service anytime. You may also have to pay $5 per month/ camera as  part of your system for 14-day storage of video clips.

For ADT’s base price, it does not include access to the app. To get access to the ADT’s app, you may need to pay $49.99 per month where you will gain smart home integration plus Google Home voice control and Amazon Alexa. If you want to watch video and store any clips, ADT will cost you around $59.99.

Here’s the pricing comparison between ADT and Vivint!

ADT Vivint
$28.99 (Pricing starts at) $34.99 (Pricing starts at)
$0 (Up front Cost) $0 (Up front Cost)
6 Months (Money Back Guarantee) 30 Days (Money Back Guarantee)
36 Months (Contract) 36 Months (Contract)
N/A $355 (Monthly Insurance)
N/A $2 (Additional Fees)
N/A $19/ month (Electricity Cost)

Certainly, the price is the most important thing to compare between ADT and Vivint, especially if you are looking for an affordable home’s security system. ADT actually requires a 36-month monitoring contract, while Vivint only needs a month-to-month monitoring contract if you pay for your equipment upfront rather than finance it.

About equipment, ADT has clearer pricing and lower-cost packages than Vivint. The cost package starts at $599 or $9.98 per month for 60 months. It’s still about the price, sure there will be a bunch of surprises that you will find below.

Comparison Between Vivint and ADT

We can compare the difference between Vivint and ADT with a number of aspects such as equipment, monitoring, pros and cons, as well as the reliability.

For more information, ADT is the longest-established home security company in the world, but its reputation has allowed it to keep pace with various innovations in the market including smart speakers, wireless sensors and what have you.

Talking about Vivint, this home security company is actually a relative newcomer. It is known that Vivint has been around for more than 20 years now, almost as long as CNET. Here’s the further information about both:


Both Vivint and ADT offer a variety of security sensors, smart devices, high-definition cameras including plugs, locks and switches. Both systems also integrate with Google Assistant and Alexa. For video storage and monitoring, they are optional, however Vivint includes video storage and recording in its monthly monitoring plans.

Featuring the Vivint Smart Drive DVR 1TB ($249), Vivint will record footage 24/7 from up to four cameras. You can also add more with additional hubs. Aside from that, Vivint provides cloud supplies to record for 14 days from all your cameras. Meanwhile, ADT’s Streaming Video Recorder that ADT features actually records footage 24/7 from up to eight cameras.

For more information, Vivint does not sell hardware bundles that have been prepackaged. It means that all of Vivint’s systems are assembled according to specific customer’s needs.

Meanwhile, ADT offers a customized option or you can opt from packages priced at $599 or $919. Each ADT’s package definitely includes the installation cost and comes with a monthly fee for the equipment and the option of $0 down.


Vivint offers a 24/7 monitoring for $29.99 a month package. The package includes carbon monoxide and environmental monitoring for smoke detection. When your alarm is triggered, they will warn you and send updates about what is happening at your home.

Just like Vivint, ADT also provides 24/7 monitoring that is backed by a network of nine redundat monitoring centers. So, it can ensure that someone will be available at any time for any circumstance.


Depending on the complexity of your system, Vivint offers installation for $49 to $199. Its cost is included into the initial equipment cost that can be paid upfront or looped in your monthly payments.

Depending on your system and location, the installation costs of ADT run about average in the range of $99 to $199. ADT also provides the DIY systems which allow you to install and self-monitor that will save you on both monthly and initial costs.

Pros and Cons


For pros, Vivint provides both video storage and on-site DVR with extra security features on its cameras. This home security service uses a month-to-month monitoring contract. It also features Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice integration

For cons, a lot of hardware and monitoring prices are not available without a full quote. The installation fees of Vivint will depend on location.


For pros, it offers 48 hours of operation during power outages. You can control ADT’s security system from your smartphone. This home security system covers $500 which is deductible from insurance if a robbery occurs while the system is armed. The ADT offers a 6-month money-back guarantee.

For cons, ADT’s home security system requires a 36-month monitoring contract. It also offers fewer security features on its cameras. ADT’s video storage and smart home integration will be only available with top monitoring plans.

Okay, that’s the comparison between Vivint versus ADT. After knowing the difference, you may be able to determine which home security system is best for you.