How To Delete NCSA Account

NSCA stands for Next College Student Athlete, which is the largest college athlete recruiting platform. In fact, over 35,000 colleges use NCSA to find athletes across 37 sports. NCSA has offered recruiting advice and college coach connections to high school student-athletes for more than 20 years around the world.

Prospective athletes can start joining NCSA by creating an account first. After creating an NCSA account, they will then be able to post their profile to get into contact with college coaches. However, you may want to delete your NCSA account due to some reasons. Whatever the reason you have, we’ll show the way to delete your NCSA account below.

How To Delete NCSA Account

Deleting a NCSA Account, Here’s How!

If you no longer use your NCSA account, but your account is still active, of course it can risk your privacy and security. Of course, the best way to solve this problem is by deleting or removing your NCSA account to keep your data out of the hands of hackers.

When you log into your NCSA account, there is no option to delete or remove your NCSA account. Instead, you may need to make a request to delete your NCSA account manually. There are several methods you can take to delete your NCSA account, here are they:

Method 1: Using the Contact Form

You can delete your NCSA account by using the contact form. Here’s how to delete your NCSA account using the contact form!

    • First, you need to visit the NCSA Contact Us page here.
    • In the following page, you need to scroll down until you find the section of ‘Delete Your Profile’.
    • On the form, you may need to enter your student-athlete’s name (first and last name), your email address that you usually use for logging into an NCSA account.
    • Then, you can tell your reason why you would like to delete your NCSA account.
    • Last, you can click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Method 2: By sending email

In addition to deleting your NCSA account by sending a form, you can also delete your NCSA account by sending them an email, especially if a deletion of your NCSA account form is rejected.

    • To delete your NCSA account by email, you can send an email to with ‘Request to Delete My NCSA Account’ in the subject field.
    • In the email, you need to provide your name, email and user ID for your NCSA account.
    • Make sure to provide a reasonable reason for your deletion request.
    • After sending them an email, you may need to wait 7 days for the privacy team at NCSA to respond.

Of course, there are some reasons to include when deleting your NCSA account, here are they:

    • Privacy concerns
    • Account security concerns
    • No longer able to use the account
    • Graduated or found your ideal college

Method 3: By making a call

Additionally, your email to NCSA will still be rejected. Of course, you can also make a call to NCSA customer support at 877-845-6272. The good news! You can make a call to NCSA customer support every day, since they are available 24/7 to respond to your questions.

How to Get Started with NCSA?

Achieving your career as a professional athlete with NCSA is pretty simple to do. What you should do is to create a NCSA account and then create your own profile, obtain an objective recruiting assessment and start getting noticed by college coaches.

Here’s the stage-by-stage you need to pass through with NCSA:

1) Creating a NCSA profile

You will be able to create a NCSA profile after creating a NSCA account first. To create a NCSA account, you can visit the official NCSA website here. Once you are at the homepage of NCSA, you will see the ‘Login’ drop-down menu.

Since you want to join NCSA, you need to click on the ‘Athlete Profile Login’ button. On the ‘Login’ button, you can click on the ‘Create a Free Profile in Seconds’ link. In the following page, you may need to fill the registration form, including:

Athlete Information

    • Your first name
    • Your last name
    • Your email
    • Your sport selection
    • Your H.S. Grad Year
    • Your Phone Number
    • Your Zip Code

Parent Information

    • Your parent’s first name
    • Your parent’s last name
    • Your parent’s email
    • Your parent’s phone number

After you have filled out all the forms, you can then click the ‘Build Profile’ button. Of course, you need to follow on-screen instructions until you can create your own profile on NSCA.

It’s important to note, all student-athletes must allow their parents know that they have started a profile. Of course, their parents will play an important role in every recruiting journey.

2) Obtain an objective recruiting assessment

Through an online assessment, NCSA’s team of former college coaches and players will measure your athletic potential, the eligibility of your academics and desire to compete in college. Of course, it will let you view how you stack up against other potential recruits and assist in identifying where to find your best college chances.

With the free assessment, NCSA will help you set realistic expectations, identify areas of improvement and bring a real focus to your athlete’s recruiting efforts.

3) Start getting noticed by college coaches

It’s very important to get the attention of college coaches immediately, since recruiting actually takes place shortly. If you join NCSA and create a profile as completely as possible, you will be easily searchable online by coaches who are looking to fill their rosters. The report of NCSA coach activity will allow you to see how many coaches have viewed your profile.

Afterwards, the coaches can also follow your profile if they’re interested and want to watch your progress. Of course, it is just the beginning. So, make sure to learn more about what a typical recruiting experience is like at NCSA from start to finish.

So far, NCSA definitely offers various recruiting programs to help meet your individual recruiting needs. Aside from creating a free profile, you can also choose to upgrade to any one of NCSA’s premium packages.

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